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This is my answer to Ancelina's video : be a better maid... i prefer mine :)
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  •  PansyAncelina: 

    I'm so glad you liked my maid training video, Sophie.  It is very important that every sissy maid endeavors to be as competent and as useful a maid as possible in addition to their constant striving to be as big a sissy as they can possibly be too.  There are two parts to being a sissy maid - being a feminized sissy male and being a hard-working and reliable maid servant. Many wannabe sissy maids tend to focus only on the former and more erotic aspect of their submissive servile CD role, completely overlooking the obvious fact that the only attraction a totally feminized male has for a superior woman (who also has real men available to satisfy her sexual needs) is their willingness and ability to clean and do housework; their only true worth lying solely in how obediently and diligently they follow instructions when they are assigned such domestic chores to perform.  Anyway, I've written a note to remind myself to post some more how-to training videos soon.

    As for your video answer to my earlier video, I'm sure every member of this site would give an arm and a leg to be able to wear such a fabulously pretty feminine outfit.  But surely it would have been an even better video if the model wearing that dress had been an actual sissy male rather than a genetic girl.  I'm thinking of perhaps something more like this.

    Because I would imagine the male clientele on this site prefers to think of themselves as the ones that should really be wearing any sexy lingerie and pretty dresses, while conversely they would much more likely prefer to see the women in their lives (or the women they would truly like to have in their lives if they are not already blessed with the company of such women) dressed in something that more appropriately reflects the dominant and controlling power those women have over them, rather than see these women parade around in the same sort of frilly feminine attire that sissy males are more usually expected to wear.  Perhaps something more like the attire worn by Goddess Charlyn in this video.

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Cleaning her petticoats
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