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Innocent Fun. Not.




Chapter 5.





I found he had topped up my supplies of meat and other things his body would need to replace the semen he was squirting into me so frequently. There were also slimming products, presumably for me. The latter were all marked with the calories in them and there was a whiteboard for me to record my consumption but nothing to erase the board with. I presumed he would wipe it periodically. I wiped away my drool then prepared what he had instructed me to and took it through to the living room, he was awake and he devoured the meal like a hungry bear. I followed the correct etiquette with no slips and stood rigidly at attention while he ate. I would have tested the food during preparation but he had the ball gag in my mouth making it impossible. I could not stop salivating and I drooled but I had brought some kitchen towel with me and wiped it away. He noticed and said "I see you are drooling, I don't suppose you can stop can you?" I shook my head. "Well then continue bringing tissue with you to wipe it away when wearing a gag." I nodded. "But back to attention the moment you have wiped." I nodded.
After lunch he told me to clean "HIS home". There was no mention of any lunch for me and he kept my ball gag in.  I cleaned up all the bodily fluids and changed the pillow case and washed the dirty one. I was very hungry, my head ached even more, and I felt hot all over and then realised my body had switched from carbohydrate to running on stored fat. All part of his master plan for me. My hunger passed, only to return later, my head ached so much I could barely think, but then he had said that would happen, I was becoming more submissive by the minute. All I could do was obey and hope he might eventually reward me with food.
He had told me to clean his home, so I did, starting at the top. I wiped away the cobwebs on all the ceilings and walls and dusted all the rooms, thoroughly cleaned the bathroom and kitchen then hoovered all the carpets and mopped the other floors. It was not a large place, I could not afford nor did I need a large home. It was nearly evening by the time I finished. I knocked and waited for him to speak. He kept me waiting about four minutes, standing at attention outside what had been my own living room, not sure if I should knock again. "Come" he said at last, I opened the door and bobbed, minced to him and curtsied down in the prescribed fashion. "Have you completed your task?" Still at the curtsey I nodded my head. "Right" he took hold of my leash and pulled me up and I followed him to the door. He took my piece of kitchen towel and wiped the TOP of the door. It was black with dirt, he held it in front of my face as he pulled my chain upwards, not being a bird I just had to take the pain. Is that clean? I shook my head. "No dinner for you tonight. Now go and do it PROPERLY. I was going to get you to make me a nice big meal and let you have the leftovers but naughty maids do not get leftovers DO THEY?" I shook my head. "I will go out for a meal and will sleep at my other home. You will work ALL NIGHT AND INTO THE MORNING if you have to. You will scrub every square inch of floor, including under the carpets, you will use your toothbrush to get in every nook and cranny where I might find dirt, including all the ornaments and the joints in the furniture, I expect every item of crockery and cutlery to be freshly washed, the oven to be clean INSIDE AND OUT, every surface to be clean INCLUDING the ones you cant see, every item in every cupboard and drawer to be clean and the fridge and freezer contents too. If this place is not ABSOLUTELY SPOTLESS when I come back then I will beat you so badly you will plead for death. UNDERSTAND?" I nodded then curtsied and waited to be told to rise. He dropped my leash from above my head, I tried to catch it but failed so the pain took my attention as he stormed out of the house and I heard him deadlock the front door behind him.
I began to sob, not for the labours in front of me, no it was because I had not pleased my Master. That was more important to me now than anything. Not only had I angered him but now he had withdrawn his presence so there was no possibility of pleasing him. That made me very sad. I set to with a will and followed his orders to the letter. I regretted having to use my own toothbrush, I had others but I had to follow orders. I became very weary, ultra hungry and thirsty. In my childhood my father had shown me how to sniff salt water up my nose  to relieve a common cold. I did that now with plain water as I could not drink through my mouth. I coughed a lot and sneezed some across the kitchen and had to clear that up. I could not continue and thought I would rest for just a few moments on the sofa and watch some TV for a while.
I turned on the TV and up came more parental controls, I was totally locked out apart from stuff for the under threes, and after 9pm there was nothing on there. I could not even watch DVDs. I found all my audio equipment had been removed so I could not listen to the radio or recorded music. My games equipment had gone, even my chess set and board games! There was no entertainment for me, I could not play with anything, not even my dick. I looked for my books, they had gone too as had all the old newspapers and my cache of nice pictures of girls in nice dresses and some of men cross dressed.
I relaxed for a little while, then realised I was starting to doze off. That would not do. I woke myself up and restarted my assigned chores, maybe they would keep me awake until I had completed them. I was still beavering away at dawn, could I ever finish in time? What time? My Master had not said when he would return. By 9am the bulk was done but I kept thinking of other things he might check up on, almost irrelevant things but then the first thing he had gone to, the top of a door, that was irrelevant, who would ever see that? I was exhausted but had to work on. My brain was working slowly but I realised it was Monday morning. If my Master did not come soon, the postman would be dropping my keys through the letter box and I would regain my FREEDOM!!!! Suddenly I also realised that freedom was good, slavery was bad, yes I now loved, well maybe loved is too strong a word, but I respected, admired, and would obey my Master for as long as I was at his mercy but the thought of the possibility of freedom was wonderful.
I continued to work away lest he turn up at any moment but my hopes of freedom grew as the minutes ticked by. Ten am came and went and I was becoming excited and at the same time disappointed that my slavery would soon be over. I heard the postman, the clock read 10:38. I heard him go back down the path and close the gate but I did not hear the expected parcel drop though the letter box. I checked, nothing! Oh no, has it got lost in the post? Did I not address it properly? Has it been delayed? Come what may, my hopes were cruelly dashed. Is it possible the postman will find it at the bottom of his bag and come back? No, he will keep it for tomorrow.
I continued in my labours, my whole body hurt and longed for sleep. My toothbrush was now filthy, maybe if I sterilised it in bleach it might be useable again. My knees ached from hours on them scrubbing. My bottom was of course still ultra tender and the bonds above my elbows had almost chaffed though my sleeves as I had tried to reach the floor with my hands and had to resort to scrubbing to my side with only one hand. I could go on but will save you from a ten page essay on pain.
I heard a key in the door and my heart sank, the postman had not come back, even if Master stayed out again, I would have to wait until tomorrow. The clock read 12:13. My Master came in and I fully prostrated myself before him. "Get up. Laying at my feet is a privilege you have not earned yet." I struggled back to my feet using the furniture to help me. "Fetch the long spreader bar." I curtsied and waited. "Rise." I minced back and bobbed at the door. I returned with the bar, curtsied and as I did so presented it across my upturned palms. I expected to be beaten again. "Rise." I stood at attention, he squatted down and I heard my ankle chain being removed. I could not understand this. "Spread your legs." I did so. He attached the spreader bar between my ankles and stood up. He took my chin in his hand and lifted it and I did as I expected he wanted, looked him in the eye. The look of astonishment was still on my face "I see you are surprised." I nodded. "I taped a notice to the outside of the letter flap saying 'temporarily out of use, please put any mail in the box' I had put a box out of sight and more importantly out of your reach at the foot of the wall outside.
I just picked up your little parcel of freedom and unwrapped it, making it into a parcel of bondage and slavery in doing so. Now you are 100% my personal property for the rest of your life. If I should die, you will not be far behind. If you should poison me there will be no escape for you, you will run out of food very quickly and will die a long lingering death of starvation. On the other hand, if you are a good little girl, life will not be too bad, bearable anyway. I will make you a one time only offer right now. Life or death? Which is it to be? A quick death now or a life being my property, of obedience and servitude as my sexy sissy maid? Which is it to be? You have 30 seconds to make up your mind." Thoughts went through my head but a decision eluded me. I just nodded. It could have meant either but he interpreted it as life. Maybe he had intended it to be 'heads I win, tails you lose'. He hugged me. "Good girl, we will have some fun along the way, you will sometimes regret it but at the end of your days you will look back with the knowledge you made the right choice and the satisfaction of having been of great service to me. You will learn to live your life through me and find fulfilment in my good times and work even harder to keep my spirits up when things do not go so well."
He took my leash and lead me to the bedroom in the awkward steps which the spreader bar made necessary. He took me once more but this time with unrestricted access to my bottom now my ankles were far apart. I knew then that the temporary insanity of wanting freedom was at an end, I wanted to be his, for all time, and wished only to do my very best to please him. He said "Don't worry about my inspection, I am sure you have cleaned everything you could possibly do. Me inspecting anything is pointless. I trust you just as you trust me." I thought, trust or no trust I have to do the same, trust does not come into it, you are my Master, I am merely your chattel, though it was good that he trusted me.
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