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Innocent Fun. Not.



With thanks to Maid Tracie whose short story "So Helpless" inspired me to write this.

Thanks also to sissy grace for allowing me to put her in bondage so I could lead her wherever I wanted to take the photos for this multi part story.



Chapter 1.




I was living comfortably and had enough money not to need to work and spent a lot of money on my passion, cross dressing. Shoes, dresses, petticoats, you name it and I particularly liked dressing as a maid and doing self bondage and imagining myself really being at a Mistress' beck and call.
Today I was having a great time, I was in a black satin French maids uniform. It had quite a short skirt with a bodice which came up to a high collar. The collar was tight and was locked with two padlocks. Its was trimmed with white lace and black ribbon tied in a bow at the front. My D size breast forms inside a black bra filled the bust and as I examined myself in the mirror, I looked good. I had long satin sleeves down to my forearms. They were trimmed in white lace and more black ribbons tied in bows. I had on a fairly narrow white satin apron, again trimmed with white lace and black ribbon. It had white satin tails tied in a large bow behind my back.
Under the skirt was a white petticoat which showed below the hem of my skirt. Beneath that I was wearing a black corset. It had taken me fifteen minutes to draw the laces tight enough against the bed post to get the corset to close fully. I could hardly breathe but it was worth it, my figure had a lovely hour glass shape. I had black seamed stockings suspended from the corset, getting the seams absolutely straight had taken some time. On my feet were 5 1/2 inch high heeled black Mary Jane shoes. They had platform soles to make them just bearable, but the long heels looked wonderful. Around my shoes and ankles were black patent leather shoe locks, padlocked closed and linking them was a short heavy chain so my stride was restricted to not quite four inches. I knew the shoes would become uncomfortable soon and my desire to take them off would be something I would be unable to resist had it not been for the bonds. As with the corset, I had to suffer for beauty.
Over my sleeves were patent leather straps locked just above my elbows. These had been carefully adjusted so they were tight enough so I could not slide them past my elbows, but loose enough so they did not cut off the blood supply to my forearms and hands. A chain linked the straps and ran behind my back so I could not bring my elbows forward beyond my waist. This was really difficult to fit every time I had done it in the past and this time was no exception. I always worried about hurting my right hand and not being able to release it. My left arm seemed to be incapable of doing the job but I hoped in an emergency it might just do it after many attempts.
Unseen under my skirt I was wearing a stainless steel chastity belt and black satin panties trimmed with row upon row of white lace. I knew if I were to bend at the waist, both my stocking tops and panties would be on display and so I should dip down like a bunny girl to avoid angering my fantasy Mistress. My corset prevented me from bending much anyway, I had had to put my shoes and shoe locks on before my corset because I could not reach my feet with it laced so tightly.
Around my neck was locked a black patent leather posture collar. The top edge pressed up under my chin, restricting the movement of my neck. I had locked it at the second tightest setting, because I knew that on the very tightest setting it would make my face feel hot as it stopped the free return of blood to my torso. On my head was glued a shoulder length dark wig with a maid's head band with more white lace and five black ribbon bows sewn along it with white roses in the centre of each. Black ribbons hung from the sides.
My make up had taken me two hours to get just right. After that I had added the 'Pièce de résistance', a stainless steel clamp around my nasal septum. This was made by a company in Germany but I had modified it because I had found I could loosen the cap head Allen screw with my fingers. I had fitted a countersunk machine screw instead. It needed a special security key to turn it. I had tightened the screw until the two prongs started to hurt, then backed off half a turn. The prongs were at the 'sweet spot' where the septum is at its thinest, below the bone and above the cartilage, the place where you can have a piecing, but I did not want to suffer the pain nor have people notice the required bit of metal to prevent healing. The device had come with a special lightweight stainless chain, 1200mm (4 foot) long with a little link on the end like a necklace to clip onto the screw but I did not want to remove it so I had put the screw through the final normal link instead. When I say lightweight, that is in the absolute sense, to me wearing it, it seemed heavy, the weight bearing on one of the flimsiest parts of the body was uncomfortable but just about tolerable. But that was with it just hanging there down to my ankles. If I lifted the far end up to be level with my nose and dropped it, the extra pull as its momentum was converted into extra tension in the chain was very painful. After trying it once I found that I could not bring myself to try it a second time, it was THAT painful. As I stood looking in the full length mirror, I was holding the chain in my satin gloves to reduce the weight on my nose, but then carefully let go so that it hung over my bosom as an invitation to anyone to take control of me. In my fantasies I had a Mistress who picked up the chain whenever she wished and pulled on it as a leash, any tension was unbearable so I would watch the chain like a hawk so that I could follow wherever she lead me without the chain becoming taut. She could also tether me with it using a small padlock, the closer to my nose the better so I would have to keep me facing whatever she tethered me to, maybe a pipe in a corner so I would have some 'corner time' for me to focus my mind solely on whatever I had done wrong. At other times, if she wished to punish me she only had to drop her end of my chain, or if I had been exceptionally bad she could lightly yank the chain, but if she did it too hard I felt it would pull the cartilage from my nose leaving me disfigured for life. I remembered seeing powerful arrogant bulls reduced to meek obedience by the rings in their noses, so much so that a small child could easily lead them around an arena with just a little piece of thin cord threaded through their nose rings. Now I was that powerful bull, reduced to a meek sissy maid easily handled by my petite fantasy Mistress.
All the padlocks were 'keyed alike' so one key fitted them all. I had placed all the spare keys to my padlocks into a parcel which I had posted to myself that morning. It was Saturday so it would not drop though my letter box until Monday morning. I hoped it would not be late or get lost in the post, but the danger of that happening excited me. Danger is very enjoyable. I had kept one key back so that I could correct any mistakes as I dressed. I had placed that one last key, along with the special 'key' which fitted my nose clamp into a small but very strong steel box and had snapped one final padlock closed to lock it. The sound as each of the padlocks in turn had snapped shut had been nice but then I had known I still had access to the key. The sound of snapping that final one closed was exquisite. My lifeline was now beyond reach, I knew I had to stay exactly as I was for almost 48 hours, in increasing discomfort and with no sexual release.
I could just about reach my face if I needed to re-apply my lipstick or other makeup. I knew nobody was coming to visit. Having my body reshaped so beautifully and clothed to please the eyes of others and to serve them as a maid, tottering on 5 1/2 inch heels, tightly fettered and with all the other bonds making me move and act accordingly, especially having to worry about my nose chain, my mind was constantly reminded I was submissive. Oh what fun it was going to be.
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