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I stood in front of the imposing door, my hands visibly shaking, my mind running rampant, my thoughts a jumble as I opened it. The front of the building had only the number of the business adorning it, no letters, no writing, nothing to indicate what it was. Now that I think back on it, I can understand why.


Walking in, there was a single desk, a very attractive woman sitting behind it. As she looked up she gave me a warm smile and for a brief moment I felt hope. “You must be Jonathan” as I simply nodded my head in reply, my eyes immediately looking downward. It was a motion not missed by the individual who had spoke as she smiled anew, picking up a phone while saying simply, “He’s here.”


She listened before a moment later putting down the phone then looking at me saying, “Mr. Charles will see you now.”


Once again I couldn’t trust my voice to speak as I looked at the door, suddenly unable to move from the spot as she stood up, walking slowly over to me. She lifted my chin, making my eyes look into hers as she said kindly, “He is strict but his bark is worse than his bite. Answer his questions truthfully, quickly and most importantly with respect. If you do that you will be fine. Now, go in there before we both get into trouble.”


What else could I do? I knocked gently, waited for permission and when I was bid to enter I did as I was asked. The man behind the desk was dressed in an obviously expensive hand tailored suit, his eyes remaining on the papers before him. The words on the pages which I quickly saw were those I had sent to “The Illusions”, outlining my desires and my wish for the lifetime which until now I had only dared dream of.


“The Illusions” was a mostly secret society of individuals who favored not only the BDSM lifestyle but a particular niche. A select group whose desires ran to what my nightly dreams were fueled by. I stopped before the desk, with no chair to sit in I stood, knowing well enough to simply curb my tongue until I was spoken to and a question that required my response was needed.


He continued to peruse the papers laid out before him before saying in a calm, confident voice, “I must admit, your words are passionate, your desire obvious, it is articulate, well thought out and speaks to the heart of your requirements.” I felt my spirits rise, the words spoken making me feel that perhaps there was an actual chance and then I heard, “It speaks about you but it says little about the requirements of your owner. If we are to train you and find you a position, it is their needs, not yours that truly matter.”


My excitement quickly turned to doubt, wondering how I could have possibly been so foolish. I once again simply felt my own natural personality take over, my eyes lowering. There was silence until I heard two words spoken rather harshly, “Present yourself”. I immediately dropped to my knees, slightly parting them, my hands palm down, my back straight and of course my head bowed. He walked slowly around the desk, stopping before me so that only his gleaming shoes were in my line of vision..


“The people who come to us do so with a very specific purchase in mind. The type of individual they require is a rarity, we only accept the very best, usually one in a hundred who requests an interview. Only one in ten actually find their way into a household, a contract binding them to their new owner or in some case owners.”


I listened, knowing I had come so far only to fail but instead heard, “You have rudimentary skills, you obviously have manners, you’ve kept your silence though I know you have many questions. It shows patience and patience is a rare trait. Now, lift your eyes to me boy.”


I obeyed, looking into a pair of steel gray eyes orbs as he stared at me, never blinking. I tried desperately not to lower my own until finally he said, “You obey even under my scrutiny, I see no challenge in your eyes, only acceptance of my dominance over you. You realize that under different circumstances that your owners preference over how you interact with your betters is his or hers to control. It is not as simple as you read in a book or see in a movie.”


Once again I saw no reason to reply, there really was no question, simply a statement as he continued. “You are older than most who I interview but I see something. You have more than a burning desire, you have a need which is worse than any addiction, drug or drink, a call to serve in a special way, do you not?”


I felt the tears fill my eyes but I managed to make my voice say softly, “Yes Milord, I do.”


With that I got a smile and for a brief moment in time I didn’t think my world could get any better, but I was wrong. “Lower your eyes pet.” I did as he walked back behind his desk, picking up the phone and I heard, “Kendra, will you step into my office please?”


A few seconds later I heard a familiar voice say, “Yes Mr. Charles?”


“Jonathan, stand and remove your clothing, now.”


I did so without hesitation, carefully folding each item of clothing until they were neatly stacked, standing as I felt the presence of the woman draw near. Her scent filled the air as the man said, “What do you think Ms. Anderson, are there possibilities?” I couldn’t help it, I shivered as her hand slowly caressed my shoulder, trailing down my back, over my cheeks. A soft moan escaped as she walked in front of me, a faint smile playing on her lips.


“The body is adequate, the legs are his best feature, his face is younger than his actual age. I think he could be molded into someone a client would find most enjoyable though he will need formal training and also will need to have his limits tested. Who are you thinking of to be his Trainer Mr. Charles?”


“Well, to be honest I was thinking of you.” I felt the beautiful woman come to a halt, just to the side of where I stood as she listened to him say, “I think it’s about time you showed me what you are capable of. You’re wasting your time behind that desk. I think you have it in you to be a Trainer, perhaps an exceptional one and it’s obvious the boy likes you.”


To my dismay my arousal was indeed evident as she walked in front of me, that same playful smile on her lips as she lifted my chin saying softly, “Is this true Jonathan? Do you…like me?” I couldn’t help it, the blush that I felt rise turned my face scarlet red as she laughed, reaching down, taking hold of me and without warning, squeezed the base of my cock as hard as she could as my mouth opened in a silent scream.


I fell to my knees, curling up into a fetal position as she moved quickly to open a cabinet. Before I was able to regain my senses my ankles and wrists were bound, my mouth held a ball gag and she had insured that no further arousal would be allowed, not without her consent. A chastity device locked in place as I saw her put the key to it around her neck. She turned and said calmly, “Will you make arrangements for the boy to be taken to my home Mr. Charles, I have a few matters I must attend to.”


He nodded as she left the room and the elder gentleman chuckled. “Perhaps you should be careful what you wish for Jonathan, it could be far worse than any fantasy or nightmare you have ever had.” With that all I could do was moan as he picked up the phone and within minutes, two men walked in. They picked me up like so much laundry and unceremoniously took me out the back door. A van waited there, where I was tossed inside, a blindfold put in place as the vehicle pulled into traffic.


I know not how long the drive was, the twists and turns leaving me wondering to where it would lead but by the time it was finished, I was once again hauled like so much dead weight, taken into a door and then dropped to the floor. A masculine voice said coldly, “You will present yourself as best you can for your Trainer. She shall return shortly.” I managed to roll myself into a kneeling position, difficult as it was as I heard the door shut and I was left alone, helpless, unable to see or speak, only able to hear the silence.


Seconds became minutes, minutes became…I’m not sure as I was left with only my thoughts. I struggled to hold my pose, not wanting to displease, unsure why they would entrust me to someone who had never trained one for a position such as this. I was startled with the sound of her voice saying, “Most impressive” as I jumped, not having heard a door open or anyone approach as the blindfold was pulled from my eyes. “You moved, you will be corrected for doing so.”


I trembled as she strode into view, having changed into more casual attire. She walked over to a long table, picking up a thin cane before returning, pulling up a chair directly in front of me before sitting down. “Look at me Jonathan.” I did so, peering up to see the woman now with her hair pulled back, her face washed, cleared of makeup, without the smile I had witnessed earlier as she continued, “We…have a problem.”


I could only kneel and listen. “When we met earlier today we set a dynamic between us. I encouraged you, treated you with kindness and then complimented you on the possibilities I saw. Now, things have changed. If I am to be your Trainer you need to understand from this moment forward. I am not your friend, I am not your lover, I am not your Mistress, I am your Trainer. I am to turn you into what you not only desire but an object of desire by one of the individuals who purchases slaves from “The Illusions.”


Speech wasn’t possible, an answer not really required as she continued, “I have two weeks to train you and it is a huge responsibility. The contract if you are purchased will be for a period of one year, with an option for your owner to add an additional year if he, she or they wish to. If you fail to sell, I will have failed as a Trainer and that will not be acceptable. This is as much about me as it is about you.”


She stood, walking around me, circling me almost like prey as I listened. “The first week will test your ability to learn. Failure to learn will have consequences such as this.’ With that the cane lashed my back, the thin rattan material bringing forth a muted scream from my gagged lips of which she paid little heed. “That was for jumping when I announced my presence, a proper slave always maintains their position awaiting their Master or Mistress’s use or command.”


The pain was intense, like nothing I had ever experienced before as she continued to circle me. I bit down hard on the ball gag to keep from whimpering as she spoke again. “Some owners desire their slaves to be not only proficient in domestic service but also as sometimes bondage and even pain sluts. The life you are looking to enter can be very tough, you have no say in anything anymore. No control over your body, over who views it, over who uses it. Your owner does just that, they own you, body and soul.”


She stopped, my head having hung down again, lifting it with the end of the cane, seeing the tears which threatened my eyes. The smile she gave me now was different than before, almost a cold look as she said softly, “Some slaves embrace the pain, they accept it as they welcome any attention their owner might bestow upon them. It is a gift to wear their marks. Others strive to obey quickly, no matter the task because they simply wish to please and hate the thought of punishment if they fail. I wonder what kind you shall be?”


I blinked back the tears as the sound of the doorbell announced the arrival of guests and for a brief moment the look of fear in my eyes of having others see me this way brought a frown to her face. “Yet another transgression, you seem to be the type of slave who will require constant correction little one. Together we will find out.” She turned, walking over to the door as she went out of my view and I heard the sound of laughter. The conversation was muted and then as I kept my eyes downward, I felt the presence of others in the room.


“So, this is your first Kendra? Nothing special about him that I can see.”


Once again I couldn’t help but blush as I heard my Trainer say, “Lift your eyes Jonathan, let them see you.”


I obeyed as I saw the woman whose voice I heard and a man standing over me, looking down like I was some kind of science experiment as he spoke. “The facial structure shows promise, he will never be a beauty but there is as always a chance he could be made into something.” He walked over to where Ms. Anderson stood saying, “You’ve been given two weeks, such a transformation normally takes at least six. They are either setting you up to fail or perhaps see something special in you.”


To my surprise her response was, “I would like to think they saw something special in the boy.”


I couldn’t help but issue a muted sigh as the other woman looked saying, “I see he has already felt the cane, are you training him or just testing him?” Her answer was to walk back over to me, my eyes immediately lowering as she pushed me forward, my head forced down hard against the floor, the cane slashing across my bum. What would have been a horrendous scream if it had not been for the gag came forth as my body jerked and spasmed.


She dropped the cane in front of me as I heard her say calmly, “I see no reason it can’t be both, do you?”


The other woman’s laughter rang out as they left me, going into the kitchen, the sound of a wine bottle being opened, drinks being poured and then they returned to the living room. Sitting down they began speaking of me as If I didn’t exist, as if I weren’t right there in the room. For a couple of hours I heard the two strangers giving her pointers, they were obviously experienced Trainers in their own right and then she bid them goodnight, the door closing as she walked up to me.


“I am going to remove your gag and I will allow you three questions. If I feel they are presented with the proper respect and it is information that you truly need to know I will answer them. If not, for each question I do not answer you will receive a lash. If that is understood, nod your head once.” I did so, obeying quickly and I felt the gag be removed, drool escaping my mouth, trailing down my chin as she said calmly, “First question?”


I swallowed, trying to insure my words would be taken in the proper context saying softly, “May I please ask as to how I am to address you?”


She nodded saying, “An appropriate question. You will call me either Miss or Milady.”


“Thank you Milady.”


“Next question?”


I gave it a moment of thought and then simply said, “I have no further questions Miss” and I could have sworn I saw a bit of a smile creep into her lips as she nodded.


“A quick learner, I like that. It will serve you well.” She then walked over, pulling what looked to be an animal crate with a minimal blanket inside, a bowl of water as she pointed inside. I hung my head, doing my best to move until I had crawled inside, heard the lock click and her voice say, “Sweet dreams Jonathan, from this moment forward, your world will never be the same again” and the room was plunged into darkness.


She was right, time was a blur, the first week teaching me proper protocol, how to stand, how to present myself, how to speak, even how to listen. With each mistake or as she called it “inadequate” presentation I felt the touch of the flogger, the crop, the cane, each day a different weapon, a different sensation. Each mark though not permanent was a reminder of how I must strive for perfection something which she constantly reminded me I was far from.


It was the seventh day that I found myself in the kitchen, being taught a crash course in serving a meal, the man standing beside me dressed in a butler’s uniform. The look on his face was a sour one as for the fifth time he scolded me as I tried to imitate his movements. I had followed behind him like an obedient pet as he served the opening course to removing the final plate to what he called, “The lady of the house”.


Finally he announced I was as good as I was going to possibly get under such time constraints and sent me out into the dining room. It was not a full presentation, simply the after dinner drink that Ms. Anderson would take and as I tried to carry the tray without trembling, without spilling the brandy I knelt. Raising the beverage while speaking softly, “I pray Milady finds this service as pleasing to the eyes as she does to the palate.” She took the offered beverage as I sat there, awaiting a chastisement but instead to my surprise I heard the following.


“Nicely done Jonathan, you may kneel at my side.” I did my best to move fluidly to do so and was rewarded, her hand finding my face, stroking it slowly. I couldn’t help it, I felt like purring. Instead I knelt obediently as she called my teacher in, thanking him for his tutelage as he gave a formal bow and departed. She took her drink, with a single hand motion I followed behind her, crawling, presenting myself as she sat in her chair, regarding me before speaking.


“You have accomplished much in seven days boy, I am impressed with your progress though you are still far from ready for auction. We only have seven days remaining and you and I both have much work yet to be done. I told you our first night together I would allow you three questions, you used only one. Tonight I will allow you your other two questions without threat of recrimination but first there is a matter we must discuss.”


I knelt quietly, maintaining my position as I listened to her say, “I have read your complete file and I know you had one very bad experience which I believe has been difficult for you to get over, to move pass. Do you know of which I speak?”


It was difficult at best but I managed to say “Yes Milady.”


She nodded saying, “I wish to hear of it in your words, feel free to speak.”


I closed my eyes, the memory flooding back as I began to speak softly. “My first experience in trying to obtain what I desired most came via contact with a dominant woman. We chatted at first over the internet, then by phone until finally she convinced me that I was exactly what she had always looked for in a submissive. How she could make my wildest dreams come true if I was to only meet her. Finally, I agreed.”


I felt myself beginning to feel the tears threaten but I continued. “I got a room, a second floor room as she specifically requested and at the appointed time I was as she had instructed, naked, kneeling away from the door, forbidden to look until she told me to. She entered and after what seemed like an eternity I heard her say “It’s fools like you who enable me to life the lifestyle I do” and with that the sound of the door closing.”


“By the time I got up, wrapped myself in a sheet and ran out onto the balcony she was driving away after throwing my clothes out into the parking lot. She took my wallet, my watch, my ring but most importantly, she took a part of me that day. A part that I’d never dared express again until I knocked on the door at…” and with that the tears began to fall.


She didn’t lean down to comfort me, she simply sipped at the brandy while I struggled to regain my bearings before speaking to me again.


“First of all, she was not a dominant, she was a con artist. Secondly, you learned a valuable lesson. Third, and most important, she no longer matters. She is an unwelcome memory, one which we are replacing with what has transpired over this past week and what is yet to during this coming week. She stole nothing from you but material possessions. You remain here, with me, your mind, your body, your heart, your soul intact and ready to embrace your dream.”


I tried valiantly to recover from my lack of composure before simply saying, “Yes Milady, thank you.”


She nodded. “Now, you have two questions, what is your first?”


I spoke clearly saying, “Do you truly believe someone will purchase me at auction?”


I got a bit of a smile, “If not, I will show you there are far worse things than the cane to fear dear boy” and I couldn’t help but shudder.


“Your third and final question?”


“Is being a Trainer to your liking Miss?”


This time I got the full smile, the one which showed me I had performed properly, the smile I had begun to live for that past week as I heard her say, “If all my subjects carry half the potential that you do Jonathan, yes, I enjoy it very much. You may have far to go, but I have faith in you and I see in your eyes, you have the same in me.” That night was the first night I was allowed out of the cage and permitted to sleep on a pallet at the foot of my Trainer’s bed.


She was right, the second week was even more hectic, each day a step in the transformation I had yearned for all my life yet never dared thought possible. As the days passed quickly it was finally the morning of the auction and she announced we were going to be taking a trip. It would by my first time out of the building, stepping foot in the outside world as she handed me my clothing and it felt strange to get dressed. There was a long black limousine waiting and as it sped away, she gave the driver an address. I wanted desperately to ask questions but instead, I knew my place and we drove in silence.


It was an amazing day, one filled with smiles, laughter, many blushes and finally we found ourselves at the auction house, being taken in the back entrance. I had on a long flowing black robe, with a cowl which covered much of my face. As my Trainer signed us in, getting our auction number, I stood quietly. My head remained bowed until she took my hand and we walked to our proper place, the director of “The Illusions” Mr. Charles already standing there, waiting.


Her voice was soft but I had learned to listen and listen well. “You will present yourself on the block, bidders will enter, they will have one hour to examine all of you that are up for sale this night. They are allowed to touch you, to speak to you but you will only speak when a direct question is asked of you. The answer should always be given with respect and with as few words as needed. Is that clear Gabrielle?”


“Yes Milady” as she took the garment from my shoulders and revealed the vision which had filled my dreams and fueled my fantasies for more years than I would care to count. The French maid looked anything but masculine, her features after the visit to the salon earlier that day showing tasteful makeup, her longer hair, cut and styled with layers of curls cascading around her face. The corset she wore underneath her uniform gave her an hourglass figure and the thigh high stockings, four inch heels, black lace fingerless gloves and matching lace choker around her neck completed the ensemble.


I saw the look of surprise on the gentleman’s face and the look of pride on my Trainer’s as I gracefully assumed my position on the block. The announcement came, stating that the showing would begin in five minutes time. Mr. Charles was shaking his head in wonderment as he began to take his leave but Ms. Anderson leaned in, her voice warm against my ear, barely a whisper. “I am so proud of you dear gurl, you are a vision and I am honored you wear my mark”, the choker having the single initial A on it in honor of my Trainer.


Words would never express my feelings so I simply remained in place, as she smiled, knowing precisely what I was doing as she left. Only a couple of minutes later the doors were opened. I was positioned so that my back was to those who strode forth. A book on the pedestal telling of my training, my specialties, my corrections and most importantly, the words of my Trainer. Words which I had been told would carry much weight if I was or was not to be purchased.


The positioning of the prospective slaves was so that their files could be viewed anonymously. Then if someone was interested in seeing more, they would walk into sight. With my eyes lowered unless ordered, the only thing I might see would be a pair of pants or perhaps a skirt or heels. I heard murmurs, snippets of conversation, one person saying, “A first time Trainer, I think not”, and I fought not to allow my spirits to sink too low.


I could see out of the corner of my eyes two other slaves on display, one a rather muscular male, his body shiny with oil, a body builder type On my right there stood a rather statuesque blonde, her body in strict bondage, drawing a lot of interest as hands caressed flesh and her muffled moans were easily heard. Other than that, I was unable to determine how many of us there were and I began to wonder if perhaps my chances to succeed faded with every passing second until I felt a presence of two people near me.


A long fingernail touched the bottom of my chin, almost feather like as I heard a musical voice say, “Look at me gurl.” I did so, my eyes showing respect as I saw the stunning figure, a dark haired, green eyed woman, probably in her mid thirties who said calmly, “Your name is?”


“My name is Gabrielle Miss.”


She smiled, turning to the handsome man standing next to her saying, “You must admit, you have to look very, very close to tell, do you agree darling?”


He walked up, his blues eyes looking into mine as I tried hard not to tremble, to show any movement as he lifted up the front of my short skirt, finding the cage and smiling before saying, “Well, one thing gives her secret away but it does seem to be under control.”


A few more people began to gravitate to where I was as I heard her say, “If the cage is removed are you functional my dear?”


“Yes Miss.”


She smiled again, leaning in closely saying, “And if my husband desires your use, your body, what say you to that little one?”


I only paused for a brief second before replying, “I would say that I would bring honor to my house and to that of my Mistress and my Masters as well, Milady.”


She nodded her head up and down in agreement as others listened in and she said simply, “You may lower your eyes again gurl.” I did as I was instructed and it seemed only seconds later that I heard the announcement that sealed bids must be delivered in the next five minutes. The doors then closed and I felt Mr. Charles and Ms. Anderson draw near as she once again took my hand, helping me to rise, putting the robe around my shoulders.


I stood there, for a brief moment, shivering like I was freezing as she pulled me into her embrace, my head resting on her shoulder. “The worst is over mon petit, now we simply wait, it will not take long.” As I closed my eyes, reveling in her touch I heard the owner of the house tell my Trainer over and over again how impressed he was. He spoke of how she had worked beyond a miracle and that he was raising her compensation to twenty percent of the sale, above that of the normal fare. Meanwhile my only thought was would I be selected, or would I find myself once again found to be…lacking.


The doors opened, the murmurs growing in volume as people returned. The dark garment was quickly removed and I was repositioned, though this time my Trainer and the house owner remained, if there was paperwork to be signed or questions to be asked. I couldn’t help but see the helpless woman to my right as she was quickly drug off by an older gentleman while the hulking figure to my left was purchased by a young woman, a Hollywood type who obviously was in need of a bodyguard and a potential play thing.


As I stood there, my face passive I couldn’t help it. As the seconds slowly ticked by I felt it creep back in, the self doubt, the worry until I almost broke from my position only to hear a strangers voice say, “Are you aware Ms. Anderson you have set many a precedent tonight?”


She answered simply saying, “No, of what do you speak?”


“For a first time Trainer you have set the highest amount paid for a prospective slave. In addition, no subject has been trained in a shorter period of time and been sold not only on her first presentation but with such spirited bidding as I have never seen before. It is a record sale which reflects extremely well upon not only you but also on the house of “The Illusions”, as Mr. Charles beamed like a proud poppa.


“If you will bring the gurl, we have paperwork to settle and then we will present Gabrielle to her new owners.” It was all a daze as I stood by the three of them, signatures required by the auction house, my Trainer, the owner and last by myself as Ms Anderson explained to me again the terms. How, if after my initial service it would be up to my owners to ask for yet a second extension or if I was free to once again go back to the auction block.


As I forced myself to keep my fingers from trembling as I signed my name, I saw out of the corner of my eyes, the bottom of the contract and the figure of $250,000 for me, a staggering figure. After everything was signed, I was accompanied by my Trainer to a small room, as she told me, “Turn Gabrielle.” I did so with dignity and grace as she removed my choker and replaced it with a white collar, a silver heart in the middle with the initials of my new owners upon it.


The door was opened and there was the couple who had treated me with such kindness. I got yet another smile from the two as Ms. Anderson said, “Sir, Miss I present Gabrielle, your new slave.” With that I walked slowly up, keeping my eyes lowered, kneeling, presenting myself and then saying softly, “I pray my service to both of you will bring not only honor to your house but happiness to your hearts.”


I was rewarded with the words “Rise dear Gabrielle. Before we leave I want you to hear something and to know why we purchased you.” I did so, keeping my gaze downward as I heard her begin to speak anew saying, “Gabrielle has shown me through two weeks of training that of all the submissives, of all the individuals who have passed through the house “The Illusions” that through her spirit, through her determination, through her heart she desires to serve with ever ounce of her being and I am honored to be her Trainer. It is signed, Kendra Anderson.”


I could not help it, the tears swam in my eyes, the words more beautiful than anything I could ever have heard and I prayed that my new owners understood the affect they had on me. It was only then I realized how much they understood when the husband said, “Ms. Anderson, a word if I may?”


She walked forward, a beautiful vision as she stood beside me and he continued to speak saying, “We have one request for you. We paid a great deal of money for your first foray into the world of being a Trainer and we want to insure we got our moneys worth.”


My Trainer looked a bit confused as the wife laughed, walking up, her eyes smiling. “What my husband is trying to say is that we want you to make sure for us that everything is in working order. We ask that you take her for one more night and then that you bring us our newest acquisition and join us for dinner tomorrow evening which I’m sure Gabrielle will most adequately serve, won’t you pet?”


“Yes Milady, most happily I will”, and the smiles in the room were only exceeded by the whimpers, moans and cries of ecstasy in the bedroom that night as I showed my thanks to the amazing woman who had taught me that if you believe, all things are possible.
































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