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Please note this is fantasy. The characters are not real people nor have the events happened.


I have been Mistress' part time maid for nearly a year now and she has told me to keep this log of how my service to her develops for possible publication at some future time. We first met before the recession when I was earning good money but was totally in the closet with my cross dressing and my fantasy of being a maid. I found her internet web site with pictures and videos of her doing maid training. She was a Professional Mistress and was not too far away but far enough so I was unlikely to bump into anyone I knew when I attended. At our first meeting I fell in love with her gorgeous mind. She was an enigma but little by little over many sessions she let me into her life as I fell deeper and deeper under her spell.


Nearly a year ago my business failed. I began to live on my investments but I could no longer afford to pay for her services. She very kindly allowed me to clean her house one day a week for free. Gradually she began to find more things for me to do and I found myself spending more days in her service. Part of me said I should be trying to further my career but I loved her so much I could not say no to whatever she demanded that I did.


I had read about the Dream Lover 2000 back when I had money and suggested I buy one but Mistress said I should not waste so much money on such an expensive "toy". I very nearly bought one when they became available but I obeyed my Mistress. Gradually I tried to explain to her the benefits of the device but she was implacable.


Now it seems that I have talked her into it by describing the implications of the "neuro-plasticity" effect that it claims to have on its wearer and how it almost insidiously can be used to modify behaviour by instant negative feedback to the psyche for wrong behaviour and positive reinforcement of good behaviour. I am of course a little afraid of what I am about to get myself into. After many painful corrections by more traditional means I hope that in future I will not have to consciously endeavour to be good to avoid the beatings that I received several hours after giving offence.


Mistress placed orders for the device and some other things she is keeping secret. She tells me she has a few nice surprises for me, though she did not say if they were nice for her or nice for me. I continue to serve her part time and wait with some trepidation the day when I am to become her 24/7 maid.


The day has finally arrived. I have been instructed to sign my name several times on a sheet of paper on a graphic tablet so that she can reproduce my signature at will using an old fashioned pen plotter linked to her computer. I am puzzling over what this means exactly but she did not really give me the time to think about it. It is done and my pen strokes have been recorded by her computer which is locked away beyond my reach. There is little point me wrecking the graphic tablet, it has already sent the information up it cable which runs under a locked door into Mistress' computer.


Mistress' next surprise was that rather than the plastic "trapped ball" chastity device I was expecting, I have to wear a full stainless steel chastity belt. Given sufficient time and the right tools I could probably remove it if the need arose but I would have to destroy it in the process. I would not want to do that. I wish to be a good maid to my Mistress and donned the belt which has the DreamLover attached and I cannot tamper with it without removing the belt. I have been told to recharge the batteries using a mains adaptor every night while I sleep. It plugs into the belt with a little plug like I was a mobile phone or a kids toy. The belt even has a latex over cover at the front with female genitalia.


Note added by Mistress: The biggest surprise I gave my poor unsuspecting maid was when I gave her an injection. The drug gave her permanent amnesia. A second injection made her more susceptible to hypnosis and by post hypnotic suggestion I made her unable to see her chastity belt or my remote control and she now believes she was born female. Furthermore when she looks at herself naked she will see a female body. The amnesia has even removed her ability to speak and understand speech and her training to read and write. I will retrain her to understand my commands but not to speak, also to write this log but not to be able to read it so she will never understand what I have written here nor what she has written. This is a brand new start for her like a newborn baby girl. I will protect and support her for the rest of her life and she will serve me faithfully because she will know no other existence and technology allows me to program her mind so she will be satisfied in serving me and I hope find happiness and joy in doing so.


My Mistress has told me to write down here that some months have passed and I can now understand simple commands and that I will now continue this log as I can now type though I cannot write or speak.


Every day I take tablets which Mistress says are vitamins and will make me stronger so my breasts will grow bigger. I do exercises to grow the muscles under my breasts too to make them even bigger. I think Mistress likes to see my breasts and show them to her friends. I now wear uniforms with a low neckline to show them off, pink in the mornings and black from lunch onwards. They have wide petticoats and short skirts so the tops of my fishnet stockings can be seen and my suspenders. The corsets I wear make me a little sore but without them I cannot get my uniforms on. Mistress says I have to suffer for beauty. The same thing applies to my shoes which have very very long stiletto heels which push me so far forward that I have to keep my knees a little bent otherwise I would fall on my face. Mistress says it makes me look more subservient and cute and it certainly makes me feel that way. When she is behind me the slightest touch on my back makes me start to fall forwards so that I have to step forwards quickly to regain my balance. I think if she blew on me hard it would have the same effect.


Of course Mistress only stands behind me while she is inspecting me, I am not allowed to turn my back on her and so have to walk backwards from her presence. Naturally I curtsey first to say I have understood her instructions and await permission to rise and after walking backward, I bob at the doorway before leaving her presence. When I come back I bob again, take tiny steps forward (which is all I can manage because of my heels) and curtsey and await for her to notice my presence and to tell me to rise. My knees hurt a lot if she is busy and does not notice me, but I am a maid and pain is to be expected my Mistress says.


If I do not understand my instructions I kneel and Mistress explains in more detail what I am to do. I feel bad when this happens because I have let Mistress down by not listening carefully enough. Of course I never do anything I have not been told to do. I even have to curtsey and point at my botty or mouth or tummy when I wish to got to the toilet or drink or eat. Mistress never gives me a lot to eat though, she says she wishes me to get thinner and I am often a little hungry.


It is strange that I cannot remember how I became a maid but I do enjoy it despite the nagging pains. A few times I have felt like I do not wish to serve Mistress any more but she sort of taps the palm of her hand with her fingers of her other hand and it is weird, but I suddenly feel I have let her down in feeling disobedient. I do so love her and when I mess up she makes the same motion and I feel so awful about my error. Very occasionally I please her greatly and she again makes that motion and I feel so wonderful it is like I am going to burst open and joy will gush out of me and strangely I wet my panties with slime.


Some time has passed and my corset was getting comfortable but Mistress has bought a new one for me and laced me so tight that my waist is tiny and the contrast with my bulging chest and my petticoated hips is really nice. Mistress says I look gorgeous. I am so glad that she is pleased with my appearance, it makes all the pain worthwhile. I am so happy to give her pleasure.


Another way I give her pleasure is that she likes to beat me. At first I hated it but now I look forwards to bending over for her to use her riding crop on my bare bottom. I really like being put over her knee and spanked but am still not keen when she uses the thin cane. She says I am ungrateful and should enjoy it because she does. Maybe in time I will do. It is just as well I am never allowed to sit down because it would be very painful. Mistress is kind and never tells me to sit, and allows me to lay on my side when I go to sleep on the floor beside her bed, ready to serve her if she wants anything in the night.


Possibly to be further continued by adding little details.

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