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This sissy is hiding under a macho disquise
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the day i became a sissymaid
my wife never got into me dressing up. so i one day orderd a maids outfit with everything with it and a corset then i orderd a female chastitybelt.the day that it came in my wife opened it before i ca...

well its been going great with the MISTRES  and me, I've been serving her and her friends all the time. thay use me as a servent for there needs,from cleaning there house's to serviesing there men from blow jobs to having my sissy pussy reamed out.i'm loving every bit of it.but im still missing something i've been seeing a phsyciarest every month telling her my deepest secerts. i've told her that i live to be a female sex slave to serve everyone that needs my service. i've even told her about my chastitybelt program i've told here that i want'ed to be casterated, she said that she would help me with it but i would have to be her maid 5 days a week to help pay for the procedur and that i would have to seveice the doctor to when he called on me. so i agread to everything,it was about a month on female hormones and antibotics that i was called to come to the hospital for the surgery,thay took me right in and preep me for the surgery it was about two hours long,then about 30minutes of recovery. i didnt wake all the way up till the next morning when the doctor and nurse came and check on me he doctor exaemine me then he pulled his hard dick out it was at least 10inches long and about 5inches around. he pointed it toward my lips and i like it around the head and down his shaft then i opened my mouth and swallowed his entire shaft i was sucking his dick like there was no tomorow,while i was going to town on his dick the nurse was lubeing my ass with k.y.jelly and then she pulled her pants down and had a 12inch stap on harnnes around her waist and she pushed her self and the dilldo up my lubed sissypussy she was easy till she bottem out in my ass then she went wield on me i was i heaven i was sucking a big dick and haveing my sissy pussy reamed out thay kept it up for about 30 minutes till the doctor shot his load deep down my throt he mad me suck him back hard again then he traded places with the nurse.the nurse came to me and stuck the large dilldo deep into my throt and the doctor slid his big cock into my sissy pussy with ease,thay kept it up for about45 minuts before the doctor shot his load deep in my ass.when he pulled out cum started easeing out of my ass then he step in front of me and had me clean the jucies that him the nurse and my jucies off his dick.thay both got straighten up the doc said that he would be calling me soon.

i got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up a bit i now had to sit to pee and when i did i heard a plop hit the tolit water it was a glob of cum. i started wipeing my ass when i felt the vagina lipps where my balls once was. i got up and looked in the mirror and lord and be hold i had what lokk like pussy lipps,my little penis look like an over grown clitores.i could suck and fuck the docktor again for such a good was about the afternoon came when my physciatrest walk in with a package,she told me to stand up so she could see the results of my operation,she was pleased,then she told me that she had something that i always wanted,then she told me to spread my legs and remove my gown,so i did and she produce out of the bag a female chastitybelt,she wrap the band around my waist and locked it in place then she reached under my legs and pulled the band between my legs and up to the waistbelt and i heard it click,she hadnt put the front shied on let and she should me my pussy lipps trew a mirror that she brought with her then she told me to take a good look becuse it will be a long time before i see it again,she showed me differnt viberator that went with it and there was one that was crome,she inserted it in my sissy pussy and i heard it click,then she showed me a remote with a button and a dial on it,she turned the dial a little bit and then she push the button and i went crazy it sent shocks all trew my body and she just laugh at me.she told me from now on i would be obiedent with out any back talk.she also let me know that my wife knew everything that was going on and that she gave up the right to have a key to my chasitybelt,then she told me that she will keep it till she might sell it to someone else'

im still liveing with my wife and doing all the house work and cooking for her and i clean her pussy all the time and service her boyfriends all the time,i have grown larger breast since my operation and became more phtsciaertes still holds my key and its been months since she has lock my belt and she has me come over and clean her house and her boyfriends have there way with me and disgrace me by calling for pissa our carry outs and for the tip for the delivery i do what ever the delivery man wants and it usaly starts with a blow job and ends with me bent over having my sissypussy pounded then anouther blow job to clean the mess.the doctor still have me come over 5 days a week in the evening where he has me giving him and his friends blowjobs and them fucking me hard in my pussy ass, i'm usally done about midnight, the walk home is even more embareasing as hell because my pussy ass i dripping cum down my legs,and when i get home my wife i usally in bed with her boyfreind and she tells me to take a shower and come to her bed room to please both of them and i do with no back talk then i usally sleep in front of there bed where thay have a pet bed there. then i get up in the morning and fix breakfeast for both of them,then i start cleaning starting with my MISTRESS'S bathroom and so on.

i couldn't ask for a better life right now, but still the phsyc still threatens to sell one of the keys to a group of black bickers gang. i don't know how i could handel some of them thay sure are a lot bigger then the whight men.and thay Just go for ever it seems like.  well that it for now,until the next time later

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