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Very soon after getting to sleep she was awoken by another summons but this time is was a computer waking her because it was 5am and time to start work again. She had in the past skipped a night's sleep and this was far from the first time she had not had enough sleep but after all the sexual activity, she was exceedingly tired. She opened the envelope, it had detailed instructions. She followed them to the letter, she washed herself, swallowed her tablets and put on another uniform. This one was pink and the document told her that maids normally wear pink in the morning and black after noon though in Edwardian times, they would have to put on black for 'ladies maiding' no matter what the time. Naturally all the collars, cuffs, gloves and aprons were white for both colour uniforms, of which there were two of each colour. and were interchangeable and there were enough of the white parts for six uniforms as their function was to protect the uniform, hence they got dirty more often.


She went downstairs and near the bottom she caught sight of her own shadow against the wall. The triangular shadow of her skirt with the two legs down below and the small waist above was an unexpected but very nice surprise and put a big smile on her face. She cleaned all the kitchen cabinet doors and worktops, spent a long time cleaning the oven and then mopped the kitchen floor before moving on to mopping the dining and withdrawing rooms too.


She went to the library and dusted the ceiling and electric light using a step ladder and a long feather duster. Then she systematically emptied every shelf, dusted it and the wall behind, then dusted each book and replaced in exactly the original order. She polished the light switch, cleaned the table and chairs and mopped the floor. This was part of the spring cleaning and every detail was itemised in her Mistress' written instructions. She stood in the doorway looking back into the room and found unexpected pleasure in a job well done, but also exhaustion and a longing to sleep.


She examined her list and was mincing to her next task when she felt her Master's summons. She went as quickly as she could mince, knocked on the door and waited. She stood there at attention, trying not to sway and awaiting her Master's permission to enter the room. She waited a good ten minutes before knocking again, and got a level two zap for her lack of patience. She continued to wait and wait and wait, it must have been at least another 20 minutes, as the time passed she felt more and more tired and exhausted, humiliated, bored and her body was becoming quite painful from standing still for so long. She had to think of boring things to keep her penis from erecting.


At long last she heard him say "Enter." She opened the door, bobbed, stepped forward and bobbed again, minced towards him and curtsied down. He kept her waiting, her muscles straining to maintain her position. The seconds tick-tocked by on the bedroom clock and she swayed a little too much and fell over sideways. He said "I am very disappointed with your performance, your punishment is beyond what I can give you electronically. Go to the kitchen and fetch the cane hanging in the broom cupboard." She picked herself up and curtsied down once more. He said "Rise." straight away and she turned to leave. "BAD GIRL" he shouted "How DARE you turn your back on ME! Come here." She turned back and minced towards him and curtsied down. He stepped behind her, fastened her wrists behind her back then grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed. He took his dirty socks, rolled them into a ball and stuffed them in her mouth and used his neck tie to keep them there. He lifted her petticoat and forced her knees apart then mounted her. He pushed his penis into her fanny and she was expecting the same pleasurable experience as the night before. What she got was a zap, he had not "turned her on". She struggled and he held her nose until she stopped. Every time he thrust into her she received a level 3 zap. Time after time he thrust and she was zapped. This was altogether different from last night, this was rape. She began to sob and the tears overflowed her eyes and ran down the side of her face.


Eventually he ejaculated and she could feel his semen squirt against her glans and out the far end of her short tunnel of love and then trickle down her anus and onto the bed under her. He got up and pulled the socks from her mouth and told her to lick up the mess. She was still sobbing but did as he directed and then did her best to lick up her tears. He pulled her to her feet from behind, untied her apron and laid it on the bed to cover the damp patches. He lay down and told her "Go and make me bacon, eggs, sausages, fried bread and baked beans." She curtsied down and waited. He said "Rise." She did and minced carefully back to the door. She bobbed and blurted out through her sobs 'Please Master Mister Ferguson, my hands are fastened behind my back. How can I prepare breakfast like this?'


"Come here." he said. She minced to him and curtsied. "Good girl, now rise and turn around." She did and he released her wrists. "Turn around." She did. "Now dry your eyes and learn your lesson, you must pay attention to your etiquette, any failure will be severely punished. I know you are tired and weak and that is the very time that you are most open to indoctrination. Yes I did enjoy making you fail and then you went and compounded it all on your own and I enjoyed it even more. I am a sadist but you will find I have a heart and what I have done today is in part for your benefit. You will be a better and happier maid for it in the end. Now go and make my breakfast and do not let your tears get in my food. Understand?" 'Yes, a little Master Mister Ferguson.' "That will do for now, you will understand better later. Now go!" She curtsied, he said "Rise." She minced backwards to the door bobbed, opened the door and stepped back though it, bobbed again and closed the door.


She burst out into full blown crying as she minced to the kitchen, her heels clicking out their rhythm, knowing that her Master could hear her every step, as far as the servants staircase anyway.


She was somewhat disgusted with herself, crying like a very small girl. The more she thought about it the more she realised that something inside her mind had broken, she was no longer who she had been, only time would tell if it was for the better of for the worse for her wellbeing. She suddenly remembered her depression and realised that it was gone. Maybe not for ever, but for now anyway it was not hanging over her like a thunder cloud.


When she arrived at the kitchen she dried her tears and carefully washed her face and hands in the kitchen sink and donned a clean apron. She checked herself in the mirror and straightened the bib section of her apron and her maid's cap and smoothed down some stray hairs. She turned on the grille and fetched the sausages. Her Master had not told her how many, but she thought best to overestimate than under, he could leave any excess. She picked up one and began to sob again because it reminded her of how she had just been raped and of her own little penis hidden, held in check, and almost crushed under her chastity belt. She also pondered that it and her testicles were at the mercy of the buttons of her owners' two remote controls and tried to think of ways to escape or block the radio signals which enslaved her. She remembered she would be punished if she took too long in her task and she snapped to it. She put three sausages on the grille and returned the rest to the deep freeze.


She fetched two eggs, three rashers of smoked back bacon, two slices of bread and a tin of baked beans. As she did so she pondered if she truly wanted to escape, life in slavery without depression was maybe better than freedom with depression. She put the beans in a saucepan on a low heat and turned the sausage through about 90 degrees. The smell was making her ravenous but she had not been given permission to eat and she felt sure the punishment for stealing food would be severe. She turned the sausages another 90 degrees and added the bacon to the grille. She broke the two eggs into a pyrex cup and put each in turn into a frying pan she had oiled and pre-heated. She turned up the heat under the baked beans and stirred them. She turned the sausages and the bacon and put the eggs onto her Master's plate and then fried the bread in the frying pan. She put the bacon and sausages onto the plate too and poured the excess fat from the grille into the frying pan and turned the bread. Her Master had not asked for any drink but she wondered if he might like tea or coffee of orange juice. She did not know which but felt sure he would want something to drink. Hers was not to try to second guess her Master though so she finished plating his breakfast and put it on a tray and tried to get it to him before it got too cold.


She minced up to his bedroom and knocked on the door. "Enter" he said. She opened the door bobbed, took the tray inside and bobbed again, then minced to his bed, curtsied and served his meal. She stood at attention awaiting further orders. He said "Where is the cane? Have you forgotten I asked you to fetch it?" 'Oh I am very sorry Master Mister Fergusson, I thought when you, er, took me, that was in place of the caning.' "Hell no, anyone would think you don't like to be fucked and beaten, go fetch it at once and if you are not back before I finish my breakfast I will double the number of strokes" She curtsied, he said "Rise" and minced backwards to the door, bobbed, turned and opened the door, backed through and bobbed again. She closed the door and minced as fast as she could to the kitchen.


She found the cane in the broom cupboard and returned to her Master's room. She was surprised with herself when she found he had finished his meal, because she was pleased that she was now going to receive twice the number of strokes. He instructed her to lie over his knees and she did so with great anticipation and when he lifted her petticoat onto her back she nearly came. His left hand moved to the small of her back to keep her down and she heard the swish of the cane before the agonising sting of it and the afterglow of throbbing pain afterwards. 'One. Thank you Master Mister Fegusson' she said. Time and time again the cane beat her and with each stroke she thanked him and counted the number of the stroke. She did not know how many there would be but she began to regret her earlier eagerness to be caned. She began to sob once more and squirmed but his hand held her firmly down. Now she regretted not coming back faster.


She said 'Twenty four. Thank you Master Mister Fergusson.' and his left hand rose from her back and pushed her petticoat back over her bottom. Even the light weight of it made her wounds sting more and she stood up to try to aleviate the extra pain. The throbbing of course continued and would do for quite some time to come. Tears ran down her cheeks and he wiped them away with the hem of her apron. He spoke in a soothing tone "Now go and make me some coffee. Black no sugar. I really enjoyed that, thank you Sissy Bobs. Wipe the blood off the cane before you put it away. When you take the tray back you may eat the left overs. It will be stone cold of course but you will soon get used to eating cold left overs because it is pretty much what you will live on from now on. When you have eaten you must change your bloody petticoat and stockings. Maybe shoes too."


When she returned with the coffee her Mistress had awoken. "How are you this morning Sissy Bobs?" She replied 'Fine thank you Mistress Doctor Fergusson.' even though she was far from fine. She lacked sleep, was exhausted, hungry, thirsty, her bottom throbbed incessantly and it was all she could do to not burst into tears. Her Mistress would have noticed the blood on Sissy Bob's petticoat if she had turned around but turning her back on her Mistress was not permitted. "Is that for me?" 'I am sorry Mistress Doctor Fergusson, it is black coffee for Master Mister Fergusson.' "Put it down and come and kneel down beside the bed." She did as directed and her Mistress put her hand under the maid's chin and lifted her head and said "Look at me Sissy Bobs." Their eyes met briefly but the maid could not hold her Mistress's gaze and looked away like a subservient bitch. Doctor Fergusson fondled the maid's hair and cheek and said "Why are you lying to me? I know almost exactly how you feel. I have been laying half awake for some time and I know what my husband has done to you. I approve entirely of what he did and how it made you feel. As Andrew, your male side, you were a pathetic failure. A male virgin and certain to remain like that for the rest of your life, which would not have lasted much longer. You would be depressed for a few more months, maybe a year, and then you would have taken your own life. Your female side is still a pathetic failure but as my maid you can find a low level of fulfilment in making my life and my husband's life a little better. You had masochistic thoughts didn't you?" Sissy Bobs looked into her Mistress's eyes and replied 'Yes Mistress Doctor Fergusson, I was glad that Master Mister Fergusson doubled my punishment but once he had started I could not bear the reality of the pain. I kind of think I like the fact that he raped me too now, though I did not feel like that at the time.' She looked away and the Doctor said "You feel ashamed of your feelings don't you?" The maid nodded. "That is all you have left of your male side, let go of it and you will be much happier. You are now a subservient girl, submit with all your heart, embrace humiliation, pain, failure, your own servitude, stupidity and femininity, but do your best to serve and give pleasure in whatever ways you can, whether it be routine cleaning the house for the millionth time or being beaten senseless, try to give pleasure to your betters and feel good about it, that is what your life is all about now, giving pleasure to others and through the knowledge you have done so, find satisfaction for yourself."


She began to sob and said 'I am sorry I lied about how I felt. You know more about me than I ever will. There is no point lying to you, I promise I will never tell another lie. I will try to erase Andrew from my mind and find fulfilment in my new existence. I will try to live to serve you and will do my very best to try to please you for the next two and a half days.' her Mistress's hand withdrew from her cheek and returned rapidly with an enormous slap. "You will learn eventually you ungrateful bitch, now go and fetch me a white coffee, one sugar and my breakfast of cereal, toast and two boiled eggs." Sissy Bobs was shocked at the rapid turn around in her Mistress' behaviour and could not understand why, but she obeyed naturally.


She was very careful to fully follow etiquette, she knew that she was inferior to her Mistress, and that acknowledging that fact at every opportunity kept her feeling humble, respectful and submissive and gave pleasure to her Mistress and that if she should forget, she would be perceived to be rebellious or even threatening and either of those would require corrective action by her Mistress, painful corrective action.


When she returned her Mistress said "Your Master has gone to the golf club." 'Yes Mistress Doctor Fergusson.' She served the meal and stood at attention awaiting either further instructions or dismissal. She was sent to run her Mistress' bath and tested the temperature with her elbow as a mother would for her baby. She helped her Mistress into the bath and knelt beside the bath again awaiting further orders with her eyes downcast and with her hands holding her skirt and petticoat out. The floor was hard and her knees hurt but this way she was the least threatening. When her Mistress was naked in the bath she would naturally feel most vulnerable so not appearing threatening was highly important. She was entrusted to wash her Mistress, even her most private parts and Sissy Bobs did so lovingly and tenderly, the fact she had a penis inside her chastity belt never even crossed her mind as she gently caressed the area it would no doubt have loved to enter.


After the bath she helped her Mistress to dress and do her makeup. Her Mistress also went out but did not say where. Sissy Bobs had what little food her Master and Mistress had left uneaten and the cold coffee remaining. She returned to her list of tasks with all her energy as if it was the most vitally important thing in the world. Indeed for her it was, and she took great pride in a job well done.


At noon she was doing the ironing but her standing instructions were to change into her black and white uniform, so she broke off and took off and carefully hung up the pink dress and put the white apron, collar and cuffs out for washing and ironing by herself later. It irked her that she always felt exposed not wearing knickers. What harm could it do? Nobody would ever know. She tried on a pair of her Mistress' knickers before donning her black and white uniform, just to see if it made her feel better. It did, her vagina might not be real but having it at risk of accidental exposure at any time was humiliating. She could easily slip the panties off later when her Mistress came home but for now she would enjoy the feeling of security they gave her.


She finished the huge pile of ironing and went to change the bedding on her Master and Mistress' double bed. She did not hear her Master's key in the front door nor when he bounded up the stairs but heard the bedroom door open. She stood up straight, grabbed the sides of her skirt, and her petticoat through the fabric, looked down, drew her elbows back and raised her little finger as far as she could and did a deep bob just after he entered the room. He came towards her and she repeated the movement but this time as a curtsey, and waited for him to let her rise. He came closer and her eyes flicked up just a little. She could see he had a hard on. She realised that it was herself that must be making him horny, she was of course at his mercy and he could do whatever he wanted to with her and she had to obey no matter what he told her to do. This made her feel really weird and was another brand new new experience for her. She did not know what to do, she waited, standing with bent knees as the seconds ticked by made her begin to quiver, and that seemed to make him become more erect. What were his intentions? She knew that to rise without permission would be wrong but she could not help quivering, her knees were beginning to be painful, it must be about 50 seconds she had held her curtsey and if he left her there much longer she might collapse. His hands went to her shoulders, crushing the cloth of her puffed sleeves as he gripped her and guided her up and back. He stepped forward as he lay her down on the bed. His left index finger went to her lips as if to silence her but then forced itself between her lips and parted her teeth and slid into her mouth and at the same time his right hand parted her knees and his knees slid between them. He slid his right hand upwards as his left kept her attention focused on his probing of her teeth and tongue as she hoped he would not make her retch should it reach the back of her mouth. He raised her petticoat and felt for her vagina.


"You bad girl!" he said when he found she was wearing panties. He paused for a moment and said "You have been specifically told NOT to wear knickers haven't you?" 'Yes Master mister Fergusson' she replied. "And you chose deliberately to disobey?" 'Yes Master mister Fergusson but I intended to take them off before you or Mistress came home.' "So you think it is OK to disobey as long as you don't get caught?" 'Er, well, no I suppose not' she again replied. "Any deliberate breach of discipline is a very serious matter and deserves serious punishment. I will begin and my wife will probably continue when she sees what you have done." 'No please Master mister Fergusson, I will not do it again, please forgive me.' "You are right, you will not do it again but this is unforgivable behaviour. Now do not move a muscle or I will double you punishment." Sissy Bobs began to cry.


He went to a cupboard to fetch some leather items. He slipped a belt with a 'D' ring in the middle, around behind her and used considerable force to draw the buckle tight around her already corseted waist, forcing some of the air from her lungs. He turned he over onto her belly and she expected to be spanked but instead she felt him putting her into an arm binder. Her hands were immobilised by it and her shoulders and elbows pulled in so there was no movement possible there either. He attached a strap which was part of the arm binder to the ring behind her waist, again using a lot of force to draw her shoulders down. He put another strap around her legs just below her knees, not so tight this time. Maybe his anger was subsiding she thought as she sobbed into the bedding. He removed her shoes and replaced them with others, but these were most peculiar. They had no soles, they held her toes tightly and had straps which fitted right around her ankles but left the soles and heels of her feet bare. The toes had more leather straps and he pulled her feet up behind her and braced her ankles to her waist very tightly and her toes to the strap around her knees again very tightly. She had no movement available now in her legs, arms or lower spine and the straps were forcing her back into a slight arc, if it were not for her bosom she would have moved like a rocking chair. He lifted her head a little and placed something in front of her face. It had something protruding upwards towards her lips and as he lowered her head it would have broken her front teeth is she had not opened her lips and allowed it to enter her mouth. He connected buckles around the back and top of her head and she realised what it was, a scold's bridle. Another buckle from the top of her head was attached to the 'D' ring at her waist and tightened to deprive her of all movement of her head. He said "I will not use the studded hooks under your eyelids which prevent you closing your eyes or moving your eye balls but I will fit the blinkers so you cannot see."


He put a bag hook through the 'D' ring and another through a second one on her arm binder and carried her by them down to the kitchen like a large sack of potatoes. He placed her on the island unit and she was aware her bosom was resting on the halogen hob, and she hoped he was not intending to turn it on. She was of course now totally mute, and he closed the blinkering flaps so she was blind too. She heard him open a cupboard and she knew it was the broom cupboard where the cane was kept. His footsteps returned to her and she heard the swish of the cane before it cut into the sole of her feet. She would have reacted if there had been any muscle movement available to her, but there was none. She began to count the strokes in her head but the agony was so great she could not concentrate and lost count. The strokes reined down, moving relentlessly up and down the surfaces of her feet. She had never experienced pain like it. She could do nothing but think about what she had done wrong and promise herself this would never happen again because she would never again disobey.


After a long time he stopped and laid the cane on her back and said "I will leave this here so your Mistress can continue your punishment. If you move it will fall off and I will give you the same again. Understand?" She was incapable of replying in any way. He left the kitchen and she was left alone with her agony.


She lay there mechanically paralysed, her feet throbbing with pain and dreading that her Mistress might give her a similar thrashing or worse. She was incapable of begging for mercy or communicating in any way, even a twitch was impossible. Other than counting in her head she had no way to judge the passage of time. She did try counting but kept losing count and after a while found it was useless. After a while the mucus in her sinuses began to build up and block her nasal passages. Had she been able to breathe through her mouth this would not have been a problem, as it was it was life threatening. She tried sniffing it up, she tried blowing it out. Nothing worked for long. It built up more and she could not breathe. She thought she was going to die but seemingly from nowhere some deep animal instinct seemed to cut in and maybe muscles she did not even know she had must have somehow cleared the blockage. It was like a god had intervened, she drank in the air like it was the best thing in the world, no longer taking it for granted but savouring it and hoping that the mucus would not return. Of course it did.


It must have been late afternoon when her Mistress came home. She picked up the cane and made it swish, just to see if Sissy Bobs could react in any way. She used it to lift the petticoat so she could observe the heinous crime which had been committed. She said "You have been exceedingly naughty and your Master has punished you for wearing panties and I think for that you have suffered enough, however, they are MY panties you are wearing, you have stolen them from ME and that deserves further punishment. However I know that already it will be some time before you can walk again and I want you to make dinner so further bastinado will not do. I am going to let you off with just a 15 second level three zap every five minutes until further notice. I will leave you here to stew in your own juice until it is time to prepare dinner." She left the kitchen and soon after Sissy Bobs felt the first agonising zap. The minutes passed and the dread of the coming pain built gradually but still the sudden start of the zap was a shock in both senses of the word. The current coursing through her testicles and penis felt like it would never stop, then it did. The cycle repeated over and over and over again. In between zaps the throbbing of her feet kept her attention but now during the zaps, she could hardly feel it any more.


Her Mistress eventually returned and released her, but Sissy Bobs could not bear her own weight on her feet, and the zapping continued unabated. "Take off the sole-less shoes and your stockings" her Mistress instructed and the maid obeyed, almost slithering on the bed so she did not allow anything to accidentally touch her still throbbing feet. The pain as she peeled off the stockings from her soles was immense but she knew she had to obey. "Now take off my panties!" Sissy bobs wriggled and managed to get them off without damaging them, though they were now soiled. "You DIRTY girl!" 'I am very sorry Mistress Doctor Ferguson, I promise I will never ever put on your knickers ever again.' "Thats not good enough, look at them they are ruined. Put them in your mouth and keep them there until you go to bed then put them in the rubbish bin." 'Yes Mistress Doctor Ferguson.' She did as directed and immediately felt sickened by the taste. The doctor put her scold's bridle back on and said "That will make sure you don't take them out. Are you hungry?" Sissy bobs nodded. "Well its your own fault isn't it." She nodded again. The doctor snapped a padlock at the back of the scolds bridle. "Now go down to the kitchen." She tried to stand up but it was much too painful. "I thought so, you will need to crawl like a baby until you are able to walk again." She slid off the bed onto her knees and crawled away backwards so her head faced her Mistress. "Good girl." When she got to the stairs she went down them backwards. When one the regular zaps came she nearly slid down the stairs.


Once in the kitchen she began to prepare dinner. It was very awkward kneeling at the kitchen units, she found a stool which helped a bit. The work proceeded at a snail's pace until the doctor came and said "You will take all night at this rate, go to bed, no supper." The doctor removed the scolds bridle and allowed her to spit out the knickers and dispose of them. Sissy Bobs began to sob. "Whatever is the matter now?" asked the doctor. 'I have let you down Mistress, I am sorry, I deserved my punishment but it has left me unable to do my best for you. I love you and would do anything for you but I just can't.' "There there Bobs, here, have a banana, the slow energy release will make you feel a bit better, go and sleep on the carpet at the foot of my bed, maybe the Master will wake you and make you feel better if he has forgiven you. You have had a big day and are bound to be emotional. You will feel better in the morning. I will turn off your zapping now, hopefully that will let you sleep." Sissy Bobs crawled away and soon after laying down on the carpet, fell into a deep sleep.

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