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This sissy is hiding under a macho disquise
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the life i live
well its been going great with the MISTRES  and me, I've been serving her and her friends all the time. thay use me as a servent for there needs,from cleaning there house's to serviesing there men fro...

my wife never got into me dressing up. so i one day orderd a maids outfit with everything with it and a corset then i orderd a female chastitybelt.the day that it came in my wife opened it before i came home,i geuss she was cureas as what i would look lick in it because when i got home she told me i had a package so i went where she was and she showed me my purches,she said that she would love to see me all dressed up,so i went up stairs and took a bubbel bath and made sure i was hair free.i went to the bedroom and started puting on the chastitybelt i had problems getting my balls to go inside my belly so i ask my wife to help me and she did. i was all locked up and smoth and flat in my groin area if felt great then i put my stockings on then i needed her help again laceing my corcet up which she did with no problem she didnt even ask where the lock went and i was all lock up then i put on the petticoat then the satin maids uniform which she jump up and lock it on then went the metal collar that lock as soon as it was put on i geuss it was some kind of magnet activated as was the wrist cuffs,then came the high hells thay where 6in locking strap heels and she lock them on to .there i was all dressed up and couldnt remove one item,she produced some flower garters that went above my stockings and a maid flower for my hair.she step back and was pleased with the way i looked,she told me to go get her a drink and bring it to her in the living room,she was on the phone when i brought her the drink and when i handed it to her i politly hande it to her and curtseyed when i was done and she just loved that then she told me to start dusting the furniture and vacume the floors i was doing what i was told and then the door was knocking i was panikey and my wife told me to open the door i did and there was a man with a pizza delivering to my wife she handed me the money and told me to ask him if he wanted a blowjob for a tip and i did as i was told and the man step inside and closed the door then i knelt i front of him adn open his fly and un buckeld his pants he wasnt wearing any underware and his 9in dick fell wright in my face i opened my mouth and started to suck his dick it grew as i was sucking on him when he was hard i bet he was a good 10 and half in long and about 5in around it did all that i could do to deep throt him he fuck my mouth for a good 15min before he shot his load in my mouth i didnt swallow wright away i opened my mouth and showed him his load then i showed my wife then she told me to swallow his load and i did i raised his pants back up and sipped his pants and thank him and he went out the door,that must made my wife so horny she told me to come over where she was and pull her pants and panties off and start licking her pussy,i ate her pussy for an hour i didnt know how many times she got off when she had enough she told me get back to work  and dont for get the bathrooms,i was finishing the last bath room when i heard the door knock again mywife was in the tub and she told me to answear it and i did this time it was one of or friends she gasp then ask where my wife was i asweared she was in the bath tub then my wife asked who it was and i told her it was are friend and she said to show her where she was and i did she was behind me she was looking at my back side and touched my chastitybelt and giggeld,when we arived where my wife was or friend ask what was going on and what was i wearing,my wife laugh and said that i was wanting to be my maid and he ordered all this so i let him become my sissymaid.she just looked at me then she srarted to laugh then my wife showed her some pictures of me sucking the pizza man off and they both laughed i diddnt know she took any pictures of me but she did or friend ask her what i was wearing under my dress and my wife told her that it was a female chastitybelt,or friend ask how could i wear a female chastity being a male my wife just laugh and said that i was small and even hard i was only 3in long and maybe half in around so there was hardly any trouble putting me in the chastitybelt.she got out of the tub and told me to dry her off and i did she went to the bedroom and she started to get dress she said that her and or friend was going out tonight to find a real manshe told me to come where she was and i obayed she produced a buttplug that came with the chastitybelt and told me to bend over so i did i didnt have to spread my ass apart the chastity did that for me she inserted it up my ass until i heard a click then she told me to get in front of the bed and she chained me to the footboard and told me to get some rest becuse i was going to be busy later on. it was late when she came in and she wasnt alone she brought two men in the bedroom and she told them dont worry about me that i was there to help with that they all got undress then climed into bed and my wife layed down and spread her legs open and one guy got inbetween her legs and started pumping his dick in and out of my wife and the outher let her suck his dick every once in a while she would say see how a real man fuck her pussy when thay both shot there load in my wife pussy and down her throt she hand one of them the key and he let me lose just long enough to suck his dick then my wife told me to clean there mess out of her pussy so i did then she handed one of the guys the key to my buttplug and they unlock it and they srarted to fuck my ass my wife told me that she would share her meat with me since i was a female sexslave and i would never be able to fuckpussy again,they took turns fucking my ass then have me clean there dicks clean with my mouth then they hand me under my wife and i was to eat her pussy while they fuck her they would fuck her for a little bit then have me suck her juices off there dick this went on until morning before they left.i passes out inbetween my wife legs soaked in cum.  theres more if you like let me know your truely sissymaid or isit sissyslut

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