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Roz transforms me
Transforming under Roz Over the next few months, after being essentially imprisoned by Roz with my bowel functions stuffed and control by her, I spent days learning to walk locked in heels, apply...
Roz captures me
  Roz is beautiful: black skin, blacker hair and eyes, big breasted, athletic from ju jitsu class.  I was surprised when she cornered me at work and asked me to come "play" at her house.  I readily a...
One Sissy's Subjugation
To me, part of the fantasy of being a submissive T-girl involves stripping me of my masculinity, documenting my transformation and the humiliation that it would involve. For me it started through an e...
The Craigslist Ad
I don’t usually reply to ads on craigslist, but this one was too good to pass up....   “Hung daddy looking for a sissy maid to come over and put her mouth to work. wanna put something long and hard i...
Let The Festivities Begin...
  The voice at the other end of the phone brought a smile to my face. Very few knew my secret, it wasn’t something that came up in polite conversation. Luckily one of those who did know favored a fa...
What Price Desire
I stood in front of the imposing door, my hands visibly shaking, my mind running rampant, my thoughts a jumble as I opened it. The front of the building had only the number of the business adorning...
There's No Place Like Home
I don’t know why, I thought since it was Halloween that it would be the one night I could be assured that I could find myself lost in the shadows. With all those out and about I would not be notice...