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I think I should warn those of 'a nervous disposition' that this story contains very dark themes, brutality and worse. If you are not prepared for that, then stop reading now.


Copyright 2012 Sissy Barbie. All rights reserved.




Tuesday and how it ended.


37 was again awoken by cramp and suffocation. She was directed to polish the Masters shoes then scrub the floor of the large kitchen and to black lead the range. She thought not being released on time was unfair but there was nobody to complain to, hopefully she would be released when she saw her Mistress. Meanwhile she had no option but obedience. After the black lead she had to change all the dirty white trimmings of her uniform and put them in the washing machine. She sprayed herself with dog perfume and fetched two batches of water from the well and was again accosted by the guard dogs on the first trip.


37 prepared two breakfasts and served them in bed. It ran the doctors bath and helped her get dressed for work. It was disappointed when she left for work without so much as a mention of releasing 37. Hopefully the Master would remember to release her, there was no way she could remind him. He didn't, he too left for work and she was forced to carry on with cleaning the house. This was wrong, they had signed a contract, she would make them pay for this, she had a proper job to go to and they were preventing her from going. Part of today's work was cleaning the telephone. She picked up the handset but the white noise in her ears prevented her hearing the dialling tone, she pressed 999 for the emergency services. Her body erupted in pain. Her control computer told her the phone needed a code to be entered before it operated and it had detected an attempt to summon assistance to effect an escape. As well as the current punishment she would receive 60 seconds extra agony tonight. For the rest of the day she meekly went about her programmed duties, hoping for release before bedtime. She had to clean every toilet, bath, shower, bidet and basin of the back bedroom en suite bathrooms then scrub the floors and then vacuum all the back bedroom carpets.


Mr Ferguson got home first and had 37 put on her remote control sleeves for making dinner and bring a whiskey to his study. He was seated at his desk. He made her to put her elbows through two straps fixed to the desk. He told her to relax and let the sleeves do the work. She watched her arms pick up a pen and the Master put a document in front of her and she signed it before she realised what was happening. He got her two sign another two copies and even when she realised what she was signing was the indefinite extension to her contract she could not prevent herself signing it. He put them in the wall safe and locked it before explaining that he, his wife and 37 had been at a meeting where this was discussed. Of course 37 had been unaware of what was said because of her white noise generator. He and his wife had said they were reasonably happy with 37's work, were willing to make the position permanent, so had voted in favour of the extension and 37 had not voted. Even if she had, she would have been outvoted. Every time 37 had signed an acceptance of agony, her tendon movements had been recorded and today they had been replayed to produce a true, legally binding signature. Not that anyone would ever want to see the contract anyway, it was just a precaution. They recognised she would now be unlikely to think up any new methods of assisting them and so the agony for not thinking of anything was reduced to one second a night, and if by chance she did think of anything, she would be let off the one second for the next seven days. However, now 37 was on the permanent staff, the temporary lenient discipline would end. Automatic punishments would be increased to double duration and triple the pain. Manual punishments would be increased as he and his wife saw fit. He went to a drawer and pulled out a special pair of pliers. They had three inserts, one had a number of sharp pins making up the digit 3 another was 6 and the third a logo. There was a gap between the numbers and the logo. He removed the 6 and replaced it with a 7. He rubbed a coloured chemical on it, grabbed her bottom lip and pulled it down, lined up the gap in the markings with the sensor already on her lip, pinched the pliers together and squeezed the very long handles hard. It hurt a lot. There you are he said, that's you branded as our property and identified with your serial number. Its a form of tattoo used on horses and farm animals. Don't worry its only the inside of the lip that is permanently marked. It will swell but it will go down in a day or so. Now you are permanent we don't need 36 any more, go and dispose of it and your old clothes.


What is 36 she asked herself. She went to the kitchen, took the clothes from when she was Andrew, complete with pocket contents and against her own wishes burned them all on the kitchen range. The last vestiges of her former self were now gone for good. Her control computer directed her to a remote part of the basement and there she unbolted a door and opened it. The room had no windows and was dark. She turned on a light and saw chained to the opposite wall was another French maid just like her, but terribly frail. 37 was ordered to check the serial number, she had to pull down the bottom lip and there she saw the number 36 and the same logo, but not freshly punched like her own, this had been there many months. The chains holding 36's hands above his head released automatically and he moved them to his sides as if he had severe arthritis. He wasn't that old, he had just been worn out by constant slavery and further weakened by being chained up for three days. The control computer issued them both instructions over the same audio channel. They were both told that they could now speak on the proviso they used high pitch girlie voices, no swearing, no reference to their own or any names, especially the Fergusons except as Master and Mistress and they were to keep up a pretence they were both female. 36 was trembling, 37 asked why. 36 said "Because I know you have come to kill me, just as I killed 35, in the most painful way the Master could think of." 37 asked 'Is there anything I can do to get out of killing you or at least make it less painful for you?' 36 said "No, if you resist you will just make it take longer and earn punishment for yourself, do not feel guilty its not your fault, the Mistress allows the Master this pleasure and they both make money selling movies of it all, it is they who are guilty." 'But isn't that like a Nazi saying he was only following orders?' "No there is a small but significant difference. A soldier might later be court marshalled and shot for disobedience but he might find his comrades agree and they all revolt against the person giving the immoral orders. He has a small chance. We on the other hand are on our own, we have no chance at all, we are more like a saddle horse. We have been broken in, our every movement is constantly monitored and controlled and any disobedience is instantly punished by suffocation, electric shocks, stabbing, beating, straining of muscles, tendons and joints as well as by starvation, lack of sleep, lack of drink, psychological torture by a fully qualified psychologist, ultra-humiliation, sexual slavery and all manner of things yet to be invented by the Master and Mistress's imaginations." 37 asked 'Is there anything we can do? Can we give names and addresses to the video maybe?' "Well I have no idea where we are, and even if I did say it would be cut out of the finished movie, you can be sure of that. Similar conversations have been spoken about three dozen times and nobody has come up with any useful ideas. If anyone did ever escape they obviously did not get the Master and Mistress prosecuted and struck off the medial register or we wouldn't be here. Just maybe someone will escape one day, but they will not go to the police because they would be arrested for murder when the police received a movie showing them murdering their predecessor. Pass this on to your successor, there is an unbroken line going right back to when 2 killed 1, nobody has ever escaped. The only break was that 7 was allowed light duties when she got frail because she had been a top chef and they wanted to record her movement making every dish she could think of so the control computer could get us to replay them. 8 was enslaved to do the heavy work while 7 did the cooking. 7 was allowed free rein to order whatever ingredients she liked and got some Japanese fish which she deliberately cooked badly to try to poison the Master and Mistress. She failed because the Mistress was suspicious of the ingredients and the Master got 7 to taste the food. Of course she could have held back and got the standard slow death but she took the easy way out and eat the food. Maybe she thought she would live long enough that the Master and Mistress would would also eat the food if she eat and pretended it was good, but fairly quickly she collapsed and died soon after, she was very lucky I'd give anything to die that quickly."


Their control computer said time was up and 36 was instructed to look like she was fighting, but like a girl and doing her best to stop 37. 37 was instructed to overcome 36's resistance whilst continuing to act like a girl and force her onto a magicians table for sawing ladies in half and strap down 36's limbs and neck. They complied, showing the cameras the best girl fight they could until 36 was fully strapped down. The control computer said the next part would probably not be included in the movie. 37 had to lift up 36's skirt and pull down her knickers, the chastity belt come corset opened and the cable to the bra disconnected itself and 37 removed the whole assembly. 37 had to use an epilator on all 36's parts she had to on herself. 37 was instructed to cut open 36's scrotum, twist off the testicles without using a knife and place them in the fridge to be cooked as sweet meats for the Master to eat in the morning. 36 screamed his head off whilst this was being done and was still screaming as 37 went to the kitchen to put them in the fridge.


36 was no longer male, though not female either, now truly an it. On returning the blood flow had stopped and 37 mopped up what had spilled, pulled up 36's knickers and pulled the skirt back down. She returned to exactly where she was before the section to be edited out started. She was instructed to plug in an electric iron and set it to maximum heat. 37 put a frame for sawing across 36's belly and fetched a saw. It was about 24 inches long with a long hack saw blade bolted to the edge of a flat sheet of steel. She was ordered to slowly cut off 36's left arm below the shoulder, just under the sleeve and cauterise it with the electric iron then do the same with the right arm. She had to then tilt the table to the vertical and show the cameras the Venus de Milo she had made. She tilted the table back to the horizontal and very slowly cut through 36's waist. There was blood everywhere. 36 was in agony but still stayed in character even though surely no worse punishment could be used if she disobeyed. 37 imagined it was just that obedience was so ingrained she could do nothing else. 37 had to slow down even more when she reached the back bone. If anything 36 seemed in a tiny bit less pain after 37 severed its spine. 37 removed the sawing frame and cauterised the huge wound as best she could then tilted the table back to vertical, the still living upper half of 36 hanging by its neck. Being much lighter now the neck took the strain without a problem. She collected one arm, the legs and rump and took them to a freezer to be used to feed the guard dogs in the coming days. She sawed the other arm up and put it in the dog's bowls for them to eat today. She knew if she was lucky there would be some left over which she would get to eat later. Utter domination, every day the dogs almost shagged whoever was the current maid and were now going to get to eat the previous one, and the Master was going to have its balls for breakfast. 37 had to suffer the trauma of having to carry it out, on camera and would have to eat some of the human remains. She would even have to cook the testicles and serve them to her Master. This was way beyond the domestic duties she had signed up for for three days and was now going to have to carry out until some new maid, 38 did this to her. Even if she were by some fluke able to escape there was incontrovertible evidence of her committing murder. No matter 36's theory of the difference, a court would never accept she was only obeying orders. There would also be cannibalism to be taken into account too.


36 was still able to speak and told 37 "Try to never show signs of weakness, this is what happens to maids who do." 36 took three days of agony to finally die. It would have been quicker but 37 had to don the remote control sleeves and insert a saline drip into 36, then later swap it for a plasma and glucose drip. After 36 died 37 had to remove all the bonds and wig and uniform and a plate saying 'dodo' and eight expensive platinum nails for re-use. Then cut up the head and torso and freeze it for the dogs and her to eat later, though the brain was eaten fresh.


Over many months 37 got the spring cleaning finished and had to learn needlework and other skills for the benefit of her owners. She found that not all of the contents of her pockets had been burnt, the Fergusons used some items to steal her identity and they made her tell them all her passwords and sign over all her money, investments and major assets like her car and home. One day the Fergusons came back with a pair of Ferraris bought with 37's assets. 37 became more and more feeble and started getting behind with the cleaning and finally she was locked in a silent pitch black room with her hands chained over her head and she knew that 38 had arrived and she would be the next to die slowly and painfully starting in only three days.









Andrew woke up ejaculating, still on the couch in the corner of the kitchen. It had just been his own fantasy nightmare. What a relief, but his underpants were a real mess. The Doctor was again sitting on the stool at one end of the table and said "Lets find out if your little presents fit you properly. Strip completely and then draw back the cloth about two feet at a time and put on what you find underneath". Andrew stripped. He covered his private parts with his hands. "I'm a doctor, remember?" He put his hands to his sides and stood in front of her and felt humiliated with a fully clothed woman casting her eye over his naked body. "Use your shirt to clean yourself up on." he did so and she said "You'll do. You can wash your shirt tomorrow, or maybe I'll send you home in it with a freshly starched look." She laughed as Andrew's lip curled up at the thought of putting on a semen encrusted shirt. She gestured him to the table.


He pulled back the cloth a bit, revealing a chastity belt, but no ordinary chastity belt. He stared at it. Dr Ferguson said "Quite something isn't it! We bought a standard The ARCH belt from Neo Steel made to your measurements and added on all the optional extras and we also got a DreamLover2000 and my husband took some time to get the two to work together. You do want to be in bondage and feminized don't you?" Andrew replied 'Feminized yes, but I didn't expect to get a vagina! Its just a bit of a shock thats all, I'm not quite sure I like the idea but I'll give it a go, its got the kinky side of my mind working overtime thinking about where this is leading.' "Oh yes, its called the Neo Steel Forced Feminizer, its a Silicone Prostheses which makes you look like a woman and feel like one too, to a degree, you don't have the worry of getting pregnant of course." 'Er, do you mean I can have sex like a woman?' "You might find that out later my little virgin maid." Andrew remembered back to when he admitted that he had never had sex with a woman, nor a man for that matter. "Enough talk, put it on."


Andrew examined it more closely and soon worked out where his penis and testicles had to go. His mind boggled at the electrodes and what they might be capable of. Putting it on did not take very long. The stainless steel font guard threaded through the silicone prosthetic and prevented its removal. The lower front of his torso looked like a real woman who had been carefully shaved. It blended in with his flesh well. He looked in a mirror, he appeared to be a woman with a stainless steel belt around her waist. She was now feeling feminine and even more vulnerable than when naked just a few moments earlier. There was a metal band running down between her buttocks and it widened to encircle her anus. The male sexual organs were totally inaccessible and invisible. The doctor stepped forward and locked the belt, and put the key in her handbag and said "I will put that in the wall safe later." She reached into her bag and took out what looked like a small TV remote control. She said "This is my summon signal, you are to come to me when you feel this." She tapped a button and Andrew felt a single pulse of electricity pass through her penis and testicles. It was not at all painful but it certainly grabbed her attention. 'Yes.' She said, the doctor pushed another button and Andrew felt a sharper pulse in the same area. It was still not so much painful but a shock like being slapped in the face but without the lingering pain afterwards. "That was level one and was for not addressing me correctly. You will ALWAYS address me as Mistress Doctor Ferguson. Is that clear?" Andrew said 'Yes.' She pressed another button and a much stronger pulse coursed through his most private parts. Andrew nearly jumped in the air with the shock then said 'Yes that is clear Mistress Doctor Ferguson.' She said "Good, I'm glad we cleared that up, that was level 2 by the way. You REALLY don't want to feel level three. Or do you?" 'No Mistress Doctor Ferguson I am not a masochist, I accept your punishment to help make me a better maid but I do not seek it at all.' He was a little confused, he had assumed a level two shock would hurt like hell but it barely registered as pain, just discomfort and surprise.


"My husband also has a remote control, when he summons you, you will feel two pulses, like a phone ringing" she said. Andrew asked 'Please Mistress Doctor Ferguson, we know it fits now, may I take it off for the time being?' She just shook her head. 'Please Mistress Doctor Ferguson, how long ago did you order these items?' Just like her nightmare, Andrew felt tricked, and much the same thoughts went through her head as in her fantasy but then she realised she wanted to be tricked, why else would she have fantasised it. She dropped into a deep curtsey and averted her eyes. "Oh very good, I think we are going to get on like a house on fire. Rise. We ordered them weeks ago, I knew you would not be able to refuse my proposal, I know what goes on in that little mind of yours better than you know it yourself. I intend to look after you and make you happy but any rebellion or laxness will be corrected in as humane a way as I can but make no mistake, YOU ARE MY PROPERTY AND YOU WILL DO AS I TELL YOU. As long as you remember that I think you will enjoy our time together. Continue with the next item."


There was a bottle of hair remover and a pair of self adhesive breast forms. The doctor directed her to apply the fluid to her whole body, even her face but excluding her scalp and eyelashes. Andrew pleaded to keep his eyebrows and Dr Ferguson relented but said she would have to reshape them. Andrew went and showered off the hair and remaining fluid. As directed, she attached the breast forms then went back to the kitchen. The doctor said "Well aren't we the pretty little girl then? I am so glad you were too depressed to go to the barbers. Your hair is not quite long enough yet … if we had done this a little later I think we would have been able to dispense with the wig I've bought you."


"Now you look like a girl it is time you had a girly name. I may rename you again later, but for now you will be Andrea, or Sissy Andrea."


"Move on to the next items and put them on." It was a pair of deep flesh coloured stockings with a bold golden seam down the back. She put them on. The next item was short white slip, then a white over bust corset which had suspenders for the stockings. Once Andrea had put it on, Doctor Ferguson pulled the laces reasonably tight and said "I hope the slip will prevent the boning from marking your flesh too much Sissy Andrea. I will lace it tighter in an hour or so and each day as your internal organs get used to being displaced from their normal male positions. The process is called waist training."


Andrea pulled the cloth again revealing a pair of black satin shoes with white lace and ribbon. They had six inch heels and two inch platforms. "Your Master insists on six inch heels, I found these on the web and the platforms will save your feet a little as effectively they are only four inch heels. They really suit your uniform too. In the mornings you will wear two inch heels to give your feet a rest." Andrea proudly put them on and tightened the neat little satin covered straps. She thought the shoes were adorable but was still a little worried about the pain they would inflict and looked forward to the undoubted relief when she took them off again.


The next item was a black French maids uniform. Andrea said 'Please Mistress Doctor Ferguson, with the greatest respect, I think you may have forgotten my knickers.' The doctor replied "No Andrea, but I forgive you for asking. You are not to cover your private parts with panties, you are to move in such a way that I never get to see them, if I do you will be severely punished. If my husband sees your private parts he will likely punish you in his own sweet way, you might even enjoy it but if I see you flaunting yourself at him then I will beat you within an inch of your life, do you understand?" 'Yes I understand Mistress Doctor Ferguson.'


There was also a fairly full white petticoat, it was almost long enough to cover her stocking tops and did at least cover her 'modesty' as long as she did not bend over or climb stairs. She put them both on and the skirt was an inch shorter than the petticoat. The dress had pretty puff sleeves and a high neckline.


Next came white satin and lace bands for the bottoms of the puff sleeves, and two halves of a Peter Pan collar together with her maid's apron. It had a small curved section below and a rectangular one above, all trimmed with lace. She tied the broad apron tie round her waist in a large bow behind her back. The bottom part just hung down and the top part attached to the bodice with press studs, as did the arm bands and collar.


Next came a makeup bag with all the items she needed. She already knew what to do, though of course it took some time and the doctor showed her how to change the shape of her eyebrows, by plucking out ones in some places and shortening others.


The last item under the cloth was a blonde beehive wig with a white hair ornament with black ribbon. It was already attached to the wig with hat pins. Under it she had to wear a flesh coloured hair net to stop own her hair showing. "Very pretty indeed, you do make a great sissy maid. Now take these tablets." 'So many? What are they all for Mistress Doctor Ferguson?' "I have prescribed them, you will take them, either now or after I have zapped you until you break down, the choice is yours. I will tell you this though, they are not female hormones, quite the contrary, I do not want a female maid I want a sissy maid whose sex drive is frustrated and diverted into giving good service, it would happen anyway in a few months, but we have only three days to achieve it so I am turning up your sex drive many fold. It will not be instant but in a few hours you will feel like you want to climb the walls. There are other tablets there so your increased sex drive does not make you suicidal. You do not know which is which of course. Now take them." The doctor held out a glass of water and one at a time, Andrea swallowed each and every one.


"Now I am going to leave you alone for a while to put your key in the safe." She took Andrea's male clothes with her. Andrea bobbed as her Mistress left the room and stood by the table in the cool kitchen and had nothing to do. She looked around and noticed a large but half eaten blackberry and apple pie on the worktop under a glass dome. She was hungry and this was her favourite, if she took a tiny piece nobody would notice and it would attenuate her hunger. She stepped toward the pie, her heels clicked on the floor and she felt a level one pulse through her privates. So what she thought, it will be worth it. She continued on and felt a level 2 and stepped back to reconsider. This must be the DreamLover's leash mode she thought. Well if thats the worst it gets it will still be worth it. She went to step forward but found she could not move her feet in that direction. She could not work out why but then remembered reading about "Neural Plasticity" it must be that her subconscious was overruling the conscious part of her brain. She was still working this out when she received another level one zap because she was still out of her designated confinement volume. She took two steps backwards to think on this, her heels again clicking with each and every step. She resolved to try again but now she could not even take the first step into the level one zapping zone. She asked herself 'How can something painless control me so effectively? My Mistress talked about being humane and to a degree this is, but such a loss of self control, surely that cannot be considered as humane can it?' She thought on and realised that probably it only controlled her because deep down she wanted to be controlled. Her fantasy nightmare showed she wanted it and her Mistress was giving her this gift she so deeply needed.





Friday's reality and forced sissy maid training.



Mistress Doctor Ferguson returned and said "Now I will teach you how to move the way I require you to. But first of all, when you are idle or waiting for me, you will stand with your knees together and ankles together, thats right, now look down, either at the floor just in front of you or at the centre front hem of your dress. Uh-uh, when at attention you keep your head UP, only your eyes are down, thats it, good girl. You will also keep your shoulders back at all times except when reaching forward. Good girl, you are learning fast. Now, I want you to reach down and grasp the side seams of your skirt and the petticoat beneath as well. No, not that way, grab it with your thumbs towards your back and you index finger to the front. Now keep your elbows back too and raise your pinkie finger so it points upwards at the highest angle you can get it to. Just a little more. Thats it, keep absolutely still. STAY!" Andrea stood as still as she could, time passed, she swayed a tiny bit but changed her balance to correct it. After a few minutes the doctor asked "Now how do you feel?" Andrea replied 'Mistress Doctor Ferguson, I feel like I have no freedom, my whole body is in such an awkward position that every muscle and every joint is in a position you have commanded. I am bored and tense.' "What are you thinking about?" 'I am thinking about what command you will give me next and hoping that it will be soon.' "Would you say I have your full attention?" 'Oh yes, definitely Mistress Doctor Ferguson.' "Well that tension you are feeling and the fact I have your attention is why that is called standing at attention. Just like a soldier standing waiting to be inspected or for the next order to be barked at him. It means you are so relieved when I do give you an order that you snap to it without question because it is so nice to be able to move again. If you do question an order, you are to continue to stand at attention until I have mulled over your query and then replied. How do you like that?" 'Oh Mistress Doctor Ferguson, it is so humiliating. Oh Mistress, oh, my penis is trying to get hard and it REALLY hurts Owwww.' "Think of something boring and it will pass." Andrea started to think of the soccer offside rule and her passion subsided.


"Right, now I want you to mince towards me with strides of about four inches. No, I didn't tell you to let go of your skirt. Grab it just as before. Elbows back and come towards me." Her heels clicked against the cold stone quarry tiles of the kitchen floor. "No shorter, shorter still, thats it, keep your knees together. Now stop. Turn around and walk away. KNEES TOGETHER!" Click click click went the heels. "Thats better. Stop! Now I want you to walk backwards towards me. Little steps. Yes. Stop. Turn around. Now thats the last time you are ever to turn your back on me. I will take it as disrespect, a down right insult. Now step backwards away from me, you will always leave my presence like that. Thats it. If we are outside you may turn after forty paces, indoors you will walk backwards until you reach the door. Stop. Now imagine you are at the door. Whenever you enter or leave a room I am in, or I enter or leave a room you are in you are to bob. That also applies to your Master and any guests just as much as me. First come to attention and then bend your knees at the same time as lifting the sides of your skirt, so that the your hands remains the same distance from the floor. At the same time you will bow your head too. This is very much the same as a curtsey but with a bob you pause very briefly at the bottom before reversing the movement. With a curtsey you stay down until I, my husband or a guest tell you to rise or words to that effect. If only a guest is present, you are to count in your head, one thousand, two thousand ... up to ten thousand and then rise, unless of course the guest tells you to rise before. Now bob. A little lower. No that is too low. Thats it, well done. And again. Now take three steps forward and bob and continue to walk towards me. KNEES TOGETHER! Step back and try again. Yes thats it, now step backwards and bob. Yes thats it. Now, step back to the door and bob and then turn and go just out of sight. Yes, yes, very good. Now come back. Well done, I thought you would forget to bob."


"Now I want you come up to me and curtsey. Thats it. Good girl. Try not to wobble. Wait. Wait. Rise. Well done. Now assume I have just given you an order to go away, proceed. No no no no no, you MUST curtsey when I dismiss you. Try again. Yes, oh well done, you even remembered to bob. Do you know how to make tea?" 'Yes Mistress Doctor Ferguson.' "Then follow me into the withdrawing room" Andrea followed. Her Mistress sat on a chaise longue and said "You are to go and make tea with three tea bags and come and serve it to my husband and I. This is a test and any errors will be punished."


Sissy Andrea curtsied, minced backward to the door, bobbed, turned and minced forwards to the kitchen. All the way her heels clicked, the parquet flooring seemed to amplify the sound. She reached the kitchen and the clicking became quieter but more metallic. She filled the electric kettle and turned it on. She found a tray. She took a tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, two tea cups and saucers from the dresser and put them on the tray. She searched the kitchen drawers for two tea spoons but could not find any. Then she noticed a large wooden box with a hinged top and looked inside and it was a canteen of silver cutlery, she took two tea spoons. When the kettle boiled she warmed the tea pot, then put in three tea bags as directed and made the tea. She minced back to the withdrawing room and found the door had been closed. Her hand were carrying the tray but she found a table beside the door where she rested it while she politely knocked on the door and waited. No answer. Did she knock hard enough to be heard? She was concerned the tea might get cold before it was drunk. She waited. She decided to knock louder and she was just raising her hand to knock when she heard "Enter".


She opened the door and managed to remember to bob, she picked up the tray and went into the room. It was noticeably warmer than the corridor so she put down the tray and closed the door so her Mistress would not find it draughty. Her Master was there too now, he must have closed the door. She picked up the tray once more and approached her Mistress and curtsied down. She waited and her knees were starting to feel weak. She continued to wait but remembered she was being tested so had to stick it out. Eventually her Master noticed her and said "Rise Sissy Andrea. I like what you have done with her darling, I look forward to taking her virginity." Andrea turned bright red and was so humiliated that her cock was trying to more than fill its available space. It began to hurt a lot and she thought about Newton's laws of motion to try to keep her mind away from sex. His wife looked up from the medical journal she was reading and replied "Um, oh yes, well just as long as you keep enough back to make me happy too my love." "Yes of course, she's just the starters, you are the main course." "And who is the dessert might I ask?" Andrea found Newton was not sufficient and she tried to remember the four formulae of motion under constant acceleration, V = U + AT, S = UT + 1/2 AT squared, V squared - U squared = 2AS, struggling trying to remember the fourth one did the trick and the pain stopped once more. "Hmm, well I don't know honey, that rather depends on which of you I enjoy more." The doctor chucked a cushion at him, he caught it and gently tossed it back to her.


Her Mistress motioned Andrea to put the tray on a low table between them. She bent over to put it down and heard her Mistress say "Ooo. Naughty girl, you must dip, like a bunny girl, I do not want to see your bottom again. Pick it up again and do it properly." Andrea bent her knees, being careful to keep them together, picked up the tray and stood, then bent her knees again and held her arms out at full stretch to put the tray on the table. She grabbed her skirt and stood at attention. Her Mistress said "I will let you off with a caution this time. Make sure it does not happen again." Andrea bobbed. "Good girl, you could have spoken then but a bob is sufficient to show your acquiescence and I think I prefer it. Now stand beside me while the tea brews." Andrea carefully move sideways so as not to turn her back to either of them then stood rigidly at attention, studying the front of the hem of her petticoat.


The doctor said "I think she is remarkably servile for her first day." Her husband replied "Is it natural or are you having to discipline her a lot?" The doctor looked Andrea up and down and Andrea could just see with her peripheral vision that her Mistress was trying to find some kind of fault. The doctor said "I think she is the most naturally servile person I have ever encountered in all my years as a psychiatrist. How she managed to survive in the outside world is the surprising thing, no wonder she was depressed with nobody to serve." "But you think this will cure her of her obsession?" "No! That's what she thought, I went along with it, I just want someone to do the housework." Through all this, Andrea was desperately trying to ignore the humiliating comments and trying to remember the fourth rule of motion with constant acceleration. She was failing to stop her penis from becoming engorged, it was becoming very painful and the pain brought tears to her eyes. After a while the tears began to run down her face and she could not help but make the sounds of sobbing. "Why are you crying sissy Andrea?" demanded her Mistress. 'Please Mistress Doctor Ferguson, it hurts, down below.' Her Mistress took the remote control and pressed the level one punishment button. The pulse caused the erection to cease and with it the pain. 'Oh thanks you Mistress Doctor Ferguson.' "You're welcome" said the doctor. Her husband said "I see what you mean, I think she is truly grateful for the punishment you gave her, remarkable!"


The doctor said "You may pour the tea now maid. Keep a finger on the lid of the pot as you pour." Andrea curtsied. "Rise." She got up, minced to the table and dipped down so she could reach the tray. 'Would you like sugar and milk Mistress Doctor Ferguson?' "Milk no sugar. Remember that so you don't need to ask again." 'Yes Mistress Doctor Ferguson.' She placed the index finger of her left hand on the knob of the lid of the teapot and poured one cup out, added the milk, put down the teapot, took the cup and struggled to rise. After such a period crouching, her legs were almost exhausted. She wobbled a bit but managed not to spill the tea into the saucer. She minced to stand in front of her Mistress and crouched again, offering the tea at full stretch of her arms. Her Mistress took it and began to drink.


Andrea repeated the whole exercise for her Master but this time it was milk and one sugar. She returned to her place, standing at attention her Mistress' side. She knew her place now, physically and metaphorically. As she stood with her eyes glued to the hem of her petticoat she began to hope this would last forever, planning all the little things she would do for her owners and then wondered, is this love? It certainly wasn't lust but in her limited experience she had never felt like this, could it really be love has come knocking on her door after she had given up all hope?


Her Mistress held out her cup and Andrea dipped down to take it. She took it to the tray and then took her Masters cup when he proffered it. "Now you may go to the kitchen and have ONE cup yourself from the pot, then wash up." 'Oh thank you very much Mistress Doctor Ferguson, you are very kind, thank you.' She curtsied. "Rise." She got up, minced to the table, picked up the tray, minced backwards to the door, turned an put the tray down and opened the door, bobbed, picked up the tray, turned around, bobbed again for good measure and stepped backwards through the door, bobbed a third time and put the tray down and closed the door. She heard laughter from within the room and she knew they were laughing at her three bobs. She felt the summon signal in her private parts and reopened the door, bobbed, and minced to her owners and curtsied. Still with laughter in her voice, her Mistress said "We have decided you will do that every time, and that henceforth you will be Sissy Bobs. Now return to your duties." Sissy Bobs curtsied and said 'Thank you Mistress Doctor Ferguson for my lovely new name. Thank you Master Mister Ferguson too, it is a very fitting name for me, thank you.' "Rise", she rose, minced backward to the door, bobbed, turned, turned back and bobbed again. "When you are empty handed, you only need to bob twice, once inside and once outside the door Sissy Bobs" said her Mistress. She stepped back through the door, bobbed again and closed the door, picked up the tray and clicked her way to the kitchen.


To save washing up she used her Mistress' cup and poured out one cup of tea with milk but no sugar. She drank it though it was almost cold now and was grateful for it. She did the washing and drying up, holding every item up at the right at to the light so that it would catch the specular reflection so she could be sure it was spotless. She put everything away and stood awaiting further orders. Her Mistress entered the kitchen and Sissy Bobs remembered to bob. The doctor had her turn around, unzipped her uniform and tightened the laces of her corset. This took a further half an inch off her waist. After zipping up again, the crockery was inspected and found to be "Adequate."


Mistress asked "What are the three main courses you are most competent at making?" 'Cottage pie, sirloin steak and chips and sausage and chips Mistress Doctor Ferguson.' "And three desserts?" 'Pear halves in jelly, rhubarb crumble and my own variant of baked Alaska' "Well for tonights meal, jelly will take too long, and I don't have any sirloin in. Keep it simple for today, your Master does like sausage and chips, not that he gets it very often. Oh, we have some blackberry and apple pie from yesterday, you can put that in the microwave can't you." 'Yes Mistress Doctor Ferguson.' "Aim to serve dinner in 40 minutes, is that clear?" 'Yes Mistress Doctor Ferguson.' said Sissy Bobs as she curtsied. "Rise."


She left and Sissy Bobs remembered to bob when she left. The maid got on with making dinner, she turned on the grille and the deep fat fryer and checked the level of the sunflower oil. She found the sausages and baking potatoes. She got out the crockery and cutlery required for the dining room and took them up to the dining room along with the salt and pepper pots. She laid the table. She found a pyrex casserole dish to microwave the blackberry and apple pie in, and put it (and the pie) in the microwave ready to turn on later. She grilled the sausages and while they were cooking she peeled two baking potatoes and cut them lengthways into long chips and put them in the deep fat fryer. The sausages were frozen but cooked very slightly too quickly. Twelve minutes before the 40 minutes were up she lowered the chips into the sunflower oil. When the sausages were brown she turned the grille down to just keep the warm. She got kitchen towel ready to blot the excess sunflower oil off the chips. She put tomato sauce and brown sauce in the smallest dishes available, and put them with tea spoons on the tray and took them up to the dining room. Two minutes before the 40 minutes were up she went upstairs to the withdrawing room, opened the door, bobbed, entered, full curtsied and in her most feminine voice announced 'Dinner is served Mistress Doctor Ferguson and Master Mister Ferguson'. She bobbed, went back through the door, bobbed again and minced to the dining room. When her employers entered the room she bobbed again and pulled back her Mistress' chair. She pushed it under her as she sat. Her Master was by now seated and she curtsied, minced back to the doorway, bobbed, withdrew, bobbed and minced to the kitchen. She took the chips from the fryer, blotted them, put them in a serving bowl, took the sausages and put them in another serving bowl. She put both on a tray and minced up to the dining room. She removed the cover from the chip serving bowl and allowed her Mistress to take what she wanted then did the same for her Master. Then the sausages. Her Mistress said "No wine Sissy Bobs?" 'Oh I am sor…' "I was only joking, with such an informal dinner we don't need wine." 'Thank you Mistress Doctor Ferguson.' She minced back a little way and stood at attention. She thought boring thoughts so that her humiliating pose and status would not make her penis try to become erect causing her pain.


When they had placed their knives and forks to show they had finished, she cleared away, mincing and curtseying where she thought appropriate. She went back to the kitchen and set the timer on the microwave for 50 seconds and turned it on. she put cream in a cream jug and put it and two bowls on the tray and when the microwave finished she put the casserole dish on the tray too. She minced back to the dining room, bobbing twice, approaching the table, curtseying to each of them as she gave them their bowl and offering the pie and cream jug. She stood back at attention and thought boring thoughts. When she had finished she cleared away and as she was leaving her Mistress said "You can have the leftovers now Sissy Bobs." She minced back to the kitchen and eat the one remaining sausage and four chips. There was no pie but she drank the dregs of the cream jug and ran her finger around the dishes to get just a little taste of the blackberry and apple pie she desired so much. She washed and dried up, polishing everything to a shine and put them all away.


When she had finished she went back to the withdrawing room and reported that she was ready for her next task. Her Mistress said "Take this envelope, it contains written instructions for tomorrow, you will get an 'alarm call' at 5am and it will continue until you are upright. Then you must then open the envelope and follow your orders unless summoned. Now you are to go and strip and put on a blue baby doll nightdress and stand by your Master's bed and await your fate." She went did as directed and stood shivering, partly in trepidation and partly because she was cold as the baby doll left her quite exposed. She waited patiently at attention but became aroused and she decided to try to see if she could masturbate, she pushed the forefinger of her right hand into her vagina and could just touch the front of her glans but all of a sudden she received a level three zap. It was thoroughly unpleasant and above her pain barrier. She withdrew her finger. She thought there was nobody there to zap her. Was she being watched? She looked around, saw no people or cameras, she put her finger back in and receive the exact same zap at the same point. She soon determined that anything placed into her prosthetic vagina was detected and caused her to be zapped. She gave up in frustration.


She stood at attention for over half an hour, like a naughty schoolgirl sent into the corner. At last, the door opened and in came her Master he pressed a button on his remote control and said "I have just turned you on." but nothing seemed to happen. He lifted her and to her astonishment, he threw her over the stainless steel bedstead's foot and onto the bed. She was amazed at his strength and was shocked. Before she could collect her thoughts he had leapt on top of her, winding her as he landed on her chest. She gasped for breath as he unbuttoned his fly with his right hand as he yanked on the hem of the baby doll nightdress, exposing her prosthetic vagina and the accurately moulded flaps of skin around it. She was concerned that she was about to be zapped as his penis entered her, for that what she now considered the prosthesis, it was part of her now and defined her as female. To her utter astonishment, as his penis rubbed against the front of her glans, the arousal inducer built into the Dream Lover 2000 turned itself on instead of the receiving a level 3 zap. Now she understood what "being turned on" meant. Apart from his bodyweight pressing down on her, this was REALLY nice. He pumped away at her, increasing in speed and length of thrust and she blissfully lay back and enjoyed every minute, eventually they both came at the same time as ecstasy washed over her. 'Masturation was never as good as that' she thought. He rolled off her and began to snore. She lay there feeling like a stuffed rag doll, unable to move by her own muscles, and wanting him to do it all again. 'Please. Oh why haven't I got rid of my virginity before, this is the best thing ever, please do it again' she thought to herself.


She lay there and the feeling, almost of pins and needles, gradually subsided. She too drifted off to sleep. She was awoken by her Mistress climbing into bed and onto her husband. He had stopped snoring and began to rub her nipples and breasts as she began to ride up and down his now once again rigid shaft. She said "Watch what I am doing Sissy Bobs, I want you to do the same later." The maid carefully studied the technique. It was quite humiliating lying watching two people make love next to you but studying the method took her mind off the humiliation. It looked like they both had a monumental orgasm and he went back to sleep but she moved across to Sissy Bobs and positioned her pussy over the maid's mouth and demanded she licked her to another orgasm. Sissy Bobs did not really know what to do but she applied what she had learned from the factual and fictional books and web sites she had read and managed to get her Mistress to orgasm once more. That was not very nice but she was pleased to be allowed to perform such a personal service for her Mistress.


Her Mistress went to a drawer and fetched a small strap-on she got Sissy Bobs to turn over and she initially stretched the maid's anus just a little, then moved up to a medium size dildo and stretched her some more before moving on to a very long quite thick one. At each stage Sissy Bobs was in pain, not agony but significant pain. Her Mistress assured her that from tomorrow onwards it would hurt a lot less. The longest one finally reached Sissy Bob's prostate and milked some semen from her. She felt exhausted but her Master had woken up now and insisted on having a blow job while his wife was still milking her. Sissy Bob did her best but kept gagging. Fortunately he had very little semen left otherwise she might have drowned when he ejaculated into her windpipe. She coughed for quite sometime after that. By the time she had recovered a little more but not enough to take the active role, she had to ride his penis just as she had watched her Mistress do earlier. As she was busy doing this her Mistress kneeled astride her husband and forced her largest dildo down Sissy Bobs' throat. Naturally it did not ejaculate but the gagging was extremely bad. By now Sissy Bobs was fully occupied with her fake fanny around her Master's cock and hardly thought about what was going on is her throat. Her Mistress got bored with that and took off the strap on and stood astride her husband's chest and got Sissy Bobs to once again probe her pussy with her tongue. They almost managed to synchronise their orgasms, but only missed by about ten seconds.


Sissy Bobs was pushed out of bed and told to sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed. About half an hour later she was summoned and had to lick up some semen and change the bedding because the dampness made it uncomfortable to sleep in. She finally got to sleep again.





To be continued.

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