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Innocent Fun. Not.


Chapter 3.

He completed the main course, there were no leftovers. "Apart from it being a bit cold, that was good, you can cook... Oh what am I going to call you? I will choose a name for you later." 'Yes Master. What would you like for dessert Master?' "You!" 'Oh no Master. Please Master.' I hoped I had misunderstood. "You NEVER say NO to me my girl. You ARE dessert and, oh yes, I think that is what I will call you. Later there will be your punishments, for saying no, for failing to knock, for looking at my plate as I ate, for the food being cold and for having a foul mouth, but first I want you to show me all the bondage items I now own. I saw them earlier and there were a few I did not recognise."
He took my leash and I obediently followed like a lamb to the slaughter. I showed him each and every item, how they could be used and even the methods I had invented myself for using them in self bondage. I wished then that I had thrown away the items I had stopped using because they were too dangerous, like the large 'Jubilee' clips which cut off the circulation in my hands so much I very nearly did not escape from them. I even explained why each of those objects were dangerous and begged him not to use any of them. "I will use whatever I like however I like, if I wish to cut off your circulation then I will, I have the right to damage or destroy my own property." 'Yes Master' I replied sheepishly as my penis once more tried to become erect.
"Right, dessert, open your mouth." He ball gagged me and blindfolded me and put me face down on the bed in a kneeling position, chained my wrists to my knees with a spreader bar between my knees. He did not have the keys to my ankles otherwise I expect he would have put my long spreader bar between them. He lifted my skirt and petticoat and I could not stop him pulling down my knickers and pushing his penis into my anus. It hurt, it hurt A LOT! He said "OK, I believe you now, you are a virgin, well your arse is anyhow. Relax and it will be less painful for you." I tried to obey but my body did not want him inside me. The pain got worse and I could feel blood both inside me and trickling from my bottom and down my legs. I kept saying to myself 'I am not gay' but eventually my sphincter gave up its fight, I drooled onto and sobbed into the pillow and I knew that like it or not, after being raped, I might as well suffer less and accept that both physically and mentally I had been forcibly converted into a homosexual.
He thrust into me deeper and deeper and eventually shot his semen into me. He withdrew, lay down next to me and went to sleep. I continued to sob and drool but was far too uncomfortably bound to be able to sleep. He had not fed me or even let me have a drink. By the time he woke in the morning I was weak and at the lowest I had ever been in my life. I was desperate to pee and go poo poo too. What did he do for me? He used my long spreader bar as an improvised cane and punished me for my failings the day before then said that washing out my foul mouth could wait until after breakfast, but he meant his breakfast not mine. He pulled up my knickers, released my hands, knees and eyes but kept the ball gag in my mouth.
I started to mince towards the en-suite bathroom, but he said "No dessert, you are NEVER to turn your back to me, and you are not to go to the bathroom yet, and never without my permission. You are to make me bacon, eggs, sausage, beans and fried bread before you see to your own needs. You have fifteen minutes to bring it back and serve me breakfast in bed, each extra minute will cost you another stroke and another hour of hunger and thirst. I have locked the other bathroom so you can't use that and if you go anywhere else I will know." I turned towards him and walked sideways as I past him and minced backwards towards the door. "Aren't you forgetting something?" I curtsied down. He kept me there for twenty seconds, my punishment for disrespecting him. As I minced back once more I could feel his juice leaking out of my poor stretched anus making my knickers wet and smelly. Before I got to the door he said "I can smell I made you come too you naughty girl." I shook my head in denial though I really do not know even now if he was right or if it was merely his own leaking semen he could detect. I bobbed at the doorway and wept as I minced to the kitchen, as I walked past a mirror I could see my makeup had been thoroughly messed up but there was no time for that, I had little prospect of finishing my task in the allocated time so had to work hard to minimise the punishment my Master would give me for being late.
It took me nearly two minutes just to get to the kitchen. I set to, as fast as I could and tried to forget my sorrows but my throbbing bottom where I had been beaten, my leaking arse, full bladder, full and blooded colon, my empty stomach, dehydration, sleep deprivation, the gag in my mouth, the rubbing of my posture collar and the restriction of blood in my neck, the restraints on my ankles, elbows and penis and aching limbs kept reminding me. I cried incessantly, not that he could hear me, my gag saw to that. My mascara had washed off onto the pillow long ago, and it was soiled with my makeup anyway. I knew I would have to change and wash the pillow case, and hoped he did not notice and punish me even more for it.
The dehydration probably restricted my tear production and drool but at least I could now use kitchen towel to wipe my cheeks and mouth. I got back with his tray just two minutes late thank goodness. I knocked at the door and waited, he said 'Enter', I opened the door and bobbed. I approached and curtsied and he said "Rise". I went around the bed to serve him from the left side and then stood at attention, my eyes fixed to the floor, my knees and ankles together, my hands grasping my skirt and petticoat, fanning them both out with my little fingers pointing upwards as best I could. After a while he sent me to fetch orange juice, I bobbed and curtsied and followed maidly etiquette to the letter. Thank goodness I had some orange in the fridge. I had to stand back at attention until he had finished. I followed etiquette as I cleared away and washed up, dried up and put away. I returned for more instructions and he said he was ready to go out. He tethered me to a pipe in an alcove in the corner of the bathroom, facing the blank wall. He gave me a small pad of paper and a pen and told me to write down every password I had and what it referred to including any user IDs and then to list all my assets starting with the most valuable and working down. If I made an error I was not to cross it through but underline it so he could still read it. He gave me my two strokes for being late and left the house and did not say how long he would be.
I could not see a clock but I would estimate it was an hour and a half later that he returned. He took away the pad and pen, secured my wrists behind my back and unlocked my ball gag. I have no idea where he bought it from but he had a bar of carbolic soap and he forced it into my mouth and made me lick it. It was absolutely foul and it stung. I very nearly wet myself. He left me like that. A while later he said my two hours were up and he released my hands and my tether and said I could go to the bathroom now but was not to close the door.
I curtsied but in my haste I very nearly turned my back on him but realised just in time. He said "I saw that, nearly another two strokes you naughty girl dessert." I considered what was the most pressing and decided that sitting on the toilet first would give me most relief. I pulled my soaking wet knickers down, hitched up the back of my skirt, petticoat and the tails of my apron and gingerly sat down. Just taking the weight off my poor feet was a joy. Urinating and defecating his semen and my faeces and blood was beyond joy, if a little painful. Reaching down to wipe my bottom was very awkward, but I had practiced it before and knew it would just make my back a little painful for a few moments. What I did not expect was to find my sphincter was injured and at least for the moment, unable to close properly. All I had to hand was toilet paper so I made a ball of that and pushed that into myself in the hope it would hold back the blood and later the faeces. At least my knickers were black so they would hide the stain, indeed they were stained already but my ankle chain prevented me from changing them. I pulled them up which felt disgusting as they were wet, then thoroughly washed my hands.
I was about to wash the carbolic out of my mouth when I heard him. He was standing in the doorway and had probably seen everything I had done. He said "No time for any more, you have work to do." I at least needed to quench my thirst and said 'But Master I...' "Don't you BUT me!" he shouted. "You are to say Yes Master or rarely No Master to a direct question or I am sorry I do not understand Master or please may I speak Master." 'Please may I speak Master?' "NO!" I curtsied and awaited permission to rise. He said "I have bought a few toys to control you with, in the hall you will find a long parcel, go and unpack it and bring it to me. You may rise."
I obeyed and found a fibreglass cane. I took it to my Master and curtsied as I held it up for him to take. He took it and said "Bend over." I did and he stepped behind me and and bared my bottom before taking the first stroke. The cane swished through the air like the air itself was in pain, then it struck me with so much force that I fell to the floor. It stung terribly and just that one stroke had made me start bleeding, I could feel it trickling. "Get up and put your head against the wall." 'Please no Master, I will do anything Master' "Yes you will do anything but that is taken as read and now you have three times as many strokes for answering back a second time. Each time you commit a particular crime, the punishment increases. Understand?" 'Yes Master.' I curtsied and waited. He said "Head to the wall." I assumed the position he had ordered and he again hit me with the cane. I tensed as I heard the whoosh and screamed like a girl as it tore my flesh asunder. I had never felt such intense pain. "Wait there." He went to the hallway and came back with another package, he unwrapped it and placed a new ball gag in my mouth and locked it behind my neck. He hit me again and while it quietened me a bit, not enough for him. He put his hand to the gag and turned a crank handle, there was a ratcheting sound as he gave it three full turns and the ball was gradually forced deeper into my mouth. I began to drool on the floor. He beat me again and my volume was lower, he turned the handle another three turns and once more rent my flesh with the cane. My scream was reduced to little more than the meow of a cat. He turned the handle again, two more turns and I started to retch as the ball contacted the tender flesh separating mouth from throat. My hands went to the handle and I tried to wind it back but the ratchet prevented that.
"Hands down or I double the strokes." I complied but continued to retch silently. The cane cracked and tore through my bottom but now I was silent. He had won, I was broken, I just stayed there obediently bent over as he ripped my bottom apart, silent, respectfully wondering how many strokes I was to receive and accepting every one, he had the right to do what he liked to me, I was his property to do with as he pleased, I almost welcomed the fact he was making me a more servile maid, I humbly took everything he gave me, nasty or nice, it was all for the best, he was infallible, whatever he decided was right, I had no opinion of my own, I was not to think at all, merely follow his commands to the letter. If he told me to cut my throat I would do it, jump off a tall building, I would do it, throw myself under a bus, I would do it. Each agonising stroke made my penis struggle against its bonds and my prostate and testicles felt like they wanted to ejaculate but the chastity belt somehow still prevented it.
I lost count of the strokes, I wondered if he had too. When he had run out of space for more welts he told me "Stay!" He went away and came back and sprayed my bottom with stinging antiseptic then bandaged it. He said "I have gone too far really, you will not be able to sit on a chair for, well probably weeks. Have you learned your lesson?" I nodded the best I could with my head against the wall. He pulled me upright, turned me to face him and wiped away my drool then hugged me and I hugged him back, as well as I could with my elbows chained behind my back. He removed my gag and told me to go and get breakfast for myself, anything I wanted, then go and lay face down on the sofa until I stopped trembling to recover from shock. Somehow I had not noticed I was trembling but he was right. He was always right.
I gratefully obeyed, obedience was everything now. For the moment he was being kind, maybe if I was a good girl he will be kind more often. I must try to please him, if he is pleased with me he will be kind to me. Yes, that is it, think of ways I can please him and seek his permission to put them into action and he will be pleased and he will be kind. After all, if I please him it will be in his best interests to keep me alive and fit to please him, to fulfil my basic bodily needs, well all but sexually, there it would probably be a one way street. As with my fantasy Mistress, I would please him and he would keep me sexually frustrated so that I was more attentive. He would not overfeed me either, he would want me to look nice and so he would probably need me to slim down a little and keep fit, all the better to serve him. I should drink lots of water, that improves the complexion they say.
I began by washing the remains of the carbolic soap from my mouth and the taste of the ball gag. I was ravenous, I started to tuck in but soon had to stop because my tight corset began to make me feel ill. Oh how I wished I could loosen it but the locks on my uniform prevented that. I ate standing up because of my wounded bottom but longed to take the weight off of my poor feet. I would have liked a drink of orange juice but my stomach did not have space for it within my corset. If, as it seemed, I was to remain corseted then little and often would have to be the norm, if my Master would allow it.
As I could neither eat nor drink any more without vomiting, I proceeded as instructed and lay face down on the sofa. I found it awkward with my forearms in front of me and put them behind my back. There was very little space on the sofa, I had to bend my knees and have my shoes above my knees. I was not comfortable but with my weight off my toes and able to relax a bit I gradually started to feel better, and the desire to vomit subsided too and my trembling eventually ceased and I dozed off as I had not slept for more than 24 hours.
I dreamt of my Master and how he might hog tie me. I awoke to find it was not a dream, my Master had done so as I slept and there was a chain bracing freshly installed wrist bonds to my shoe locks. There was a ball gag in my mouth and my Master was nowhere to be seen, nor could I hear him. I tried to get back to sleep but the tension in my legs made them go into spasm and the agony kept me awake.
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