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I don’t usually reply to ads on craigslist,

but this one was too good to pass up....


“Hung daddy looking for a sissy maid to come over and put her mouth

to work. wanna put something long and hard in your mouth and show

your daddy how you like to please him?” My ass quivered as i read it

over and over, but the pic of his huge cock is what made me hit reply.


After a few quick e-mails, i assured my daddy that i would please him

any way he liked as long as he took a few pictures. i love having sex in

front of a camera and i wanted proof that i took his huge cock.


I was so nervous driving to his house and even more scared when i

rang the doorbell. He opened the door, smiled and said, “get inside,

slut.” He closed the door and led me to the bathroom. “Get changed

and let me meet emily.” he said and closed the door behind me.


I quickly changed into my handmade school-grrl-esque outfit and

presented myself to him. I can’t pass, but still think i look okay for a

sissy. He smiled, took a picture of me and then told me to get on my

hands and knees! i was so eager for his huge cock, i was on my knees

before i could finish saying “yes, sir.”


“Open your mouth, slut” he said and i obeyed, surprised as hell when

he shoved a broom handle in my mouth. “This bathroom is filthy.

Please your daddy and sweep it for me.”


I didn’t know what to do, but i knew he wasn’t kidding. I reminded

myself that a good sissy obeys all orders and bent over to get close to

the ground. It was awkward at first, i was learning how to sweep.


Eventually I got the hang of it. Learning to control the handle with my

lips and tongue to apply enough pressure to sweep. It was like working

a cock, but not nearly as fun. This was not what i had planned.


“That’s it, sissy, please your daddy,” he encouraged. At least he was

talking dirty to me. This was humiliating. I was dressed like a sissy,

on my hands and knees, sweeping a bathroom floor with a broom

in my mouth. As soon as you’re done with this you get a huge cock,

i assured myself.


“Thank you, sissy. Now I get to fuck a tight ass,” he said as i finished.

i quickly bent over for him and he laughed at me. “Sorry slut. My wife

said I could fuck her ass if I cleaned the bathroom, so you better leave

before she finds out it wasn’t me.”  ~|~

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