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I have become Such a Sissy

    I am a biologically a male. These days a live openly as a sissy; it is some thing I have learned to accept and not live my life hiding in a closet. It is who I am inside and I enjoy my feminine side.  

     I am more comfortable these days with the shocked looks and wide-eyed stares, people always have when I first step into a woman’s store or the local mall. I ignore all the terrible things they whisper about me.  

      So I like to wear girl’s clothes.  

      It is not hurting anybody


     I love the look and feel of girl’s clothes.    They feel nice and soft and there never boring because they are always changing the fashions and the styles and there looks. They can use so many different materials colors and types of frills or lace, bows or ruffles.

   I enjoy shopping and trying on all the pretty things. I love all the different types of must have clothes a girl needs in her wardrobe. Things like pantyhose, camisoles, bras, slips, panties, shoes, sweaters, purses. A girl must also have ready for special affairs.

 Long dresses

 Short dresses

 Fancy dresses

 Little black dresses




 Hair accessories


 I like experimenting with different types of make up, I like painting my nails in fun colors just as a girl does. I want to see how feminine and pretty I can look or try to make my self-look.

       I love bubble bathes and all the flowery varieties of pretty smells of women’s hair products, like shampoos and conditioners.

      I love the smell of a woman’s deodorant mixed with body powders and skin lotions.

      I love shaving my legs and keeping my whole body smooth and hairless. Keeping my skin soft and smooth leaves me always feeling sexy.

      I like have recently discovered that I like going to the beauty parlors. I am going to begin making my self-weekly appointments for pedicures and manicures.

    There is so much and so many things I enjoy while exploring my femininity. Things a man will never experience in his life.

    To be able to dress every day in panties, bras and all the other fabulous feminine varieties of lingerie underwear and frilly clothes a girl has available to choose from.

    Nothing compares to the unique and feminine feeling I get to feel, when I am wearing new silk stockings on my freshly shaved legs  While I feel the straps gently, tug at the garter belt around my waist.

      I even found that, I actually enjoy how sexy I feel walking in a pair of sexy and tall heels. I get a kick how my butt wiggles and sways with each step.

      Nobody can see the sensuous satin and lace bra I have under my pretty blouse.

      I love wearing a bra. I can feel it wrapped snuggly around my chest while cupping my small breasts. It gives me a nice warm and fuzzy feeling of femininity. Just like, I was a real woman.

      These days I only wear panties. I think I must own at least 50 pairs. My panty drawer is over flowing. I do not own or wear any male underwear any more.

       Panties are some of my favorite things to wear. I love shopping for panties. There are so many different types, styles, and colors.

        Some girls like panties designed just for comfort and practicality made from cotton and cut to give a more flexible and comfortable fit.

        I love the ones made to look ultra feminine and feel really.

        These are just for us girlie girls. Therefore, I like wearing them the most.

I love all the different types of feminine lingerie made just for girls. I want to own and wear every type there is.

There are petticoats and tutus, tights stockings, pantyhose, stockings, garter belts, corsets, camisoles, slips, corselets, Basques, waist cincher's, bustiers, fifty different type bras.

   Then there is all the feminine sleepwear.

Nightgowns, Baby dolls, Teddies, Pinafores, Chemise, Night-tees, Men’s shirts

   All theses made in a thousand different styles and combinations. They come made in satins, silks, and a dozen other feminizing materials.

      I think I am lucky to realize what all the other men don’t.

       Being a sissy opens my life up to some of the greatest feelings and pleasures that normally only girls experience.





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