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Welly NZ, Master seeks you
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Innocent fun. Not.


Chapter 6.


When he had finished with me he released my spreader bar and chained my ankles back together. He told me to go and make him lunch. I curtsied and minced backwards to the door and bobbed. Outside I pulled up my panties from where he had put them to bugger me, just below my anus. Naturally I could not reach the back of them but tugging at the sides did the trick. They were now heavily stained and absorbed even more of his semen after I pulled them up but I felt slightly more like a good girl wearing them than if I ripped them off which would make me feel more like a tart with no knickers. Changing them was not an option because of my ankle chain.


I washed my hands and prepared his lunch. I served it as before and stood at attention awaiting further orders. My penis was again trying to become erect because of the humiliation. Naturally it failed. My mouth had dried up and hunger was giving my head and stomach agony but his gag in my mouth made eating beyond my abilities. When he had finished he placed my cheque book on the table and told me to sign ten blank cheques and that if I did so he would allow me to eat. It took me a few seconds for my befuddled brain to realise that I really had no option, I was desperate for food already and time was on his side, he would just make me more and more hungry until I signed. I did think of not doing it properly but he knew my signature, and I saw he had an old letter from me on the table so he could check I had done it right. I obeyed. Blind obedience was becoming second nature to me now.


He placed four other documents on the table and told me not to read them, just sign them. I obeyed instantly this time like an unthinking robot. He said "Good Girl!" He removed my ball gag and told me to go and select some food to eat but told me to keep the total to less than 200 calories and to write the items and calories on the board. I said 'Thank you very much Master', curtsied, minced backwards and bobbed at the door. The choice of food was very difficult but my hunger made me rush it rather and looking back my choice was rather silly. I gobbled them down like a hungry rat and took the empty packages and wrote their descriptions and calorific values on the board. I was still hungry but a little less so. I drunk as much water as my tight corset would allow.


I returned to him for further orders and he fitted me with a leather combined blindfold and gag. He said I had done well listing my assets and user IDs and passwords and that he was liquidating my assets and that the house we were in would go on the market in a few days now it and its contents had been so thoroughly cleaned by me. He would keep a few of my personal possessions for his own use but most would be disposed of by a house clearance expert.


He stood up, took the end of my leash and lead me through to the attached garage. It seems there was a van in there. He put me in the back and padlocked my leash to a hold down point for strapping the cargo to. He told me to hang on and he drove me away from my lovely home. He did not tell me I would never see it again, I would not even treat a dog like that. I was loaded onto the van like a vacuum cleaner or some other domestic appliance, not even allowed one last look at my old home. I was indeed now just a domestic appliance to him, his property with which to do as he liked and dispose of if he wished like any other chattel. The only difference was that I was voice activated and doubled up as a sex toy.


He took me to his other home and removed my blindfold and gag but put the old gag back in. He instructed me to clean his home and its contents too, and do it as well as I had done his other home the night before. I curtsied, he told me to rise. I began to obey and bobbed as he left. I was very tired but had little option but to obey. I discovered that here too I was locked out of everything by parental controls but I did find a little kids TV channel I could watch though it was about as entertaining as watching paint dry. I watched it as I was cleaning a table and fell asleep kneeling on the floor with my face and chest on the table.


I was awoken by the agony of my Master beating my bottom with a thin cane. I started to move but he said "STAY!" so I did. He pulled down my panties. The television was still on the same channel and a song was being sung. At the beginning of each bar he gave me another stroke of the cane until the song ended. "That'll teach you not to watch TV in MY time and fall asleep won't it!" I nodded my head. My bottom was throbbing. He said "Stay there, you are bleeding" so I did. I did whatever he said without thinking about it at all, like a robot. He came back with tissue and applied pressure to each of my wounds in turn until the blood stopped flowing.


He instructed me to stand up and pull up my knickers, I did so and stood at attention with my skirt fanned out by my hands with my little finger pointing up as far as I could get it. He told me that he had just fired his office cleaners and in future I would be doing the job as it would save him money. I nodded as much as my posture collar would allow. He said "BAD GIRL dessert. When you are standing and wish to say yes, you should bob." I bobbed and lifted my hands at the same time so my skirt remained at the same height. "Thats better. If you want to say no you should bob twice, now don't you forget that will you." I bobbed twice. "Good girl. Oh and that applies just as much when you are not gagged but you should say 'Yes Master' or 'No Master' as you bob." I bobbed.


I then had to make and serve his dinner. I was dessert and he told me to deep throat him again. I was sent to bed in a tiny box room without being fed, as a punishment for falling asleep when I had duties to perform. I was not allowed to undress at all. He did let me drink some water though. I had nightmares but awoke to the alarm clock and the realisation that they were memories not nightmares.


It was 5am and I had to hurry to do a long list of chores before preparing and serving my Master his breakfast in bed. I stood at attention as he eat it and he had me very slowly turn so he could inspect me fully. He said I smelled awful and my seams were not straight and my stocking tops were not level.


I turned on the shower for him and told him when the temperature felt right to me. He put a blindfold on me and he undressed and took my leash and lead me to the shower room. He began to shower and then I had to clean his back where he could not reach himself. All by touch as I was blindfolded. This did seem odd as I had his penis in my mouth and down my throat. He splashed me and he seemed to like the way I reacted and he splashed me several more times, I think deliberately to see my girly movements. He removed my gag and pulled me into the shower and made me suck his willy. In and out time after time, sliding deeply into me and all the time I was getting soaked. Eventually he came, then he tethered me kneeling on the knobbly anti slip shower tray which was quite painful. He left the shower but played with the temperature control and watched as I writhed in the alternately boiling and freezing water. I almost screamed and begged him to stop.


Eventually he turned off the shower and dried himself and began to dress. He laughed at me as I knelt shivering in my drenched uniform and wig. Even the toes of my shoes were full of water. He told me not to shake myself like a bitch and get him wet, then released my leash and pulled me up and out of the shower. He removed my blindfold and removed all my bonds except my leash and chastity belt, then my wig, clothes and shoes. He stood there fully clothed laughing again at his almost naked plaything. I made the mistake of looking him in the eye for a moment and he tugged on my leash, it felt like he almost pulled my nose off my face. He said "For that you can stand there shivering for a while longer." I curtsied and stayed down awaiting permission to rise which never came. Soon I was trembling with muscle fatigue as well as shivering with cold. After a couple of minutes he handed me his already wet towel and told me to dry myself, which of course I did and I took a chance that maybe he implied I could rise. He did not reprimand me for getting up anyway. But I was half expecting him to say "Did I tell you to rise?" at any moment.


He tethered me to the basin while he went away and came back with my spare identical uniform and accessories. He even brought my makeup. He told me to get ready for work and to wipe my bonds dry. I used the basin taps to tighten my corset laces and found the corset closed much easier than before. Because of my tether, I could not pull my dress over my head so I stepped into it instead and pulled my petticoat up under it. When I had finished I stood awaiting his return.


I bobbed when he came back and he replaced all my bonds except the blindfold and gag. I cooperated in this, not wanting my leash yanked again. He weighed me and smiled and said I should go and have my fill of breakfast cereal and milk but no sugar. He handed me the end of my leash and I curtsied and bobbed and went and did as directed, eating until my corset made its presence felt. I noted roughly the calories I had consumed on the board. He gave me my filthy tooth brush and laughed as I cleaned my teeth with it and tried not to be sick. He gagged me once more and told me to do the laundry and finish cleaning the house and its contents while he was at work. I curtsied and stayed down until I heard the door close behind him.

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