By sissymaidconnie · 2691 days ago
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  •  sissymaidconnie: 

    Thanks to everyone of you who have voted in this poll, It is now closed. This same poll was conducted in several Fetlife groups and 1 non relate Fetlife group. i will not say what the results are, but will surprise you all with photos when the order has arrived.

     2659 days ago 
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  •  sissymaidconnie: 

    i will be posting photos of me wearing them. i do look forward to doing this.

     2672 days ago 
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  •  sissymaidsheila: 

    i voted for the full-cut pandora-sissy-panties sweetie ! Laughing

     2672 days ago 
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  •  Nina: 

    I hope you show them for us when you bought them.

     2679 days ago 
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  •  sissyjennyslut: 

    *curtsey to all of You* this sissy is  going to buy sweet rose panties ( full-cut standard all in pink becuss this sissy love pink a zipper in the front and the back 6 lil bells and chains and padlock the sissy has chastity witch this sissy ware  tooo


     2681 days ago 
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Sissy looking to serve
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