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I’d love to tell you it was this grand scheme which I had planned, all set for a singular purpose but to tell you the truth, it just happened. I knew Gabrielle had been struggling for the past week or so, I could see it even when she went about her daily tasks, the things which normally would bring a smile to her face not having quite the same effect. I’d done my best to compliment her but even that seemed to bring only a faint smile to her face. Now, I was going to try a different approach.

“Gabrielle, come here please.”

When she came to the doorway, her eyes opened a bit wide as I smiled at her, patting the chair next to me as I said, “Girl time. I’d just like to enjoy a bit of time with my lovely maid, join me, please?” She blushed, the poor gurl couldn’t help it, it was as much part of her DNA as the man she was trapped inside. She walked over hesitantly as I poured her a glass of wine, handing it to her and I saw her fingers tremble, a familiar occurrence, not even something I noticed anymore but to her, it was a weakness.

As she sat down, pulling her already short skirt down to no avail, she managed to almost whisper a thank you as I smiled saying, “Nope, not tonight Hun. Tonight you’re not a submissive, you’re my girlfriend, my best friend and I want you to be comfortable. Now, slip off those heels, they must be killing you after all day.” Once again I saw her eyes open wide but she obeyed, a soft sigh escaping her lips as I held my wineglass as I touched hers, a salute to the promise the evening might hold.

I took a sip, encouraging her to do the same as she did my biding without question. Even allowed an evening away from her normal role, she still embraced what made her the happiest, doing as I asked and I loved it. As we sat there, I extended my hand, holding it out as she tentatively placed her own in it, her body as always moving slightly but I paid no heed, clasping her hand as I said, “I love a glass of wine in the evening Gabi, we’ve never done this together, it’s nice, isn’t it?”

Bless her heart, the poor girl nodded, taking another sip as she said in that soft voice, “Yes Miss…I mean, yes Macey, it is. Thank you for sharing it with me.” Now, coming from anyone else it would have sounded funny but with William’s other half, I knew the words were heartfelt as I gave her another smile, pulling her hand up, giving it a soft kiss as she blushed again for me and then, she giggled.

It was a magical sound and it suddenly dawned on me, I’d never seen Gabrielle or William for that matter, have a drink. She took another long drink of the wine and I saw it in her eyes. It was going straight to her head and as I had to stifle the laugh which played on my lips, she licked hers, grabbing an errant drop of the liquid before it could escape. It suddenly dawned on me, this might be the perfect time. I let her enjoy the glass, waiting until she had almost finished before pouring her another one as her eyes had grown a bit cloudy and I began to speak…again.

“So tell me Gabi, has experiencing your life as my maid been everything you hoped it would be?” I watched as the gurl shook her head no before taking another drink of wine. For a moment, I felt the anger rise up, how dare she say it wasn’t but I kept my face stoic as she finally replied.

“No, it’s been more than I could have ever dreamed Mis…Macey that is. I guess I thought at the start that you were doing this simply because I wanted it so bad, more out of pity than anything else. It didn’t take me long though to realize that unlike before, you actually welcomed me into your house, just like William. It’s nice, you know?”

I gave her another smile, thrilled to finally hear her speak, though a little guilty that I was having to have her, shall we say, under the influence to do so. However, I wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass but as I started to ask her another question, I found she had more to say.

She took a drink, a smile playing on her lips as I listened. “I remember the first time I got dressed for you. You were so sweet, so nice, I was sure you could never be a dominant, it just wasn’t in you. You saw how scared I was and you did everything you could to help me feel better about myself. I mean, I know I’m not pretty but you made me feel like I was to you. I thought all I could ever be was your maid but then you pulled out that little gurl dress and it was like opening my eyes.”

I nodded, refilling her glass as she looked at me a bit tipsy before continuing by saying, “At first I didn’t know what to think. I’d never pictured Gabrielle as being younger. Then when I dressed, I realized at that age she could do things the maid could never do. She could have an ‘accident’, she could act up to try and get punished. She could bring out the Domme in you. The maid is far too wrapped up in being perfect for you that she keeps the punishment she wants wrapped up inside of her. The girl in the pink dress just let’s herself go.”

I’d never thought of it that way but it suddenly dawned on me she was right. Gabrielle was always striving to be the maid SHE thought I deserved. One that did everything right, even though she wanted to possibly not clean or cook properly, to push her boundaries, to try my limits, she never did. My ‘daughter’ on the other hand, seemed to go out of her way to find trouble and now I understood why. I had to hide the smile behind my glass as I let the little jabber box talk away.

“You know, there was that one time when you had me pushed over the kitchen island, remember?” She giggled, just like a schoolgirl, picturing it as I was. “I forgot what I did. Do you remember? Oh yeah, I broke a plate. Oopsies, clumsy me. You put me in chains, gagged me and then you teased and tormented me.” She let her voice drop lower, into a whisper, motioning for me to get closer and as I did I hear, “Then you fucked me. God, I was so happy when you did that.”

It had been a special day, that I remember but I didn’t think that it had made that much of an impression. I guess I was wrong as she got a wistful look in her eyes saying, “For a moment, at least for a bit, I felt like I’ve always wanted to feel.” I could sense she was nearly saying something but I didn’t urge her. I needed her to say it on her own, to make sure and she didn’t fail me. “I always wanted to be a bit of a slut you know, you made me feel like yours when you did that. Your daughter can’t be one, wouldn’t be right, no, no,. no.”

She sighed and it hit me, I knew what I could do. I’d been looking for another way to expand upon our play and this could possibly be it. She seemed lost in thought as I said, “Gabi, I have an idea. Will you trust me, do what I say luv, please?” She looked at me, blinking but then happily smiled, nodding as I reached out to take the wineglass before taking her hand, leading her into the bedroom.

I knew she was self conscious with her body, always dressed behind closed doors but as I began to undress her, it was like dealing with a paper doll. She obediently just stood there as I finally walked over to a drawer, opening it and pulling out a few things I had purchased quite sometime ago, all in hopes of this night coming. As I dressed her, she kept that smile on her face, her mind a bit muddled as I put on each item until finally I led her over to my dressing table, gently pushing her down into the seat, facing away from the mirror.

It was my turn to talk as I took my brushes and things to her face, my little doll sitting there. I let my voice take on a sultry tone, smoky as she listened to me with wide eyes as she heard, “I watch you all the time Gabrielle, do you know that?” She shook her head slowly as I smiled wickedly. “I act like I’m reading, but in reality I’m watching that cute little bottom of yours sway under those petticoats. Yes, I remember the first time I had you in the kitchen. You mewled like a little kitten for me, you little minx. I knew then you were far more than a maid, you were a little tramp, aren’t you gurl?”

I saw her blush, to try and let her eyes lower but I also saw the stirring below as I laughed saying, “Don’t even try to disagree with me pet. Yes, you’re a wonderful maid, one who makes sure she does all the prim and proper things but there is something lurking under that uniform and tonight, I’m going to make her a part of our lives together, a third component to the many faces of Gabrielle, now turn around precious, meet your new sister.”

She almost fell out of the chair trying to turn around but I steadied her as she looked in the mirror. The purple and black Basque which pulled in her figure to make it look more feminine, held garters, stockings adorning her neck. The black lace fingerless gloves, the black lace choker, both adding to the look which was completed with a bit over the top makeup, the shades of purple and grays giving her eyes a whorish look, the look I knew she secretly desired as she saw me begin to undress behind her.

I let my voice again take on a tone which washed over her, hypnotic in command while saying, “You are the perfect toy for me my sweet little bitch. Part woman, part man and I need to show you what I’ve wanted to do with you from the first moment we talked. Now, get on the bed, on your back little one. This is what you were born to do, do not keep me waiting.”

Her eyes took on a dream look as she stood, wobbling a bit in the higher than normal heels I had purchased for her as I took off my last garment. I sauntered over, licking my lips, looking down at my prize as I pulled the restraints which were on the top two rails of the bed, quickly tying her wrists, knowing how the bondage maid her feel even more submissive, before reaching down, picking up my lace panties as I pushed them into her mouth. I opened the drawer of the cabinet, taking a piece of tape, placing it over her lips, the gag another fetish, her dreams coming true. I wasn’t finished though, oh no, there was much more to follow.


Reaching back into the drawer, I pulled out a set of metal rings, making sure to hold them up so that he could see them. “These my pet, are called the gates of hell. Now, let me show you how they work.” I reached down, freeing her from the panties she wore. The front of them already showed a rather dramatic wet spot as I shook my head, my voice showing my disapproval, “So little control you have over your body gurl, we really need to work on that.” I took the base of his ‘clit’ and squeezed hard, his body jerking, a whimper escaping his gags lipped as I drank it all in.

The erection she had been experiencing quickly vanished as I slipped the rings in place, only then to lick my lips and take her in my mouth. As fast as it had gone, it reappeared but this time the rings captured her, as I swirled my tongue over the head, tasting the delicious precum, before allowing it to escape my mouth with an audible plop. I allowed my body to slide up his, positioning myself as my eyes closed in ecstasy as I let her fill me, inch by glorious inch.

When I opened my eyes it was to the beautiful sight beneath me. The half man/half woman who writhed as I laughed, the sound almost sinister as I said, “Don’t struggle pet, it will just excite me more. The gates insure you remain hard as long as I need for you to be while you’re unable to cum. You’ve become the perfect toy, here to give me all the pleasure I need, as long as I need it while it leaves you able to get so close to the edge but never able to step off. As I said, the perfect toy, the ultimate pet, my own personal slut.”

I began to move up and down, already feeling the orgasm beginning to rise from deep within me. My fingers moved up, trailing over my nipples, feeling them harden as I moaned my desire, my eyes watching hers closely. I had captured more than her body, I had tapped into her mind, her soul as I saw it. So many little hints in all the tales ‘he’ had written for me but it took a glass of wine for it all to come pouring forth as I said, “This is what you want. You need to be used like the whore you are Gabrielle. An object for another one’s pleasure, specifically, for my pleasure. Isn’t that right?”

I gave her less than a second to reply before I slapped her bare bottom, hearing her whimper again as the power rushed over me, my voice growing louder, “I said, isn’t that right?” Her muffled reply from behind the gag, her frantically nodding her head signaled my release and I pushed down hard, twisting my nipples, embracing the pain and pleasure principal I had learned from her as I screamed. A torrent of my desire flooding her, dripping down, seeping into the linen.

As my eyes fluttered open, I gave her a smile, pleased with what she had brought me but now, now I wanted more. I flipped her, forcing the restraints to dig deep into her wrists, hearing her muffled cries but they only urged me on as I said, “On all fours kitten, now.” She mewled for me, doing my biding as I put on my toy, the strap on bobbing up and down as I pushed the lubricant deep in her pussy, enjoying how she squirmed against it. “So eager, aren’t you my slut?”

It was only seconds later that I straddled her, the fake cock buried all the way inside her, the knob on the end pushing against my engorged clit with every stroke. I’d positioned the mirror so she could see it all. How she looked, my pretty little whore with her mouth full of her Mistress’s panties, unable to cry out as her body was being ravaged. She didn’t want gentle, she wanted to be used and oh, how I used her. I kept up the litany, telling her how I loved to fuck her tight little pussy, how she would come to beg for me to do so as I saw her submission, her eyes deepening with it with every stroke.

Another orgasm, this one a combination of the power and the lust which filled both of us and I once again screamed, a single word MINE being spoken over and over again as she gave into my will. It was like someone had unleashed the primal instincts in both of us and where I had always been cautious in how I treated her in the past, I let the desire wash away any doubt, simply reacting to her body and her needs that she had finally spoken of. It was almost liberating as I looked up to see her head hanging down and to my amazement, even with the rings in place, the evidence which lay in a puddle between her legs seemed to be the fitting, shall we say climax.

I grabbed her hair, forcing her head back, hearing her whimpers as I growled, “I did not give you permission, yet your body once again fails you and me. As I said earlier, it’s time we did something about that. This calls for drastic measures.” I pulled free of her, pulling open the drawer before walking into the bathroom, returning seconds later with an ice cold washcloth. She squirmed as I roughly cleaned her, then held up the new chastity device, the look in her eyes priceless as I slipped all the pieces in place, the new lock gleaming as it clicked shut.

I undid her restraints, roughly pulling her to her feet, her head hanging down, so lost in her submission as I pulled her over to the closet. I’d done this sometime ago, never thinking I would ever require it but I knew after tonight, it was all part of what she had kept hidden from me. The cage was a new one, I had it specifically designed and as I pushed her down onto her knees, I took down the various straps and began to put them in place until she lay there, my captive, my prisoner, my possession.

She was forced into a hog tied position, her arms and legs behind her back, the strap running between them almost cruelly forcing her to arch, to hold the position. I took the attachment, putting it onto the chastity, wondering if he remembered showing it to me in one of his many attempts to be subtle, yet desiring and as I pressed the button, the chastity came to life, the electrical current not enough to harm but certainly it captured the helpless ’gurls’ attention. She tried to writhe but her bonds wouldn’t allow her only very limited movement.

I looked down at my maid, a vision in purple and black, her moans, her whimpers, her cries all music to my ears as I whispered in her ear, “I think you need a little alone time pet, to consider the error of your ways. I think overnight should suffice, don’t you?” Her eyes grew wide, tears filling them though I’m not sure if they were from her torment or her pleasure as I let the door slowly close, as the light went to darkness and the last words she heard was, “Sweet dreams….I’ll see you in mine,” and then all that was left was darkness.







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  •  Pamela: 

    Sorry but I could not get into this one. Took me a while to realize written from GG mistress's perspective ?? Perhaps I have getten used to reading your stories written from Gabrielle's (or Brandice's) viewpoint ? if that makes sence. Do love the pic attached to it though.

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  •  sissyjennyslut: 

    it a very good story

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