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Innocent Fun. Not.
Chapter 4.
It seemed like hours that I lay tightly hog tied like a chicken trussed ready for the oven, well my head was more like a pigs head with an apple in its mouth. I once more heard a key in the front door, but now I knew it was my Master's key and I felt glad he was coming, not the terror I felt last time. He came and sat in the arm chair, legs akimbo as befits a real man, he needs space for his wonderful manhood to stretch, and as he looked at me helpless and totally at his mercy, I could see it growing in his crutch and I felt my pathetic little excuse for one try to do likewise inside its tiny prison cell, the pain of when it found it had insufficient space making me even more submissive. "What are you looking at?" I was still gagged and unable to reply. "Do you want some?" What I wanted was irrelevant, if it would please him to think that I did then so be it. I nodded my head.
He put a stool next to the sofa and pulled me onto it so my head dangled over the edge. He went and got a new gag, it was not a ball gag this time but a type which would hold my jaws apart. He removed my ball gag and I just about had time to say 'Good...' before he slipped in the new one and I continued 'a-eroo ar-er' rather than what I intended to say which was 'Good afternoon Master.' "Whats that?" 'oo a-eroo ar-er' "I can't understand what you are saying so you might as well be silent." He undid his flies and took out his penis, I had not seen it before and I was suddenly rather scared by its size and the thought of how far down my throat it was going to reach and how I might be unable to breathe. 'o o o' I said as I shook my head and tried to say no no no. I imagined what would happened when I retched and vomited, how I might drown in my own vomit, or in his semen for that matter, if he ejaculated into my lungs. My terror must have shown in my face. He comforted me with with his hands and said "Don't worry, you will be alright, I have not killed anyone yet with my dick." I thought, well there is a first time for everything.
My posture collar was narrower at the back, which allowed him to push my head back. He placed the tip of his penis in my mouth and said "Lick, your saliva will lubricate it and make it easier on you." I salivated as much as I could and licked away furiously. Gradually he eased himself into my mouth and I licked further up his shaft. It was massive already and it grew as I licked it. "Later we can dispense with the gag but you don't want to bite me in your passion and make me angry do you? Your first time is bound to be a bit difficult for you. Of course knowing you are so frightened increases my pleasure so for me this is about the best it gets." He wrapped his hands around my head and placed his thumbs over my eyes, giving him total control.
He probed deeper into me and I began to retch. I felt I was going to vomit but nothing happened. "Don't stop licking." I obeyed. His member grew in length and girth and now I knew just how pathetic what was between my legs was in comparison. I had read about such things but really thought it was exaggeration. I never looked at other men on the rare occasion I used a urinal for fear of how they might react if they saw me looking. As he thrust his penis into me I found I could breathe just enough to keep me alive, but I was being starved of oxygen and that was making me want to ejaculate. His penis reached my oesophagus and I tried to swallow it. "Oh yes dessert, swallow, theres a good girl, that feels so good. You have such a small throat, nobody has managed to deep throat me like that before." I was not trying to deep throat him, just trying to survive but if he liked it then fine.
He ejaculated when at his deepest into me, so it went straight into my oesophagus and I only had to swallow the little bit which he dragged up into my mouth when he withdrew. He got back into his armchair and dozed, leaving my head dangling over the edge of the stool unsupported, the muscles at the back of my neck were quite painful but not nearly as bad as the continuing agony in my legs and the throbbing of my bottom. Neither time he had taken me had I got any sexual pleasure at all.
When he awoke he removed my gag at last. He said "You little slut liar, you must have done that before, I have heard it takes a lot of practice to learn to deep throat. I cannot believe you could do it first time." I replied 'You may think whatever you wish.' "Admit it, you are not the virgin you claimed to be." 'That would be lying Master and I cannot lie to you.' "So you are still saying that was your first time." 'Yes Master.' "So how do you explain deep throating me?" 'I had no choice Master, I did what I did to survive, I did not know that was what it was called, but if it gave you pleasure then I am glad to have been of service and will try to do the same in future for your pleasure.' "Hmm. By the way, I had not planned to hog tie you but you looked so inviting laying on the sofa in almost the right position already, I could not resist."
"I have been reading up on how to get the maximum out of sissy maids." 'Yes Master?' "By keeping you in chastity, all your sexual energy goes into serving me." 'Yes Master.' "But if your semen gets stagnant then there is a risk of cancer and we don't want that do we?" 'No Master.' "So from time to time I will drain your seminal fluid without you getting an orgasm, no pleasure for you my girl, it decreases your dedication to me." 'Yes Master.' "Restriction of your calorie intake makes your mind more malleable, but must be balanced against the calories you expend in my service." 'Yes Master.' "I have set a target weight, it will keep your body mass index a little below the healthy category, so you become and will remain underweight." 'Yes Master.' "You will get down to your target weight in six months, I will weigh you and draw a straight line graph of what you must weigh in those six months, if you weigh less, then I might allow you more food, if you weigh more then I will reduce your rations." 'Yes Master.' "After six months the same will apply but with your target weight as the, well, the target." 'Yes Master.'
"Any questions?" 'Yes Master, what is my target weight?' "You are 5'7 tall and the border between healthy and underweight is 53kg, about 8 Stone 5, so I have reduced that down to 90% to keep you firmly in the underweight category so your body will put the available energy into your muscles and keep your brain a little short so you will not be able to think properly. Nobody wants a clever maid, just an obedient one who cannot think about escape or being naughty. It will help with your chastity too. So your target weight is 47.7kg, about 7 stone 7 lbs." 'Oh Master!' "You think I am cruel?" 'I weigh almost double that now Master.' "Yes you are overweight, letting you continue like that would risk your health and THAT would be cruel!" I detected anger in his voice. 'Yes Master, anything you say Master.' I said respectfully, trying to reduce his anger in case he beat me more. I could put up absolutely no resistance, being still hog tied and in continuing agony from that. "But you do not agree." 'You are my Master, your decisions are final and not for me to agree with or disagree with, they are the law I must abide by.' "Well said dessert, you CAN be a good girl and your new food regimen will help you to remain a good girl." 'Thank you Master. Permission to speak Master?' "No." I had thought to ask whether I might be released from the hog tie. "I have learned other techniques to maximise your work output, your level of respect, obedience and keep you humble and servile but if I told you about them they would be less effective. I will have to buy some expensive equipment to put some of them into practice and there is a lead time even if I ordered them right now. As you lose weight I will have to buy you new uniforms too. I can't wait to see you at your target weight in a tight corset with a tiny wasp waist but with the same size tits and the same size petticoat making you look really curvy. Maybe I will get you a tiny little solid stainless steel belt, about the same size as my shirt collar. Lockable of course and with a ring so I can chain you up with it. I have even seen some collars which can be snapped shut and are impossible to remove." My penis was now fighting to get out. 'Oh Master, that is so exciting I can hardly bear it.'
"Yes it is making me excited too, might as well have another dessert as you are in the right position already. I will just slip your gag back in. Open wide. Yes, good girl, you know the drill now." Was I ever going to get out of this awful hog tie? He took me again, much as before but got a little rougher, he pressed harder with his thumbs on my eyeballs, like it was my fault he took longer to come. As he took me I reflected on his choice of words, how appropriate that he used the word drill, thats what he did to my throat, drilled it with his penis as I tried to get the occasional gasp of oxygen into my lungs.
When he had used me he replaced my gag with the plain ball gag, released the chain from my hog tie and released my wrists then sent me to make him some lunch while he had another sleep. I was hungry myself but at least I had had two drinks of nourishing semen to keep me going.
While he slept I sneaked away to my computer, only to find he had changed it so I had to enter the login code after powering it on and then finding neither my normal ID worked nor the emergency admin ID. I knew it would have recorded the two login failures but I could not remove them and wondered what punishment he would inflict on me. I also tried to use the phone but found it protected by a freshly installed parental control to stop children calling out, even dialling the emergency services was disabled and it said I could not accept calls unless the caller entered the password so my 'parents' could call me. I turned on my mobile and it asked for my PIN but of course he had changed that too. I had wasted too much time, soon he would wake and want his lunch so I had better prepare it.
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