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This is a different kind of story, one written in order to try and exorcise a particular demon, I'm not sure how to describe it any better than that...but I do hope you enjoy.


I had been a clinical psychologist for the past ten years, specializing in helping those who dealt with grief over either the loss of a loved one or other traumatic events in their lives. It was rewarding work when you helped another break through to the other side to find there was light following the darkness but for some, it was not so simple. When the pain, when the hurt was more than one could handle, I found myself considering a alternative knowing it would take a special kind of person. Today, I found him.


The man who I will refer to as W. had lost someone special and in doing so had lost himself. Every week I would try to help him heal, even a small amount, but in doing so it seemed like all our sessions would do was simply rip a scab off a wound to remind him of the pain he was still suffering. As I sat at my desk, transcribing my notes of the session I closed my eyes as I held the recorder out saying,


“W. is still not responding well to the verbalization of his feelings. His anger at himself and his misguided belief that he is solely responsible for the events which have led him here can only be satisfied by his own physical pain. I am considering utilizing the alternative method next week but if that is not successful I fear then that he is nearing the edge of the abyss and I can not allow him to take that final step. End of recording.”


A week later when he walked in the door, he looked haunted. His clothing was disheveled, his appearance, the circles under his eyes telling me he wasn’t resting, he looked like he had seen the edge of the cliff and was considering if the fall would end his suffering. I had no choice, it was now or never. “Please William, lay down on the couch, you look weary.”


The man who lay down on her couch had long, dirty brown hair, blue eyes which seemed to hold very little spark of life. He had obeyed, not asked a single question, simply done as I had asked and it fortified her me for what I planned to do next. This was not standard protocol when it came to this type of counseling but in my opinion, I needed to do something radical before it was too late.


“I’d like to deviate from our normal session William. Perhaps try something new if I may, with your permission of course.” He just lay there, a barely perceptible nod of his head assenting as I moved in closer, my chair touching the edge of the couch, my eyes locking onto his as I began to speak softly, calmly, evenly as I said, “I want you to close your eyes, listen to only the sound of my voice, picture what I am describing and let yourself go there in your mind William. Let’s begin.”


There was little to hold him back, I could see it in his eyes, read it in his body language and it took only a minute or two for his eyes to fall and for him to slip into a highly hypnotic state. Hypnotism would allow me to accomplish two goals. While under, though I could not force him to do anything that he morally would not, he also would have to answer me with complete honesty. Little did I know just how honest, he would be.


“Now, you’re in a safe place William. No one can harm you here. There’s only you and me. I’m going to ask you some questions and I require your complete honesty. Do you understand?”


His voice is soft, barely a whisper in reply. “Yes.”


I’d already decided that by bringing up the past, especially his loss, that we had traveled over that path so many times that he wouldn’t be responsive so I’d decided on a completely different approach. “So, tell me what would make William happy?”


When he answered, I almost brought him right out of his hypnotic state. His voice remained calm, almost eerily so. “Death.”


I forced my own voice to remain even, without a tone of reproach. “So by dying William would find happiness?”


He nodded his head slowly, his eyes still closed, his face still passive as I sat there thinking as fast as I could. I knew he had reached the edge of the abyss, I just wasn’t aware he had actually contemplated taking the final step. It frightened me no end but for some reason, I changed tactics while saying, “Very well then, in the past, is there something else that made William happy?”


It was strange, the man who only a moment or two ago had spoke of the unspeakable almost smiled, before saying a single word. “Gabrielle.”


I can not lie, I was reeling, completely lost as I chose my words very carefully. “Gabrielle? Who is Gabrielle William?”


His smile still played around the corner’s of his mouth as he spoke softly, “Gabrielle is me. She lives in me. She’s another side of me.”


It had never dawned on me that inside of this man there might be two personalities. One which was being drug down into the darkness which threatened to swallow him whole while the other seemed to bring a spark of life back to him. Either way, I grabbed hold of that name like a lifeline and held on tightly. “May I speak to Gabrielle please William?”


His face before was relaxed, passive and it almost lit up those his eyes remained shut as I heard him say, “You wished to speak to me M’lady?”


I looked down, making sure my recorder was still running, glad this was my final appointment for the day because I had a feeling I was going to be here for quite sometime. “Why yes, I did. I’m Doctor Hernandez Gabrielle, it’s nice to meet you dear.”


For a second I almost laughed, I was not aware that a person under hypnosis could blush but blush he…I mean she did. Then she smiled saying, “You are kind, much to kind to one such as I M’lady. Do you require my service Doctor Hernandez?”


“Your…your service?”


“Yes M’lady, I’m a submissive maid. Are you a dominant?”


It suddenly dawned on me what William was saying. His secondary personality was a woman, though not a genetic girl, still in his mind a submissive maid who had at one time brought some light to his dark world. I couldn’t help but wonder for how long he had kept her hidden away from the world.


“I have not been a part of William’s life for quite sometime Dr. Hernandez. When he suffered his…tragedy…he gave up all hope of finding happiness again. I fear now that in the end I will no longer exist nor will he. He is consumed by guilt, by grief, by sadness and I have sensed that he will bring his life to an end very, very shortly. I do not know how to help him.”


Those words were more telling than anything William had expressed in our entire time of therapy. He would have never been able to articulate them, but this girl could. She was his inner psyche, his most fervent desires and as I sat there, looking over at him, I made a decision. Ethical or not, it was the only correct decision to be made. I didn’t have time to ask for another’s opinion, I simply did what I thought was best. I guess only time will tell if it was the right decision or the wrong one.


Post hypnotic suggestions were one thing, what I was doing fell far outside the perimeters of helping someone stop smoking or possibly lose weight. I sat there, thinking it through, how I would approach it and finally I began to speak but in doing so, I would need another’s help in order to possibly make this happen. “Gabrielle?”


“Yes Dr. Hernandez?”


“I would like to propose something to you. I will not do this unless I have your approval. You are a part of William, a very important part who I sense has helped keep him alive. If he is to remain so, I need for you…I need for us to make a change. Will you hear me out Gabrielle?”


She nodded as I took a deep breath before continuing. “William is the physical individual who currently lies on the couch. Through a post hypnotic command, since he already has accepted you as a part of his life, I will to make you the dominant personality, while he will then become the passive one. You will essentially switch places with him. I hope in doing so to accomplish two goals. One, to give you the ability to embrace your own life. Second, and most importantly, to give William’s mind a chance to resolve the issues which are currently tormenting him. If I can then at a later time help him to move forward, he can return. I fear if I bring him out of his current state, he will not survive, do you agree?”


You could almost see the inner turmoil going on behind the mask. Perhaps he was fighting for control, perhaps she was trying to soothe him but either way I had to just sit there until after a few moments had paused I heard, “Yes, I agree. If he is awoken, he will never return here. He already had set a plan into motion and that plan would lead to his demise. What do you require of me M’lady?”


I had to think and I had to do so quickly. To say that this was uncharted waters would be putting it mildly. I reached over, picking up a pen and paper, writing ‘Gabrielle’ at the top as I had to build her into a real individual, not a fictional or secondary character. “You say you are a submissive maid Gabrielle, tell me to you what all that entails, please?”


In my studies I had one some work on understanding the mind of an individual who preferred a more alternate lifestyle but never anything to this level. As she spoke I scribbled furiously until she finally came to a stop, the silence hanging over the room as I continued to ponder the possibilities and what would need to take place to possibly make this happen. I didn’t see anyway that I could simply bring forth a grown woman as she described, she had no memories of anything other than that and I needed time to build my creation.


“Gabrielle, I’m going to count to three and you’re going to become even more relaxed, even more open to my words. I will be giving you commands, you will embrace them as you will embrace yourself in the current body you are in. Though the outward appearance is masculine, in your eyes, in my eyes you are…you will be a woman but first, we need to help you develop into the woman you shall become. Now, one…two…three.”


Her face showed nothing but complete relaxation as I looked down at my hastily written notes as I began to speak slowly, my voice carrying a medium tone, this being the most important part of the entire process. “Gabrielle, you will find there are three separate phases to your growth. First, your childhood. When you hear the word “Temple”, you will revert to being a five year old girl who is being raised by her Mommy. Your Mommy will teach you how a young lady should act, should dress, should talk, should walk. She will give you the basic skills you require to begin your new life.”


I paused for a moment to make sure she took it all in before beginning anew. “The second step in your development is as a teenager, it is the awkward phase between being a child and becoming a woman. Once again your Mommy will be your guide to insure that you do not fall prey to any bad habits or act in a manner which will give your Mommy pause to correct your actions. There are consequences to any actions Gabrielle and you need to learn that prior to becoming a woman.”


One thing remained. “Third, and finally, is your transition into becoming a submissive maid in a home which will require your service. At that time you will find an Owner who is willing to accept you for who you are and for what you desire. It may not be an easy thing to do but I believe with the proper guidance it is possible. By that time, I hopefully will have not only given you your hearts desire but will also be able to work with William to see if we might bring about his safe return and to understand why we are doing all of this. Now, do you have any questions Gabrielle?”


Her voice was sluggish, she was deep under but she answered no as I smiled before saying, “Very well, now I’m going to count to three again and you’re going to fall into a deep, restful sleep. You are safe in your sleep here with me Gabrielle. I have some work to do and you will rest in order to prepare for where your journey will take you little one. One…two…three.”


In today’s information age there was nothing you couldn’t find on the internet, including a specialty shop which catered to what I would need to put the first step in my plan into action. I called them, a bit unsure but as I talked to the woman, explaining to her what I was attempting to do, she made me feel more and more at ease. We finally agreed to a time to meet and now, now it truly began.


I walked over, sitting down on the edge of the couch, reaching up to brush a lock of hair back from the individual who lay there, a bit unsure but ready to see how this might work. “Gabrielle, I’m going to count backwards from three and you will awaken. You will feel refreshed and ready to move forward. We’re going to leave here, you will take my hand and you will not speak until you are spoken to. Three…two…one.”


Her eyes fluttered open, the brilliant blue looking at me as she gave me a shy smile and I gave her a nod of my head. She stood up, extending her hand to me as we left my office, locking the door behind us as we headed toward the parking garage. I stopped, instructing the guard that the ‘gentleman’s’ car would be staying over the weekend before taking her to my own vehicle, opening the door for her and I almost grinned as I watched her slip into the seat like a woman would, making sure her legs stayed together even though she was wearing slacks.


The drive was mostly done in silence, as she sat primly, the GPS taking me to the location I had been given, pulling around the back. The store was called ‘Illusions’ and as I took her hand, we entered it and I saw a rather matronly looking woman, her silver hair with her crisp white blouse and a-line skirt walking toward us as I said softly, “Temple.”


It was like flipping a light switch, the individual whose hand I was holding quickly moving behind me, almost hiding as I saw the sparkle in the older woman’s eyes as I said softly, “I’m Doctor Hernandez, you must be Ms. Arbuckle?”


She nodded, a bit of a smile as she said, “And this must be Gabi, hello princess, how are you?” The man who stood 5’10” continued to hide behind me as I pulled him forward, my voice with a bit of reproach saying, “Gabrielle, this is Ms. Arbuckle, what do you say to her?”


The voice was indeed almost childlike, her face looking down as she said hello but quickly returned to stand there pressed up against me, her safety blanket if you will as the older woman moved in, taking her hand and lifting Gabrielle’s chin so that she could look in her eyes as she said calmly, “When a little girl is asked a question by a grown-up she should always answer them properly Gabi. The correct response should have been “Hello Ms. Arbuckle.” I will forgive you this one mistake child but you will need to learn quickly, now, you will follow me,” as she extended her hand.


The poor individual who stood there looked up at me in fright as I shook my head saying, “Do not act up young lady or you will be punished. You are to obey Ms. Arbuckle and do anything she asks of you. She and I know what is best for you and I promise I will be near. Now, go with her child.”


The blue eyed man simply surrendered, his hand trembling as she took it as she led him over to a young woman, a blonde beauty who smiled as she said, “Hi Gabi, I’m Britney, let’s play dress up, okay?” She didn’t really have a chance to answer yes or no, she was simply handed off to her new advisor as Ms. Abernathy turned, walking back over to me as she smiled warmly saying, “Perhaps a cup of tea while we discuss your expectations for Gabrielle. She’ll be busy for the next two hours but I promise, we’ll take good care of her.”


As she prepared the tea, I explained what I had planned and she listened intently. Finally, she took a seat, taking a sip before saying, “First of all, I think what you are doing for William is truly exceptional. He obviously is a very haunted man and left to his own devices he would have caused himself great harm. Secondly, I’d like to make a few suggestions if I might. As you said, you have some expertise but it is theoretical in nature, not actual participation. I have both if you will allow me to share my thoughts?”


I nodded as she smiled before continuing. “For an individual like Gabrielle, her ultimate destination is to be found in her submission, in her service. If you are to instill this in her at an early age as we are beginning here today, it will enable her to accept herself without any guilt or recriminations. It will have become part of her upbringing. Yes, she needs love but more importantly, she needs a firm hand and guidance.


For a submissive, it is in the correction of their mistakes, no matter how big or how small, that they come to terms with their own sexuality. She will look in the mirror after Britney has finished and will see that which you have instructed her to see. More importantly though, she will look into your eyes and it needs to reflect the same. She needs to know you accept her as Gabi, as your little one in order to bond completely with you. Only then will she be able to take the second step, her adolescence which will be a difficult thing for both of you. She will be a teenage girl Doctor, they can be…quite the challenge.”


I smiled as she gave me one in reply before continuing, “I can give you some pointers when that time comes Doctor but I think she’s in very capable hands from what I can tell. We’ll see when the time comes if you’re in need of assistance. Now, if you’ll give me the keys to your home, we need to take care of some preparations for you to take your new charge to. I promise, it will be worth it in the end, you’ll see.”


It was a couple of hours later that Britney returned, smiling at both her employer and to me saying, “I have someone for you to meet, come in sweetie.” I had to catch the gasp which threatened to escape my lips as she vision in pink and white walked through the door. The dress was like something from a movie from long ago, the white petticoats making it stand out, the pink and white lace socks, black patent leather shoes, white lace gloves and pink bows in her hair creating quite a sight. It was light makeup, but it still made her appearance look so much more feminine, even for one dressed as young as she was and you could see the look in her eyes, almost pleading for approval as I smiled.


Her hair fell in auburn curls, as she tentatively walked into the room as Ms. Abernathy said, “Well Gabrielle, what do you say to Britney for all her help.” I couldn’t hide my grin as the little girl turned, giving her new friend a curtsey as she said softly, “Thank you Miss Britney for everything.” The blonde girl gave her a smile and a hug as she winked at me before saying, “You’re welcome princess, you be a good girl like I told you for your Mommy, make me proud.”


“Yes Ma’am,” as she turned, walking over to me, looking up as she bit her bottom lip and I smiled before saying, “You look beautiful princess. Are you ready to go home with Mommy?” She nodded shyly as Ms. Abernathy gave me a smile, walking us to the back door, my car having been brought around so that no one could see as she scampered into the front seat, letting me put her seat belt on her, smiling as I got in beside and we made our way home to see what awaited us there.


I saw the van out front when we pulled in and as we walked in from the garage, a dark haired woman was waiting, two men making their way out of the home through the front as she gave me a smile saying, “I’m Melissa Doctor Hernandez, and who is this pretty little girl?”


Gabrielle turned shy again, hiding behind me as I laughed saying, “This is Gabi, say hello to Miss Melissa sweetheart.”


She came around, her voice soft as Melissa favored her with a smile, offering her a hand as she said, “Do you want to see your new bedroom Gabi, it’s all just for you. I think you’ll like it.” Gabrielle obediently took her hand as I followed behind them, wondering how they could have done this in such a short period of time but to my amazement, the spare bedroom was now decorated in pink and white, stuffed animals abounding, the closet full of clothing, the chest the same including items for sleep, toys, dolls, all the items one would find in a little girls room as the look on her face was priceless.


By the time Melissa took her leave, Gabrielle was sitting on the floor, playing with some of her new toys as I went into the kitchen, preparing a light meal, knowing it had been a long day for both of us. “Gabi, dinner is ready.” She came in, sitting down primly at the table, as we enjoyed the meal and I watched her. I remembered how William had looked when he entered my office earlier that day and now to see the glow that radiated forth it was like night and day though as he finished the last bits of his food, you could see his eyes growing heavy.


“Come on sweetheart, it’s time for bed. Little girls need their beauty sleep.” She obediently took my hand as I led her back to her bedroom. As I undressed her I noticed how all her bodily hair had been removed, from head to toe, her skin glistening as I pulled out a set of baby doll pajamas and she sleepily donned them. I took her into the bathroom, having her brush her teeth, wash her face before leading her back to her bed, the pink coverlet, the crisp white sheets as I saw a bit of a look of fear in her eyes when it suddenly dawned on me.


“Princess, since this is your first night here, would you like to sleep with Mommy?” She sleepily nodded as I smiled. She reached over, picking up the little white teddy bear who had sat on her bed as I took her hand and she carried him back to my room. I pulled back the covers as I began to undress, keeping an eye on the little one as her eyes continued to fight to stay awake. It was only when I got in bed beside her did her head slip into the crook her my arm, my gown having gaped open and I gasped as her mouth found my nipple, her eyes closing as she began to suckle.


It was like lightening struck me, every nerve coming to life as she clung to me. I had to bite down hard on my bottom lip to stifle the moan which threatened to escape my lips. Her teeth dragging over the sensitive flesh as my body seemed to have a will of its own. I felt her leg over mine, her ‘clit’ hard, swollen as she whimpered softly, her body dragging her down to her rest but not before she trembled, the front of her ruffled panties showing a distinct wet spot and to my dismay, my body shivered all over as my own orgasm washed over me.


She never stopped, continuing to suckle as my hand shook, stroking her hair as I looked down upon her peaceful face. A myriad of emotions raced through me. I’d done this for William, not for me. In my mind I had made a clinical decision, one based on the welfare of my patient but in reality, somehow I had crossed a line between reality and fantasy. It had never dawned on me that I might somehow find my own world changing by my actions. As sleep claimed me, my dreams were vivid, quite extraordinary as mother and child lay as one.


The next morning when I woke up, my little one was still in my arms. Her eyes slowly fluttered open as I gave her a smile saying, “Good morning princess, did you sleep well?” She nodded as I pointed into the bathroom and she scooted in, with me close behind. I undressed her, seeing the mess she had made as I decided now wasn’t the time to correct but understanding that time would come. As I ran the water for her bath, she stood there unselfconsciously, like a child would as I smiled at her.


As I washed her, I thought back over the events of the past day or so and I smiled. If anyone had of told me yesterday I would be tending to the needs of a, well, of someone as special as Gabi, I probably would have told them they needed therapy. Now, she had become my own kind of therapy and it felt good as I cleaned her all over before finishing up by washing her hair as she literally cooed for me. Drying her off, I noticed again how she had become aroused and I had a thought as I took her hand as she clutched at the towel.


“Gabi, would you like some of mommy’s sweet smelling lotion on you little one?” She nodded shyly as I took the towel from her and began to rub her body until I found myself standing behind her, having positioned us so that she was looking directly into the mirror. I took my hand, the rosemary scented lotion as I began to stroke her ‘clit’, to move my hand slowly up and down, my eyes on hers as I saw them begin to glaze over.


It was a powerful rush, feeling her come alive at my touch, knowing I was the one responsible for her pleasure or perhaps even more according to what I remembered the words of Ms. Abernathy only the day before. My voice turned soft, barely a whisper in my special ‘gurl’s’ ears as she heard, “Mommy knows how to make her little princess feel so good. When Gabi is a good girl, she’ll be rewarded like this. Do you like what mommy is doing to you precious?” The poor thing, her legs were shaking, threatening to spill her to the floor as I continued to tease, to torment her, playing her body as she was my more than willing instrument.


My voice again turned hypnotic as she began to whimper, the sound only spurring me on as I said, “You will be mommy’s little princess, a girl who obeys mommy’s every command, who does precisely what mommy tells her to do and in return, mommy will make you the best little girl in the whole…wide….world.” The final three words drawn out as she cried out and I held my other hand in front of her as she spilled forth her seed, my body writhing caught in the web I was weaving.


By the time she began to calm, she leaned against me as I help my hand up to her lips, softly saying, “Clean up your cream little kitten, be a good girl now.” She needed no more instruction than that, her tongue flicking out as she cleaned up every single drop, as I kissed her neck, enjoying how she purred for me, for her…dare I say, Owner. I think in my mind I knew where this would lead, where the path would take us both. I wasn’t fooling myself, the only thing that surprised me, was just how badly…I wanted this, for both of us.


When she had finished, I sat her down, taking out my curling iron, seeing her shyly smile at me in the mirror as she licked her lips, getting one bit of the treat that had escaped her as I fixed her hair and did some light makeup, leaving her lips shiny as I took her hand, leading her back into her bedroom. The dress today was lilac, a light purple, the bows in her hair the same as she sat on the edge of the bed, swinging her feet as I put on her matching socks and her shiny patent leather shoes.


When she was finished, I sat her down, giving her a few toys to play with as I went back into my bedroom, my own bath waiting. I wasn’t in it for a few minutes before I put my hand over my mouth, the other one feverishly working between my legs as my orgasm washed over me. It was like not one but two sexual creatures had been unleashed and the power that had been given me was the most powerful aphrodisiac of all.


The rest of the day passed with my joy sitting at my feet, coloring in her books or playing with her dolls as I read, having downloaded a book which I was reading at a feverish clip all about bringing out the best in a submissive slave. It had ceased to become a clinical experiment for me, it was now reality and I wanted to know more, needed to know more as a whole new world was opening up to me. As evening was drawing to a close, I read a chapter on correction and when I finished, I looked up to see that Gabrielle was no longer at my feet.


When I found her, she was standing in room, coloring on the pink wall, the green crayon in stark contrast. I immediately thought about what I had read, a smile coming to my face as I would have a chance to put my new found knowledge to work immediately. I snuck out, going to my bedroom, taking three of my scarves, laying them out on the bed before returning to stand in the doorway, my voice calm yet speaking volumes, “And just what do you think you are doing young lady?”


She gasped, dropping the crayon, her head immediately falling as she stood there, so cute, so vulnerable as I walked up, taking her by the hand as I pulled her over to the wall, pointing to the marks. “Your crayons are for coloring in your books, not on the walls. You will be punished for this young lady, I will not tolerate these kind of actions.”


I pulled her over to her bed where I sat, pulling her ruffled panties down to her ankles as she cried out when I pulled her over my lap.


I felt it, her hardness as it slipped between my stocking’s, trying hard to keep the smile off my face as I began to spank her barehanded. She squirmed, struggling but I kept a tight hold on her as I blistered her cute little bum, my handprints showing up against her pale flesh. It was the ninth blow, with one more remaining that I felt her body shudder and she came, the thick white cream streaming down my legs as she began to sob. When I was finished, I let her slide to the floor, my finger pointing to my stockings and to the puddle on the floor. “Clean this mess up, immediately, is that clear Gabi?”


She obeyed without question, her sobs turning into whimpers, her tongue trailing over my nylon clad legs as I felt my body begin to respond. When she had finished, I took her by the hair, giving it a sharp pull as she cried out and I forced her face between my thighs and she once again began to lick. Power rolled over me and it took only seconds before I exploded, rewarding my pet for her efforts and I felt her drink greedily of her treat but I still needed to prove my point.


I got up, taking her hand, roughly pulling her into my bedroom where I pointed onto the bed. She got up, whimpering as I turned her over onto her tummy, her still sticky ’clit’ against the sheets as I used the three scarves to bind her wrists, her ankles and then gag her as large tears fell from her eyes. By doing so I prevented her from what she wanted most, remembering her actions of the night before. I got undressed for bed, her eyes begging me, my breasts on display as I said, “Good girls do not get rewarded when they are bad little one. You need to learn that lesson well. Goodnight.”


It was five minutes later that I heard her sobbing finally begin to turn into whimpers, then a few more minutes passed until I felt her body grow still. When I turned to look at her, she had succumbed to her bodies need for rest. Her tear stained face so adorable as I looked down to see her desire overflowing, pre-cum running constantly as I smiled, knowing she was not only a naughty little girl but one who enjoyed a touch of pain with her pleasure. She would be quite the special one, that much was becoming easy to see.


Come the morning, I awoke to see her blue eyes looking directly at me, still bound and gagged, such a pretty little package all wrapped up in a bow. I smiled at her, stroking her hair as she nuzzled against my hand, closing her eyes and I said softly, “Gabi, I’m going to count to three and you’re going to go into a deep sleep, all you’ll be able to hear is the sound of my voice and to listen to your next command. It’s time for you to take the next step young lady. One, two, three…”


She relaxed, her head falling as I continued to play with her curls. Phase one had been a complete success but I had a feeling this would be much more of a challenge. I let my voice wash over her saying, “It is time for you to experience your adolescence Gabrielle. I’ve already made arrangements for you at ‘Illusions’ for today. When you hear me say the word, ‘Teenager’, you will be my fourteen year old daughter, with all the trials and tribulations of being that age. I will be your mentor again and you will obey me or you will find, there are consequences to your actions my special girl.”


I untied her bonds, removed her gag as she lay there motionless as I said, “Now, when I count down from three, you will awaken, feeling refreshed and you will bathe and prepare yourself with the clothes I will lay out for you. We will leave in one hour my pet. Three…two…one.” Her eyes fluttered open as she smiled and got up, walking toward the bathroom as I walked toward the kitchen, coffee calling me as a new day dawned.


It was later that morning that we stepped into the store, the single word having been spoken as Gabrielle went willingly with Britney who gave her a hug and me a smile. Ms. Abernathy asked me how it had proceeded so far and I gave her a report as she chuckled, her eyes sparkling as I told her how I had handled the crayon incident. “You know of course Doctor Hernandez that Gabrielle will test you even more as a teenager. This will be the pivotal point in which you have to make sure she finds out she is a submissive, a slave in her desires and to her Owner, to you.”


I must have looked surprised as she shook her head saying, “Don’t you dare try and tell me that you haven’t already made that decision dear girl. I could see it in your eyes and I definitely can see it in hers. You two were destined for one another and with that being the case, the pressure is on you. She already is learning her place, I can only assume you are doing the same, are you?” I guess the look I gave her was all the answer she needed as she once again prepared tea.


“The power you are discovering Doctor is an essential part of a dominant/submissive relationship. Gabrielle is learning to associate her feelings for you in both a maternal but also in a level of trust which is a rare and beautiful thing. She’s learning you will both nurture and correct her but that the two are not in turn completely separate. They both represent growth in your bonding and it will need to be increased in both its intensity and its use during her, shall we call them, ‘years’ as she grows into her role.”


Once again, it was later that day when Britney walked in and I had to smile at the teenager who had gone from her pretty little bows in her hair to hair which now was highlighted with streaks of amongst her long auburn hair. It was pulled back, a bow of burgundy helping to frame her face, that same shy smile though the makeup she wore was far more dramatic, smoky eyes with a touch of glitter, burgundy dripped lips. The dress she wore would almost be considered almost too short for public attention if it had not been for the black leggings, leading down to a pair of burgundy sandals to accomplish the final look.


Her walk was different, her steps toward womanhood leading her toward me as I smiled and said, “Well hello princess, you look all grown up my dear.” She smiled, her eyes shining as we took our leave of the studio, but not for the last time, that much I was sure of. Ms. Abernathy had informed me they would need a little additional time at the house so we stopped to get a bite to eat and as we walked through the restaurant, I noticed I wasn’t the only one drawing a few stares or glances of appreciation. The young lady who walked behind me found more than a few looking her way and it surprised me to feel the jealousy rise within me. It wasn’t something I had given much thought to.


As we sat there, the waiter approached and I took the menu he placed before her saying, “I will order for the young lady.” I perused the options, picking out our meals as she sat there, her eyes taking in the sights of the other patrons until I saw a blush rise to her face, her eyes lowering and I turned to see a young man looking her way with a smile and I had to fight the urge to correct her even though she had not been the one giving the other a flirtatious look.


The meal was enjoyable as near the end she excused herself to use the ladies room. I started to join her but I thought I should give her a little privacy, a bit of freedom. It was an error in my judgment as several minutes passed and I finally got up, moving toward the fall wall where I came to a stop to see that same young man with his arm resting on the wall, Gabrielle shyly smiling as he turned on the charm and I promptly strode their way.


“Gabrielle, I did not bring you here so that you might flaunt yourself in front of any man who sees the opportunity to take advantage of a naïve young woman.” Her face grew pale even under her makeup as I turned on her possible suitor, my eyes cold as I said, “And, I suggest you run along dear boy. This girl is my daughter and I do not take kindly to strangers trying to draw her into their sordid lives. Leave now and I won’t have to contact the authorities, is that clear?” It obviously was as he turned quickly, almost running from the spot.


I took her hand, returning to the table, paying the bill before leading her out of the restaurant so that we might make our way homes. It was a drive in silence, my anger and my emotions having gotten the best of me for some reason, though I was unsure if it was because of the parental role I felt I was portraying or simply from the jealousy which had bubbled up deep from within me over


When we got home, I walked toward her new room, having an idea but unsure. Luckily, I was right, the room had been transformed as she had been but a lot of it was in disarray, a typical teenagers room. “I want this room cleaned by the time for supper. If it isn’t, there will be consequences young lady.” She bowed her head, though I heard her mutter what I believed were the words, “It’s not fair,” as she went about her tasks and I shut the door behind her, a smile playing on the corner of my lips.


By the time dinner was ready, I knocked on her door, finding it looking considerably different from when we had first entered. The stereo was playing, some kind of inane pop music but you could see the floor and things had been put away. It was not immaculate but it was quite an improvement as I said, “This will do for now but you will not live under my roof while living in a pigsty young lady, do I make myself clear.” She nodded, almost a sullen look on her face.


I walked into the room, taking her none too gently by the arm, my voice cold. “When I ask you a question young lady, I require an answer. I can’t hear you nod. You are not too old for me to punish and I will put you across my lap if it’s needed, is that clear?” Her face turned ghostly white as her voice became a whisper, “Yes Mommy, it’s clear.” I nodded, turning as she followed me toward the kitchen, dinner being served.


“Fix me a plate Gabi, then fix one for you. You need to take more responsibility around the house now that you’re older. I’ve been far too lenient with you, that ends today.” I wanted to get her in the mind set of service, of waiting on me as that was her ultimate goal. She moved to do as I asked and we enjoyed our dinner, though she mostly pushed her food around the plate, not really eating much. It was obvious she was unhappy with me and I had a feeling she would act it out sooner than later. I was right.


That night when it came time to turn in I walked past her door, it was slightly ajar and I heard her voice as I stopped to listen. “That was my Mom, she thinks I’m still a little kid and I’m not Bobby, I swear. I’m old enough to make my own decisions and if I wanna go out with you, I’m going out even if I have to sneak out. You tell me when and where and I’ll be there. Do you really think I’m pretty?”


I stood there fuming, unaware she had gotten a phone number from him as she continued, “Midnight tonight then, I’ll get changed and my Mom should be asleep. She’ll never know I was gone and maybe we can have some fun.”


I heard her put the phone down and giggle as I retraced my steps before returning shortly to see her standing there, starting to get undressed as I said, “I’m going to bed precious, sweet dreams Gabi.”


As I walked toward my room I heard her mutter, “My name is Gabrielle, god I wish she would quit calling me that.” I grinned, looking at the clock, knowing I had about two hours before she was about to have a very, rude awakening. I hadn’t gone into her room, I didn’t know what Ms. Abernathy had put in there but I had a feeling as I changed myself, donning the clothing she had left for me and as I did so, I felt the power again begin to grow in me, finally sitting down at my makeup table, making the effect even more dramatic until I saw it was shortly before midnight and I made my way back toward where I knew Gabrielle would be going.


I heard her walking as quietly as she could, my bedroom door closed, the lights off as she neared the kitchen, tiptoeing in her heels until suddenly the room was flooded with light as she heard, “And just where do you think you’re going dressed like that you little slut?” My words rang true, she was dressed like she was to appear in some kind of Britney Spears video, her belly button had even been pierced by the young woman at ’Illusions’ and the look was somewhere between a Catholic schoolgirl and a street corner prostitute. Her eyes grew wide as I saw the garish makeup as I stood, my presence formidable indeed dressed completely in leather and lace.


I watched as she began to stammer out an explanation as I slowly walked over, my hand finding her throat as her words stopped as I squeezed gently saying, “I think it’s time you learned there’s far more to Mommy than meets the eye precious. You will follow me.” I took her hand, leading her down the stairs into the basement, the cool air sending a chill down her spine as I felt her hands begin to tremble. I flicked on the light switch, hearing the whimper which escaped her throat as I saw Ms. Abernathy had been busy. Walking over, I picked up a pair of handcuffs as I turned to face my wayward daughter. “Your hands behind your back, now girl.”


She started to open her mouth to speak but a single slap, a stinging blow across her face and that teenage angst, that rebellion was removed with only that simple motion, her head hanging down as she turned her back, lowered her head and put her hands together for me. Whimpering, I pulled her over to a chain hanging from the ceiling, attaching the hook, pulling her hands up high, forcing her to bend over at the waist, her short skirt lifting to show me the decadent lace panties she was to wear out to meet that boy.


“Look at you, no better than some guttersnipe, a tramp who would allow any boy to take advantage of you. I raised you better than this Gabrielle and I warned you there would be consequences to your actions. You’re Mommy’s little girl and you will always be Mommy’s little girl, you’re going to learn that the hard way princess.” Walking over, I picked up the metal tipped flogger as I jerked her panties down to her ankles as she struggled against her bonds.


By the time I had finished with her, she hung there, her makeup in ruins, having run down her face as she cried softly, her body swaying as it had betrayed her, a long string of hot, sticky cum dripping from her ‘clit’ down to the floor. I walked over, opening up the small refrigerator, pulling out several ice cubes which I began to rub over her tortured bum, the reddened flesh as she gasped, her head on a swivel, trying to see what was happening to her.


I grabbed her hair, forcing her eyes to look at me. Almost daring her to be defiant but there was no fight left in them as I said calmly, “You belong to me child. I raised you and you will stay with me forever. No man will ever touch you girl but I promise, I will give you your hearts desire. You’ll learn that no one can bring your body to life like I can little one. Now, let’s begin.” Walking over, I took the strap on, fitting it around my waist, her eyes growing wider, her whimpers louder as I gave her a wicked smile. “Now I’m going to take what you would have let that pathetic little boy have.”


It was an hour later that both of our sweat soaked bodies were pressed up against one another. I’d taken her virginity and in the end she’d given me orgasm after orgasm as she fell deeper into submission and I grew in the power my dominance was exerting over her. By the time I walked in front of her, pulling her head up by her hair, her eyes were glazed completely over but without a command, she opened her mouth and cleaned the fake phallus as I smirked, my voice almost cruelly saying, “Once a slut, always a slut, aren’t you princess?”


She never spoke, just continued to bath the cock, cleaning it until I pulled free, an audible pop as it left her mouth. I lowered her aching arms, sensing she was nearing exhaustion as I helped her on unsteady legs navigate the stairs as I led her into my bedroom, helping her to lay down on her side, her hands still shackled. I got in bed beside her, pulling her in close as I did my little girl only a few short days ago and she showed her true colors as she found a breast and began to gently suckle. I smoothed her hair back from her forehead as she fell asleep and I soon followed her.


When morning came, I opened my eyes to see her still asleep, her clothes from the night before all disheveled, with her skirt having risen up to show the top of her thigh high stockings and her panties having disappeared. I saw her ‘clit’ as my mouth watered and I moved my head so that I could capture it. I licked the top before taking it in, feeling how it grew quickly in my mouth as I slurped away at her hardness, her sighs becoming moans as she bucked her hips, trying to force more into my waiting mouth.


I looked up, her eyes feverish with desire as I allowed the tip of her slip from my lips as I let my tongue run up and down the slit as she began to whimper and I said softly, “Good girls get rewarded Gabrielle, do you want to be a good girl for Mommy precious?” She nodded frantically as I grinned before I plunged my mouth back onto her and within seconds she cried out and I took my reward before moving up to find her mouth and I shared her seed, the two of us kissing as one.


The next two days were heaven. It was like each of us had finally found our proper place in the home and as we’d laugh and enjoy each other, I could see it in her eyes. The reflection of how she had come to mean so much to me and how desperately she wanted to be more. It was that final night that I called her into the room, my fourteen year old beauty as she entered, her shy smile in place as I patted the edge of the bed for her to sit down beside me.


She did, so prim and proper, her eyes slightly lowered, it was easy to see the direction she desired her life to go in and I wanted to make sure she knew how desperately I wanted to be the one who would take her there. I took a deep breath before saying, “You are my joy Gabrielle. Mommy could not ask for a better daughter but you’re growing up now and I know you have certain needs, certain desires of your own. Do you want to talk to me about them sweetie? Mommy will listen, I promise.”


I saw the flush rise to her face as I smiled, gently pulling her into my arms. I let her head rest on my shoulder, simply playing with her hair, willing to be patient until she was ready to tell me and minutes later I was finally rewarded.


“I, I wish to be a maid, a submissive maid Mommy. I want to belong to a strong Owner, one who will correct me, who will teach me, who will allow me to please her in all kinds of ways. From keeping her house clean, to fixing her meals, to helping her with her personal hygiene and even by…” as her words trailing off, the red on her face telling me more than enough. “I want to be special to her, to be someone she cares about as if I was more than just a maid, as if I was…special.” I felt them, the tears on my blouse as I held the young girl, stroking her back, calming her as I knew how her emotions played such a vital role in who she was, no matter what age she might be portraying.


When she finally grew still, I began to speak in a calm, level tone. “I’m going to count to three Gabrielle and when I do you’re going to fall into a calm, restful sleep. I’m then going to give you your final hypnotic suggestion, you last command which will bring you into full womanhood, making you the person you’ve always dared dream and desired to be. One, two, three.”


It was the next day that I heard the vehicle pull into the driveway, a chauffer getting out to open the door, two women coming out, one with her head held high, the other shyly following behind her as I answered the knock on the door and with a smile said, “Well hello Ms. Abernathy, and who is this with you?” The silver-haired matron gave me a nod, her voice business like in reply. “This is Gabrielle, the maid you requested Doctor Hernandez. Gabrielle, what do you say to the good Doctor?”


I watched as the young woman who had grown from child to a full grown adult curtsied, dressed in the black and white lace of a domestic servant for a house said softly, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Doctor Hernandez. Thank you for the opportunity of being of service. Ms. Abernathy speaks very highly of you.” I nodded to her as she stood beside her ‘sponsor’, who gave me a brief smile before pulling out the ‘contract’ we had concocted together, explaining how it was to be for a five year period with my option to renew if Gabrielle performed to my expectations.


Her room had already been prepared in advance. Her new uniforms of all colors, with matching hosiery, heels, all the finery she would require having been taken care of as Ms. Abernathy shook my hand, reminded Gabrielle how she would be keeping a close watch on her, and as she left our new life together truly began.






That night, as we lay in my bed, my arms holding this incredible woman tightly I lay there with my eyes closed, simply enjoying having her near. It was pitch black but my eyes suddenly opened wide as she leaned in and whispered in my ear….


“William wishes to say thank you for saving him, for showing him that life is worth living and that if someone believes in you, then in the end, you see that it’s alright to believe in yourself. He’s here if you ever wish to talk or more. Most importantly, he wants you to know…he loves you too.” She issued a soft sigh as she found her peace in my arms, my tears falling silently until I followed her…where our dreams and our lives might take us.































































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