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Exposed as a sissy
Mistress exposed me as a sissy to two of her friends last weekend or should I say she made me expose myself . Mistress made me strip down to my stockings and sissy all in one underwear and serve her ...
Roz captures me
  Roz is beautiful: black skin, blacker hair and eyes, big breasted, athletic from ju jitsu class.  I was surprised when she cornered me at work and asked me to come "play" at her house.  I readily a...
Innocent Fun. Not. Chapter 1.
Innocent Fun. Not.     With thanks to Maid Tracie whose short story "So Helpless" inspired me to write this. Thanks also to sissy grace for allowing me to put her in bondage so I could lead her wherev...
Bankers Bonus
This story contains brutality and death. If you are not prepared for that, then stop reading now.   Copyright 2013 Sissy Barbie. All rights reserved.   Bill had been a banker all his working life. He ...
Innocent Fun. Not. Chapter 4.
  Innocent Fun. Not. Chapter 4. It seemed like hours that I lay tightly hog tied like a chicken trussed ready for the oven, well my head was more like a pigs head with an apple in its mouth. I once mo...
Innocent Fun. Not. Chapter 5.
Innocent Fun. Not.       Chapter 5.         I found he had topped up my supplies of meat and other things his body would need to replace the semen he was squirting into me so frequently. There were al...
Innocent Fun. Not. Chapter 3.
Innocent Fun. Not.   Chapter 3. He completed the main course, there were no leftovers. "Apart from it being a bit cold, that was good, you can cook... Oh what am I going to call you? I will choose...
Innocent Fun. Not. Chapter 2.
Innocent Fun. Not.     Chapter 2     Later that day the shine had worn off my enthusiasm a little. My private parts were straining against their confines and becoming quite sore. It had been fine when...
the life i live
well its been going great with the MISTRES  and me, I've been serving her and her friends all the time. thay use me as a servent for there needs,from cleaning there house's to serviesing there men fro...
Kidnapped and made into slavery
I always fantasize on being kidnapped by a international group that trades white male slaves to groups that will transform me into a slave and change my sex and make me work the streets as a whore....
Roz transforms me
Transforming under Roz Over the next few months, after being essentially imprisoned by Roz with my bowel functions stuffed and control by her, I spent days learning to walk locked in heels, apply...
Roz gets Payment
Roz gets Payment Weeks after breast implant, lip collagen, and lip and tongue piecing surgery, Roz set me down for a little news. “we need to pay the doctor for his kind assistance in changing you”...
Innocent fun. Not. Chapter 6.
Innocent fun. Not.   Chapter 6.   When he had finished with me he released my spreader bar and chained my ankles back together. He told me to go and make him lunch. I curtsied and minced backwards to ...
Joyous Enslavement
Please note this is fantasy. The characters are not real people nor have the events happened.   I have been Mistress' part time maid for nearly a year now and she has told me to keep this log of how ...
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