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  •  PansyAncelina: 

    Hi there.

    I'm just curious to know why, when you decided to share some videos with others here, you chose only videos that were already embedded here. I realize that all 5 of the videos you have chosen to embed are very pertinent to your own primary kinky interests; nevertheless, other members of this site had already decided to share them here before you even joined the site.  There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of unique videos out there on YouTube that you could have chosen to share here, yet you decided instead to redundantly replicate 5 of the mere 140+ videos that already existed here. What exactly was the point in doing that?

    I understand that very few of those millions of other YouTube videos have anything remotely to do with the cuckold and sissy maid kinks, but there are way, way more than just the 5 videos on those topics that were already embedded here, if you had only bothered to look for them.  So could you please explain to the other members here, such as sissy maid sheila and admin, why you chose to steal those members' thunder by redundantly recycling their prior video contributions here, rather than making the effort to share some new kinky/sissy video material that would have been much more interesting to other members, and which would have helped extend the meager library of video material that is currently available to members of this site?


     1676 days ago 
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