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There's No Place Like Home
I don’t know why, I thought since it was Halloween that it would be the one night I could be assured that I could find myself lost in the shadows. With all those out and about I would not be notice...
A Coming Of Age...
This is a different kind of story, one written in order to try and exorcise a particular demon, I'm not sure how to describe it any better than that...but I do hope you enjoy.   I had been a clinical...
From Maid To More
I’d love to tell you it was this grand scheme which I had planned, all set for a singular purpose but to tell you the truth, it just happened. I knew Gabrielle had been struggling for the past week ...
Let The Festivities Begin...
  The voice at the other end of the phone brought a smile to my face. Very few knew my secret, it wasn’t something that came up in polite conversation. Luckily one of those who did know favored a fa...
In Service...
I’d served Master and Mistress for almost a year, one of the happiest of my life. I’d searched all my life to find a couple who would accept my submission while giving the chance to enjoy that whic...
Sissy Bill's Fantastical Reunion
Sissy Bill"s Fantastical Reunion by Debra Darling Sissy Bill had made a very serious mistake. Just how serious he would soon find out. He had told Mistress Lydia to whom he was a sissy maid ...
The Craigslist Ad
I don’t usually reply to ads on craigslist, but this one was too good to pass up....   “Hung daddy looking for a sissy maid to come over and put her mouth to work. wanna put something long and hard i...
One Sissy's Subjugation
To me, part of the fantasy of being a submissive T-girl involves stripping me of my masculinity, documenting my transformation and the humiliation that it would involve. For me it started through an e...
Only 3 days part 1
Only Three Days. Part 1.     I think I should warn those of 'a nervous disposition' that this story contains very dark themes, brutality and worse. If you are not prepared for that, then stop reading ...
Innocent Fun. Not. Chapter 1.
Innocent Fun. Not.     With thanks to Maid Tracie whose short story "So Helpless" inspired me to write this. Thanks also to sissy grace for allowing me to put her in bondage so I could lead her wherev...
Innocent Fun. Not. Chapter 2.
Innocent Fun. Not.     Chapter 2     Later that day the shine had worn off my enthusiasm a little. My private parts were straining against their confines and becoming quite sore. It had been fine when...
Innocent Fun. Not. Chapter 5.
Innocent Fun. Not.       Chapter 5.         I found he had topped up my supplies of meat and other things his body would need to replace the semen he was squirting into me so frequently. There were al...
Corner Time
Corner Time by pansy ancelina   [ last updated: 7/21/14 ]   Story attempts to explore the level of mental anguish a sissy maid must suffer when ordered to stand in his "sissy corner" in a crowded r...
As Easy as Possible
As Easy as Possible by pansy ancelina   (with more than a slight assist from ACD)   "I should certainly do it," said Sherlock Holmes quite out of the blue.I have to confess that I started at this in...
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