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I’d served Master and Mistress for almost a year, one of the happiest of my life. I’d searched all my life to find a couple who would accept my submission while giving the chance to enjoy that which I desired as well. It had been a match to me which had been made in heaven. The married couple had embraced me like I was a member of the family, treating me with care and kindness and in return I had willingly given them my submission.

Andrew and Melissa were roughly my age, both of them enjoyed my body and I loved the way they granted me the pain and the pleasure I required. During the day I served usually as Mistress’s personal assistant, her second in command at her work. It had been a long and difficult week, a three day weekend looming ahead as Mistress called me into her home office, her husband by her side.

I know I must have looked confused as they both looked at me, giving me a smile as I heard Master say, “We have a matter to discuss girl and we wanted you to be a part of it.” I had not really heard a question which required an answer so I waited as Mistress walked up to me.

“You are a joy to us little one, I do not know what I would do if you weren’t a part of our lives. I’ve come to count on you whether it be here in my work or at home. Master and I both consider you a rare treasure and we want to know your feelings on the decision we have made.”

“Yes Mistress.”

She smiled at me and I gave her the same as she went on to explain. “We have need for a housekeeper, you have enough on your plate as it is helping me and in your service. Master and I have someone in mind but wanted to speak to you for it is not the usual type of individual one associates with this position.” Once again I couldn’t stop the look of confusion as Andrew spoke.

“The housekeeper we have in mind is named William. However, the person who would actually serve is called Gabrielle, he is a cross dresser, a submissive sissy maid. He was recommended to us by a fellow dominant and we have interviewed him for the position and we hope that you will help in his transition into our service. You honor us in so many ways girl, this is another that we would ask of you.”

“Yes Master, I will do as you and Mistress require,” as Mistress took my hand, leading me toward their bedroom. I spent that night in bed with my Owners, both of them using me as Master filled me and Mistress used my mouth to find her pleasure, as she twisted my nipples, giving me a touch of both the pain and pleasure she knew I desired. I spent the night being held by both of them, safe, secure, loved.

The next morning dawned and Master left for his customary time in the gym while Mistress had me pour us both a cup of coffee and I served her as she motioned for me to sit down. Usually on the weekends I would kneel beside either Andrew or Melissa but I could tell she had something to discuss with me and I had a feeling it involved the gentleman they had spoke of.

She took a sip before she began, her voice soft as she said, “I wanted to speak to you alone before you speak with William girl. When we interviewed him, he had a few things about him which can be a bit disconcerting and I wanted to warn you in advance.

William suffers from a slight tremor, it grows in intensity whenever he is put into a high stress situation. It is an embarrassing issue for him though your Master and I do not believe it will hinder him in his service.”

I took a sip of coffee, knowing there had to be more and I was right, there is. “When we talked to the individual who recommend him she told us that she had never met another individual who so desperately seeks service, willing to please in anyway required of him. She told us of his past service and it was almost heartbreaking. He was called into service by a so called ‘dominant’ couple. They basically used him as free labor and free food, never really requiring anything more from him than for him to clean up their pigsty of a home and after he had accomplished the deed he was dismissed.

He would do this twice a week, driving long distances to and from their home and after three months with nothing having been requested except for his money and his time with no reciprocation, he in the words of his ‘Mistress” had the audacity to ask if there was ever to be more to his service than this. She dismissed him immediately, throwing him out of there home dressed as he was.”

I’d listened in horror, hearing of such treatment, again giving silent thanks for my place in the home I’d been blessed to have found. Mistress looked me squarely in the eyes, her voice returning to the normal sound, tinged with authority as I lowered my eyes. “I am not telling you all of this Brandice to influence your thoughts prior to meeting him. I’m doing it because his is the most fragile soul I have ever encountered and we wish for him to find happiness. He’s endured enough ridicule and scorn, he deserves better. In addition you need to be aware as you do he will also serve us in a sexual manner, one which you will ascertain as far as his desires and his needs.”

“Yes Mistress, I understand,” and once again she gave me a smile.

“He will be here this evening at seven this evening and we will expect him to be in service come Monday morning. You will assist him in his preparation and presentation as he struggles due to his tremors with the issue of makeup. I have all the faith in the world if anyone can help him to achieve his true desires of submission it is you girl. You have blossomed with us and I’m sure he will do the same with your guidance.”

It was a minute or two before seven when the doorbell rang and I was alone in the home, Master and Mistress having left for their cabin, wanting William to not feel the pressure of their presence upon his first two days in our home.. I opened the door, seeing the man standing there and gave him my best smile saying, “Welcome William, I’m Brandice, please come in.”

He stepped in, his voice so soft as to barely be a whisper, “Thank you Miss.” His eyes were slightly lowered as I took a good look at him. He wore his hair a little longer than was in normal fashion for a man but I saw the possibilities it might hold for a feminine look. What little of his eyes I could see showed a deep blue, a very pretty color. I looked down to see him clasping a single small suitcase, the hand holding it so tightly that it shook with his efforts.

I don’t know, it was simply a feeling I had as I moved close to him, taking his free hand, squeezing it gently and he replied by holding on tightly, a lifeline in what I knew was a difficult first step. Once again I gave him a smile though he really couldn’t see it with his head bowed. I embraced my submission, I knew the proper way to act when I was around my betters but I sensed William was like this with everyone. He resembled a puppy who had been beaten until it had come to accept the abuse. For me, that simply would not do.

We headed down the hallway and Mistress had given me permission to do whatever I felt was necessary to help our newest addition to feel at home. They had done the same with me, nurturing my submission, not simply demanding it from the start. I remembered how I had grown quickly under their caring yet confident touch and I wanted to do the same for this timid soul. My thoughts swirled as I pondered the possibility of being able to not only show the faith my Owners had in me but also in helping bring “Gabrielle” to life and find the smile I knew she had hidden away.

I opened the door to my room, the large bed beckoning, my dressing table, the large walk in closet with room for two as I held his hand, pulling him inside saying, “Put your bag over in the corner William. We need to have a talk.” He immediately obeyed, before turning and as I sat down to my surprise he knelt before me as I had to fight not to giggle. It was at that moment it hit me, he didn’t need a friend, he needed a mentor and I decided to throw caution to the wind.

“You will look at me girl, now.”

His trembling intensified but he quickly obeyed and I took a good look into those blue eyes. I let my eyes look deeply into his, as he tried desperately to maintain my gaze. I saw so much pain that it was almost difficult to watch but I had to do this, I had to.

“I’m going to speak and you’re going to listen carefully. When I ask you a question you’re going to reply, quickly, and without hesitation. You will speak from your heart and tell me what you desire, not what you think I desire to hear, is that clear Gabrielle?”

Once again, he struggled but he did as I asked, answering softly, “Yes Miss.”

I’d let Miss work for me now but one day I would be Brandice as I kept the smile from my face saying, “Good, now first and foremost your life begins now.” I saw his eyes change, a brief look of confusion but I didn’t have time for him to hesitate. “Whatever has happened in your past, how others have treated you, how you have viewed yourself you now begin with a clean slate.”

I let the words hang in the air for a moment, allow him to think of the possibility before I continued. “You have found a home where you will be allowed to grow as a person, as the individual you desire to be. You will find acceptance here, not rejection. When you perform well, you will hear words of praise. When you do not, you will find correction at the hands of your Owners or if they require at, by me. You will not feel pain simply to cause you suffering, you will feel it to show you the error of your ways. You may also feel it, depending upon what you require, to bring you pleasure. More importantly you will learn to thank whomever corrects you for they do so for your benefit, not your suffering.”

For him it was like offering him the keys to the kingdom, probably thinking it was too good to be true but I was determined to prove him wrong. “Now, as I said, I have questions and I require answers. First of all I know you desire to serve as a submissive maid and that is the position you will hold in his home. You will maintain the home, learn to cook the meals that your Owner’s desire and to serve them during those meals. Those are your first tasks which you will learn and I will assist you. Is that clear?”

“Yes Miss.”

I nodded and then said, “You will also serve in the capacity of a submissive in matters of a sexual matter. You are not alone, I also serve Master and Mistress in the same way and together we need to find your proper place in the dynamic. We exist to please them but they also desire our needs to be met. You may never have looked upon service in that manner before, others may have only required you to serve, your new Owners will require you to live.”

Words can affect many individuals but mine seemed to be affecting the man who knelt before me in a heartfelt way. I saw the tear which began to slowly fall and I had to struggle not to take him in my arms, feeling the pain at daring to dream, remembering how I too had wondered if I would ever find my place in this complicated world. “Now William, you will tell me your desires, what you require in service to help you grow. There is no wrong words, no incorrect answer, there is only your answer, now speak.”

I knew how difficult this had to be for him. He now was struggling to voice that which he’d never been asked to before. To bare his soul before a stranger but I was not about to hurry him, letting him gather his thoughts as he finally spoke and as I listened I saw him in a different light. His words at first faltering, then gathering momentum, his voice while still soft growing in passion until at the end it was as if he were running a race, almost frantic in reaching the finish line.

Finally, he finished, visibly fighting to not lower his eyes, perhaps thinking he would see only disgust, perhaps revulsion in my own but instead I favored him with a smile. He looked almost shocked as he heard, “I see no reason why you can not find all of that and more in this home under your Owners guidance Gabrielle. You can dare to dream here dear girl, do not cling to your past, take hold of your future and embrace it as it would you.”

This time the tears began to fall in earnest, unable to not disobey, his head bowing and I felt it was time. I joined him, pulling him into my arms like one would a child, holding him as he sobbed. My voice was soft in his ear as I said, “It’s alright Gabrielle, let it out. You are safe here, you will be loved here. I will help you, you have my promise. Let the actions of others who have hurt you simply because they took pleasure in your pain become a distant memory. You have new ones to make, ones which you will treasure as you are treasured.”

It took some time but finally I felt him begin to calm and I let my arms fall, standing so that he might have a moment to regain his composure. When I felt it appropriate I said, “Do you have your own uniform Gabrielle, the items you will require to serve properly?”

“I, I have a few items of my own Miss in my suitcase, do you wish to see them?”

I nodded as he opened it, the meager offerings to my eyes unacceptable, the maids outfit old, worn as I took it in before saying, “You will require far more than one outfit girl, we will rectify that matter tomorrow. You will be expected to be ‘Gabrielle’ at all times when you are in service. The only exception will be when your Owners require otherwise. Now, you will follow me as we both need to get a bite of food and then we need our rest. Tomorrow and Sunday will be very busy days, for both of us.”

He followed me into the kitchen, where I pulled out various items from the refrigerator, the fixings for a cold meal as I saw in his eyes he wasn’t up to more, his eyes showing the toll the evening had taken on him. I instructed him as to what I desired and for him to fix us both a meal along with something to drink. “Yes Miss,” as I excused myself, going into Mistress’s library and giving her a call.

She had asked me to check in after our guest had arrived and when she answered I told her, “He’s here and we’ve had a conversation over his requirements and I will share them with you and Master when you return if this pleases you. He’s precisely as you described him Mistress and in order to have him ready come Monday, I will need to take him shopping tomorrow and then Sunday I will work with him on the basic skills he will need to begin. Do you concur?”

I could hear the smile in her voice as she said, “Yes pet, I do. I know he could be in no safer hands than yours, I’m so proud of you.” I felt the blush rise to my face as I basked in the praise of the special woman who I called Mistress before she spoke again. “Do you see the possibilities we saw Brandice, can you see them?”

“Yes M’lady, I do and I will do everything in my power to insure Gabrielle does as well.”

I hung the phone up, making my way back to the kitchen where I found William kneeling, my plate fixed, my beverage waiting while his was on the ground, next to him. I came to a halt, a frown on my face as I said, “Once again in the past you may not have been allowed to sit and join others for a meal Gabrielle but you are not an animal, I desire you to sit and enjoy your food with me. Thank you for preparing mine, it looks wonderful.”

I saw the blush rise to his face as he rose to his feet, taking a seat across from me though he waited until I took my first bite before he did the same. By the time we were done, he simply stood up, took the plates and began cleaning as I said, “That was delicious Gabrielle, thank you again.” Another blush but this time I could have sworn I saw a hint of a smile, the compliment, the simple praise being accepted. A small step, but a step none the less.

“I will await you in the bedroom Gabrielle, finish your tasks and then join me there. I walked in, pulling down the bed sheets before undressing, slipping into my side of the bed. He walked in, seeing me as his eyes seemed to search the room and I said softly, What are you looking for girl?”

Once again that blush which seemed to happen every few moments rose to his face as he replied back, “I, I do not see a cage Miss. Do you not desire me to be caged for the night or would you simply prefer that I sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed?” I had to catch myself before I let my voice show the anger which rose up as it dawned on me what he was asking, how he had been treated. Instead, I simply stood up and as his eyes opened wide as saucers to see my nude form, he quickly averted his eyes.

Walking up to him, I forced my voice to remain calm, choosing my words carefully. “You are not an animal. You are a valued member of this home and you will be afforded the same accommodations that all enjoy here, is that clear?” He nodded, his head now almost down on his chest as I reached up to unbutton his shirt only for his hand to close on mind, stopping me.

For a second my eyes flashed with anger, my voice rising in tone saying, “You would dare question my actions on your behalf girl?” His head turned slowly from side to side as his hands slowly feel and I began the process again. I pushed his shirt back so that it might fall from his shoulders as I stopped myself before the gasp which was ready to explode when I took in what I saw. His chest was covered with burns, obviously from the ends of cigarettes, the scars disfiguring him as I allowed my hand to almost tenderly touch them, my voice softly saying, “It must have cost you dearly to suffer this girl.”

“It pleased my Mistress to hear my screams Miss. I thought at the time that it was to teach me though I learned in time it was only to…hurt me.”

All I could do was nod as I continued to undress the man who trembled at my simple touch until I saw yet another reason he had not welcomed it and what I might see. The chastity cage he wore was made of steel, the effect it had on him easy to see as I took a deep breath before speaking. “I hope your former owner at least had the decency to give you the key to your service, did she?”

He nodded, reaching into the pocket of his pants, pulling out a necklace with a single key and within seconds he had been freed. It took little time for his ardor to rise as I walked back to my side of the bed before motioning for him to join me. I turned off the light, the moonlight the only illumination as I watched him tentatively obey, slipping in while keeping himself as far away from me as possible so that our skin might not touch.

I sighed, as I moved over until finally my body was pressed up against him, spooning as I felt him tremble and I allowed my hand to fall over his hip, finding his hardness and when I touched it, I heard a soft whimper escape his lips. My breath was warm on his ear, my voice causing his to shudder even more as he heard, “Tell me William, how long has it been since you were last granted release?”

When he answered, the length of time told I once again cursed whoever had previously used this almost pathetic figure in the method they had. The healing had to begin and it would begin here, tonight, in my bed. My voice was still soft as I said, “Lay on your back William, put your hands at your side, do as I ask, now.”

He obeyed as I saw the prize before me, already oozing with precum which I tasted, the delicious mixture drawing a purr from my lips and a gasp from his. I didn’t desire foreplay, I simply wanted his release, needing his first act of submission in this house to be one he would always remember as being pleasureable as I took him into the liquid velvet of my mouth. It had been ages since he been granted such a gift and I knew it wouldn’t take long as he cried out, his back arching as he filled my mouth with stream after stream of hot, sticky cum and I swallowed the offering greedily.

His eyes were glazed over, the long day finally drawing to a close as once again I opened my arms and this time he came willingly, allowing his head to fall into the crook of my shoulder, his legs draped over mine. I smiled down on him, placing a soft kiss on his forehead as I held him close, feeling his body slowly begin to unwind, his mind as well until sleep claimed him. I looked down to see his face at rest, more handsome without the constant look of worry which he normally wore as I stroked his hair, pushing a lock back before closing my eyes as his mouth turned, finding one of my nipples, suckling at it like a child and we both let sleep claim us.


I woke the next morning to find myself alone. For a brief moment I considered that he might have left but I saw his suitcase still sitting in the corner and within seconds I heard footsteps. It was delightful to see him enter with a tray, hot coffee along with English muffin laid out as he gave me his shy smile and delivered breakfast in bed. “What a lovely surprise Gabrielle, you honor the house with your service girl.” Once again it was if I had told the dear boy he had won the highest award, a simple few words of praise seeming to bring such happiness to his face.

I enjoyed the hot coffee, taking a sip before patting the side of the bed for him to join me. I let the sheet slip from where I had it pulled up, my bountiful breasts on view for him as he blushed and I laughed only to see the stricken look on his face. “Dear girl I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you I promise. You and I will have to grow accustomed to each others bodies. We are both sexual slaves and I’m sure at one time or another we will both find ourselves in use by both Master and Mistress.”

He nodded though he still didn’t turn his complete attention my way and I knew it was his shyness, and the fact I think deep down that he was a gentleman. He may have a desire to be a submissive maid but he still treated a woman properly, which brought a smile to my face. “Okay, I’m going to finish this. You need to get yourself cleaned up for the day, we have quite a few things we need to accomplish so get moving young lady.”

Once again I got a bit of a smile and by the time he was finished it was my turn. It was almost an hour later I walked out, finding him having cleaned up the morning dishes, wiping down the countertop as I saw he had on the same clothes he had worn when he entered. I had a feeling this had something to do with the dismissal from his last position and once again, I had a plan to take care of that.

We took one of the cars from the garage, the keys hanging up as I tossed them to William saying, “You’re the chauffer today, we’ve got lots of stops to make.”

His voice almost reached above a whisper, another step in progress as I heard “Yes Miss,” and I almost teased him if that was all he knew to say to me but I held my tongue, the day still being young. Our first stop a critical one, a good friend to Mistress who specialized in “gurls” like Gabrielle and she was in for a treat. When we arrived at our destination I stopped him, the look on his face a puzzled one as I said, “Now, I want you to listen to me very carefully Gabrielle.”

He bit his bottom lip but he nodded as I gave him a smile saying, “Everyone we meet today is a friend of our Owners, they know your secret and they want to help you embrace Gabrielle. They’re willing to do this so that you can find happiness in the service of their friends and I will be with you every step of the way. You will not find a single individual who will question your desires, you will find those who will encourage you and support you. Do you trust me Gabby?”

I could see the internal struggle going on, but I also saw a bit of determination in those blues eyes as he nodded before saying, “I trust you Brandice, I do.” I couldn’t help it, giving him a hug as my eyes sparkled and I took his hand, leading him in the front door and our day began. Roxie was the owner of ’Illusions’ and she greeted us as we came in the door, she was a tall, statuesque redhead who had been a star on the drag queen circuit at one time and now she used her considerable talents to help others to bring their dreams to fruition.

She gave me a kiss on each cheek as she turned, looking at the man who once again had retreated into his shell, a bit overwhelmed as he saw all the people bustling about but Roxie wasn’t going to put up with any of this. She walked over, her hands on her hips as she loudly proclaimed, “You must be Gabrielle, hello sugar, I’m Roxie and we’re going to make you the belle of the ball.” Even William couldn’t help the smile that came to his face as she gave him a wink before turning to me saying, “What do you think Bran, I’m seeing a pageboy cut with some pretty auburn highlights?”

I laughed saying, “You’re the expert luv, work your magic. Gabby starts work on Monday and she needs it all from head to toe. Show me what you got.” Roxie called out to one of her stylists, a cute little blonde who took William by the hand, taking him into the back as Roxie motioned for me to join her as we had a little “girl” talk. She asked about William and I told her the story, what I’d heard and what I’d seen.

Roxie simply shook her head, her voice deeper than what she portrayed in her public persona as I heard, “Some people just got meanness in them and they have to take it out on somebody. That poor thing, it’s easy to see why he looks like some kind of victim of abuse, you can see it in his eyes. That’s more pain than anyone should have to carry, whatever their desires.” I nodded as Roxie gave a wry smile. “Well then I guess it’s up to us to see if we can’t help that poor thing to find his way. You say he’s going to be the new housekeeper, the maid right?”

Once again I gave her a nod as she gave me a wink saying, “I think I’ve got just the thing, first up Allison will take care of that unruly mop of his and then it’s our turn. Let’s get everything ready.” I followed her as she took me behind a curtain, all types of dresses, outfits and uniforms hanging as she looked at me saying, “He seems awfully shy hun, do you really think he’ll come out of it?” I gave her my best smile, nodding, knowing that one way or another, with our help, indeed he would.

By the time he was escorted back to us I couldn’t help but smile, Roxie as always had been spot in, the unisex cut he wore was perfect and you could almost see the smile growing a bit wider on his face, it even found it’s way into his eyes as the tale red-headed woman winked at me, nodding her approval. “Okay sugar, out of them clothes, we got some fitting to do.”

I’d warned Roxie in advance and she watched as William’s eyes lowered, his tremor beginning to show but once again, she had the touch, I just wasn’t aware that she had this…sort of touch. I watched as she walked over to him, putting her long red, fingernail under his chin, lifting it as she saw the tears which threatened and in a soft voice she said, “There ain’t no shame in your body girl, all of us got one thing or another we may not like about ours but in the end, it’s what’s inside that counts and Brandice here tells me you got a heart for service and we need to get you ready. Roxie won’t let you down, I promise sugar, okay?”

Once again William bravely managed to nod his head as she looked at me saying, “You clear out of her for a bit girl, I’ll let you know when you can come back.” I walked up to William, seeing the look in his eyes, caught between what felt like heaven and hell and I gave him a hug, his arms clinging to me as he had last night, the lifeline he needed and I whispered softly into his ear.

“I’m so proud of you Gabrielle. You’re doing wonderfully, now just have faith and now I’m only a few feet away, I will be here the whole time. You just do what Roxie says and everything is going to work out, you hear me girl?”

Another nod, another shy smile and to my surprise it almost hurt to leave him though I knew he was in good hands. I went back out into the main shop where the “gurl” who had done his hair was waiting, her smile a mile wide as she walked up and told me how pleased she was with the results. “You know what, whether he’s a boy or a “gurl” he’s got the sweetest heart I’ve ever met., I sure hope he sticks around because I think he’s a keeper.”

Once again I smiled, nodding my agreement as I took a seat, knowing this would take awhile. I wasn’t wrong, it was almost a couple of hours later that Roxie came out, waving at me to join her as she headed for the front door. I looked a bit confused as she gave me a grin saying, “You and I need to get us some lunch, I starving and I’ve got your ‘prodigy’ with Annie, she’s my new makeup “gurl” and she’s going to give Gabrielle some lessons. She’s probably going to need your help though, poor thing shakes like a leaf, makes your heart want to break.”

We had lunch at a lovely bistro, enjoying the day as every question I would ask as to how it was going was answered with just a smile until finally I got the point, I had to be patient. By the time we arrived back at the studio, Roxie went back behind the curtain and it wasn’t long before she came back out, motioning for me to join her. Her smile told me all I really needed to know but when I saw for myself, I had to stop and almost stare.

In all the “fairy tale” stories she would have been stunning, beautiful beyond description but as everyone knows, this is real life. Still, I took in the sight of the woman who stood a bit self consciously in front of me, her eyes slightly lowered, her body in a lovely black and white lace creation with an hour glass figure compliments of the heavily boned corset she wore, her legs adorned with black thigh high stockings, medium heels on her feet, a beautiful black lace choker around her neck and black lack fingerless gloves on her now manicured hands.

Walking up to her slowly, I enjoyed the vision, the smile on my face as I lifted her chin, making her eyes meet mine as I looked at the tasteful makeup that Annie had done for her as I said softly, “Well hello there Gabrielle, I’m Brandice, it’s lovely to meet you dear girl.”

Once again a tear threatened but she was brave, her voice now fitting her look as she said, “It’s my pleasure to meet you Miss Brandice. I hope I bring honor to your house and the house of your Owners.”

With a shake of my head at her I replied, “Our Owners little one, our Owners.” She smiled and it was a full smile, one which warmed my heart as Roxie moved in close and Gabrielle gave her the same smile as she hugged the woman who towered over both of us. At that moment I didn’t think life could get any better, how glad I was to be proven wrong. I watched as Roxie actually wiped a tear from her own eyes before returning to the task at hand. “Okay, we have all the sizes, now we need a wardrobe, this girl can’t be going home dressed in that, she needs some proper clothes. Now get to work you two as she pointed to me and Annie as we both laughed and we went out front to shop.

It was another two hours later that we stood at the register, I signed the bill and I looked at the young lady standing beside me. She was dressed in what would best be described as the traditional little black dress, a few other changes having been made while I had been busy, two little diamonds adoring her ears where they had been pierced as she looked at me shyly as everyone who had helped came up, gave her a hug, wished her happiness and finally we were on our way back home.

The drive was filled with smiles, as I reached over took her long red finger nailed hand and held it in mine. She turned, her eyes sparkling as she said softly, “I can’t thank you enough for this Miss. I’ve never had a day so special and I will never forget it or your kindness to me.” I felt the lump in my throat but I gave her a brave smile as we arrived back home and we took all our packages inside. We both worked together to fix a bite to eat but when we were finished she surprised me, asking if she could have a few minutes alone and though I was a bit confused, I gave her my consent. I puttered about, making a phone call to Mistress, telling her of the day. She was thrilled and by the time I hung up, I saw a shadow outside the door as I smiled saying, “Gabrielle? Is that you dear?”

Her voice was soft as she said, “Yes Miss, will you please join me in your bedroom?” I heard her heels as she walked away and by the time I got to the door, I saw the flickering of candles and as I stepped through I saw the portable massage table had been found and was in the middle of the room. She had changed back into her maids attire, the shy smile on her face as she drew near, her hands trembling slightly as she reached up to unbutton my blouse, her voice asking, “May I please do this to show my thanks, will you allow to me to, please Brandice?”

I gave her a smile, “Of course dear girl, such a lovely gesture, how can I refuse?” She smiled again as she continued to undress me until she motioned for me to lay on the table. I did, face down and within seconds I felt the warm oil on my shoulders and then her hand working to take away the tension of the day as I softly sighed, closing my eyes enjoying her touch. She was quite good and I commented that this was yet another talent she could bring to her service and I was rewarded with that smile which seemed to grow ever brighter with each passing moment.

By the time she had me turn over I was completely relaxed as she began again, little did I know the darling girl had something a bit different in mind. I had granted her pleasure last night and she wanted to do the same for me. I felt the warm oil as it slowly trickled between my legs, a moan escaping my lips as her fingers began to explore, a smile playing on my lips as she grew a bit bolder. She found my clit, beating in time with my heart and with a tender touch, she took it, rubbing a gentle touch which soon had me panting, my desire rising.

I turned my head, looking at her, seeing my reflection in her eyes, the smile on her face as she would take me to the edge only to slowly bring me back down. She played my body like a finely tuned instrument until I wasn’t aware that words which I heard, pleading for my release where coming from my own lips as she smiled widely and she granted me that which I desired. My back arched, my head fell back as my orgasm washed over me, yet she wasn’t content with one. She urged me on, another quickly following until I lost track, just reveling in her touch and in the gift she was giving me until finally my heart began to calm and she took a warm towel and covered me saying softly, “Just rest Miss, I shall return in only a minute or two.”

Closing my eyes I almost fell asleep as I felt her gently shaking my shoulder as my eyes fluttered open to see her smile, her hand reaching out as on wobbly legs she led me into the bathroom. The tub filled with fragrant waters as she cleansed my body of the oils, washing me all over as I sleepily looked at her. She finally finished, helping me out, my body demanding rest as she assisted me to our bed. I managed to stay awake until she had undressed, hanging up her things before joining me. Tonight, it was my turn as she opened her arms and I allowed my head to fall into the crook of her neck and with one last smile, I fell asleep in her arms.












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