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Innocent Fun. Not.



Chapter 2



Later that day the shine had worn off my enthusiasm a little. My private parts were straining against their confines and becoming quite sore. It had been fine when I tested it out for two days before but now I knew I could not release myself any time I liked, somehow that made my erections stronger and hence more painful and my testicles were feeling squashed, especially because I could not move my ankles apart to give them more space. I was finding having to move my whole body to move my head was just tolerable but the posture collar was not only making my chin sore but my face was still getting hot and I had a head ache. I checked the collar and found to my horror that in my enthusiasm to get locked up, I had in fact locked it at the tightest setting. The stays of my corset were digging into my flesh, my shoes pinched and my calf muscles were pulling from having my ankles constantly in the fully extended position which my shoes forced them to be in. When my muscles had cramped, I had sat down for a while with the backs of my heels resting along the floor but when it had passed, hunger had driven me to stand up again and make myself some food.
I was about half way through cooking myself some sirloin steak and chips, they were both sizzling away when I suddenly heard a key in the front door. NOBODY had a key but me. I had had the locks changed when I moved in and had put one key on each of my two sets. Why was someone trying their key in my door? When I heard the door swing open and hit the wall with some force I was terrified, I started to move as fast as I could to a cupboard to hide but my tiny mincing steps were no match for whoever was striding rapidly through the hallway.
A shape came through the kitchen door, I looked up and saw the man who had been my business partner. We had been the only two shareholders in a company but it had gone broke. A customer had defrauded us out of 30,000 pounds and that had been the straw that broke the camel's back. When the house of cards fell apart I lost a lot of money and so did my business partner. He had said it was my stupidity in not checking the customer out sufficiently which had caused the company to fail and he had demanded that I repay his losses out of the money I had just inherited from my late parents. When I had said no, he seemed on the point of having a punch up with me. I had basically run away and left him to face the music. I had moved house so he could not find me.
That had been five months before and in between I had heard he had somehow managed to salvage a small part of the company and was still occupying the same office in a large house in a nearby town, albeit a fraction of what we had originally.
"Bugger me!" he said when he saw me. He continued "I nearly did not recognise you. I never knew you were gay too." This was a revelation to me, I had not known he was gay. 'I am not gay' I said. "Pull the other one, its got bells on!" 'No I am heterosexual, well technically I am a virgin but I have no gay leanings, just a fetish for cross dressing. How did you get in here? This is private property, go away!' He propped himself against the worktop as if he intended to stay. "You must have dropped your keys, they were found in the street, they had two tags on them one with your address here and one with the company's business address. As there was no indication which of the two addresses to return them to they chose the closest one, the company address." 'I see, well please leave them on the table and leave.' "Not on your nellie, you owe me big time." 'Well I will write you a cheque, OK?' "No, I don't think so, you ran out on me and left me in deep shit, you owe me more than just money." 'Er, what do I owe you then?' "Well I reckon after what you have put me through, I own you body and soul." I had no answer to that. I remained silent.
He said "I see you are locked up, are those the keys?" He pointed to my set of keys on the worktop. 'No they are my other set of keys for my home and the business.' "If they fit the doors to my new business then I think they belong to me don't they." He picked them up and put them in his pocket. I said 'OK, take the keys but remove the ones to my home from both rings and keep the rest.' "No, your home now belongs to me along with all your other assets. Where are the keys to your bonds?" 'Thats not your business.' "You will tell me even if I have to beat you first." I had run away from a fair fight with him when the business collapsed, now at a huge disadvantage I had no chance of winning and no possibility of flight, I bowed my head as much as my collar allowed, I had no option but to answer all his questions.
'They are in the post, they should arrive in the mail on Monday morning.' He went back to the front door and closed it and used my keys to deadlock it, now I could not even leave if his attention was diverted, and his inattention had given me a chance to flee. "Don't forget your steak." I minced back and turned the steak, a little later than I should. "Well actually you owe me everything you own, so technically it is my steak. When it is ready you will serve it to me." 'Hey just a minute, who the heck do your think you are?' I said. He stepped forward and shoved me toward a chair. In my high heels and with a restricted stride I fell towards the chair and my feet desperately tried to get below my centre of gravity to regain my balance. He grabbed me and stopped me falling. I thanked him. He stepped in front and took hold of my leash and moved forwards, I followed. I grabbed the chain and briefly pulled back but he yanked the leash. With my elbows being chained behind my waist putting my forearms at an awkward angle and the slippery surface of my satin gloves, I could not prevent the sudden jerk from causing me a LOT of pain. He said "Let go." I complied as holding the leash was fruitless. He sat on the chair and pulled me down and bent me over his knees. He lifted my skirt and petticoat and pulled down my knickers. He said "I" as he brought his hand down about as hard as he could on my exposed bottom. "AM" and he spanked me a second time. I squirmed and tried to get up but his other hand was on my back holding me down. He continued angrily "YOUR" as a third stroke landed on my buttocks. "MASTER" he said as he hit me for the fourth time.
The spanking was not so much painful as deeply humiliating. I was at his mercy for the moment and had no way to fight back. He could do almost whatever he liked to me until the keys arrived. I realised my penis was trying to become erect inside its prison so I seemed to be enjoying this which was a surprise to me. Somewhat confused I knuckled under and got ready to obey him. I said 'Yes Master, I will finish cooking it and can serve it to you in the dining room if you wish.' He took his hand off my back and said "Good girl. You can get up now." I did and continued with the cooking. He explored the house a bit and then sat down in my chair at the head of table in the dining room.
For many years I had been pretending to serve my fantasy Mistress and had watched countless films and TV programs with maids in them and You Tube videos about maid training, so I knew how a maid should behave. I put my steak and chips on a plate and put the plate and some cutlery on a tray and minced through to the dining room door. I opened the door and bobbed down momentarily in the doorway before approaching the table. I curtsied for a couple of seconds and rose again. "Did I tell you to get up?" I curtsied down again. He reached out and pulled my leash down so I had to curtsey lower. "Your knees must form a right angle" he said. He let go of the chain, it dropped and I winced in pain. He said "Did that hurt?" 'Yes Master.' "I will remember that, you really are at my mercy aren't you?" 'Yes Master.' I awaited permission to get up. I started to count the seconds in my head, soon my knees were starting to hurt and his dinner must have been starting to get cold. Fifteen seconds and still he had me down there. This was getting really quite painful. Twenty five seconds and my legs were starting to wobble. "Oh I do like looking at you, so pretty and so servile. Does curtseying hurt?" 'Yes Master.' "Good, perhaps you will learn to curtsey properly in future and stay down until I give you permission to rise." 'Yes Master.' Forty seconds and my whole body was starting to quiver. "That does look good, are you shaking with fear?" 'A little Master but it is more the pain of holding this pose Master.' The tension in my leg muscles was becoming unbearable, cramp was setting in again and I was near the point of collapse. Fifty seconds, I thought I could not take any more. "If you promise to be a good girl and give excellent service you may rise." 'I promise to be a good girl and give excellent service as your humble obedient maid Master' I said, my agony showing through in my voice. "Rise." I struggled back to my feet without dropping the tray. "Remember I can get you to curtsey any time and keep you down for as long as I like." 'Yes Master.'
I put the tray down on the table to his right and picked up the plate with my right hand. "Stupid girl! You have been to restaurants many times, don't you know to serve from the left and remove from the right?" 'I am sorry Master.' I put the plate back down, picked up the tray, minced to his left side and curtsied again. In two seconds the pain returned but after five seconds he says "Arise." I put the tray down on the table and served the plate from the correct side, then stood back and awaited further instructions. I remembered a video I had seen and grabbed both sides of my petticoat through my skirt and fanned it out and raised my pinkie finger. "That is nice, do that every time your hands are free, and when you curtsey, raise your skirt a little so the hemline stays at the same level as your body goes down." 'Yes Master.'
I waited patiently and watched as he consumed my steak. My mouth was watering and my stomach started to rumble, I was really hungry and watching someone else eat when you are hungry is almost torture. "Next time I want red wine to go with the steak, and chill it well beforehand." 'Yes Master.' "I think you should curtsey when I give you an instruction." 'Yes Master.' I said as I dropped into a curtsey and at the same time lifted my fanned out skirt. I waited with my knees at the correct 90 degree angle but he did not notice I was waiting for his command to rise. "Sorry, get up now." I got up and why I said it I do not quite know but I said 'You are my Master, you can do no wrong in my eyes so you need never apologise to me.' My penis was trying SO hard to become erect, this was a new level of submission I had never even dreamed of, so deeply erotic I could hardly bear it with my privates so constrained and so painful. I winced in pain. He said "What is wrong now?" 'Oh Master, my penis is trying to become erect inside my chastity belt and it hurts.' "Oh, so you are enjoying this are you?" 'Yes Master, part of me is.' "Well, then part of you will be very happy for many years. I like this so much I have decided to keep you for ever as my maid. What do you think of that?" 'Part of me is very happy Master but part of me is terrified Master.' "That is just as it should be." 'Yes Master.' I said as I bobbed again.
"Speaking of your chastity belt, when I spanked you I noticed it has rear access. If you are not gay then why did you choose one like that?" 'So that I can shit Master.' "BAD girl! You must not use words like that. I will wash your mouth out with soap later. Say it again without the word shit." I thought for a moment and used baby talk 'So I can go poo-poo Master.' "That's better. Not that I believe you, I think you chose it because you want to be taken through it, even if it is a subconscious desire. As well as swearing you also forgot to knock at the door and await permission to enter." 'Sorry Master.' "You will be."
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