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Roz gets Payment Weeks after breast implant, lip collagen, and lip and tongue piecing surgery, Roz set me down for a little news. “we need to pay the doctor for his kind assistance in changing you”...
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Roz has a Valentine Party

“We're having a party tonight”, Roz exclaimed, “But you've been shirking your duties lately, so you will be pretty much unable to party much, but you will be the center of attention.”

I was confused at this pronouncement but said nothing, not that I could since the rings holding my lips together had been in place since the previous evening. The plastic surgeon had pierced my lips in 6 places, 3 matching holes to insert padlocks or rings and insure my silence, or just go goth.

“Remember Missy and her dogs?” she asked. “She'll be over with her little slave boy and the two of you will get well acquainted before the party starts.”

That said, she removed the rings from my lips and had me stand at the door, waiting for Missy.

They arrived about an hour later, Missy's slave boy was a lot like me, dressed in a short maid's outfit, eyes lowered in submission, never speaking. I could tell we were both scared of our owners and had fallen into despair about ever escaping. And what would I escape to? I was completely feminized, large breasts and now, long wavy hair, permanent eye and lips makeup, my job was long gone because Roz had called in and said I had suddenly moved to Atlanta or somewhere, had forged a birth certificate and gotten me a new Social Security card, driver's permit, even a credit card or two. It was a stolen identity in reverse! Missy brought along two Dobermans for security, I suppose.

“These guys miss you so much”, she laughed, as the dogs started dry humping my legs. “Sit, guys, not today, or maybe, who knows? Erin, take the dogs to the kitchen”, she barked at her slave.

Roz came down from her bedroom with a satchel loaded with whatever. When Erin returned Missy directed us to sit on the floor. They pulled out open mouth wire gags and locked them on us, then unlocked our cock cages and anal plugs and locked bondage mittens on our hands. Short chains were then locked behind our testicles and yanked around to make sure they were secure.

“Lie on your sides,” Roz commanded, “and get into the 69 position, arms hugging each around the other's waist.”

We struggled around a bit, helped by Roz and Missy who forced our cocks into each other's mouths and then locked the chain s behind our heads. Ropes were added to the rings on the bondage mittens and passed around us, tightening our body hugs until it seemed we were one, effectively gagging us in a sexual embrace.

“You'll both get very erect soon, having been locked in your chastity cages for over a month now”, Roz explained. “I can only hope you don't choke each other to death before the party, god knows we've given enough cocks to suck on to warm up for this.”

We were both getting hard, but she was right, nearly every evening some guys would come over for blow jobs and so the gag reflex was fairly muted by then.

“Let's check out how they'll respond , only have an hour until they start arriving,” I heard Missy say. “I've got two 9 inch feeldo's here.”

“Good idea,” Roz chimed in, and here's some lube. Let's ream them.”

They pounded us for quite a long time, every thrust both humiliating and pushing my throat down on Erin's very hard dick; I could feel mine was stiff, also, and he must be experiencing the same.

Fortunately, the doorbell rang, and the ass pounding ended for then. Somehow, I knew it was not the actual end. Erin and I both tried to pull back from our dick gags, but the chains would pull on our scrotums and excite us some more. Any attempt at moving our arms only seemed to tighten our embrace, so we ended up lying quietly on our sides, awaiting whatever.

We could hear voices in the atrium, male and female, and as they came into the living room, Roz would indicate that there were two worthless maids there on the floor, punished for being slothful, and you should feel free to fuck them in the ass, spank them, roll them around, whatever.

“Happy Valentine's Day, Billie,” Roz cooed.

As the fifth part goer fucked me, I came in Erin's throat; a few guys or gals later, he came in mine. It had been so long since I had any gratification, I thought I loved Erin, or maybe even Roz.

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