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Cyd Charisse Dee Turnell Ballet Fun
Cyd Charisse & Dee Turnell return to their ballet roots and perform a fun number. Both are in dark red costumes. Dee Turnell is the blonde. Cyd Charisse is the brunette.
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  •  PansyAncelina: 

    Well, sweetie, I believe there are indeed quite a few "flexible girls" who are members of this web site; let's face it, simply being a sissy makes one "gender flexible"! Smile Paradoxically, just the thought of how very gender flexible I am frequently makes me quite rigid, if you know what I mean. Embarassed


    Unfortunately, I think most site members have their minds (and hands) on other things when they visit this site, and putting on a show for others - at least the sort of show we're discussing - is the very last thing on their minds ... or members. Foot in mouth


    Joyeux Noël.

     2221 days ago 
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  •  sissySophie: 

    Yeah, me too.... maybe there are more flexible girls than us in the website that would make us a show Tongue out

    I start stretching tomorrow, i'll show you the result soon ;-) 


     2267 days ago 
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  •  PansyAncelina: 

    Ahhhhh, thank you so much for sharing that, Sophie.  It must be every sissy's favorite fantasy to wear a beautiful pink tutu whilst performing a ballet routine in a widely distributed Hollywood blockbuster movie.  Oh, such beauty Smile ... oh, such poetry in motion Smile ... oh, such feminine perfection Smile ... oh, such public humiliation Embarassed ... oh, such mass ridicule! Foot in mouth


    Personally, I think I could look pretty damn good up on stage wearing one of those gorgeous pink tutus ... at least until I was required to move about.  Then I would most likely look much more like this. Tongue out

     2267 days ago 
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Cleaning her petticoats
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09.11.2013 (2269 days ago)
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