Prior to including Transgendered as a sex or gender a number of Male Sissies, Male Maids and Male Sissy Maids indicated that their sex was that of a Woman.  I'll be going through the Woman category in the next week to change these members over to Transgendered rather than Woman.


This should make it easier to find the type of member that you are looking for.

2674 days ago
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  •  sissystephonie: 

    i for one am glad there is a transgender choice.

    i find it hard to claim i am a Man because ive never felt like i was a Man.

    i would never insult a genetic Female buy stating i am one though i wish i had been born as one.

    so lets see i am not a Man i am not a woman but i feel like a woman on the inside but look like a poorly equipped male on the out side.

    sissy works but i am more than that.

    Bisexual transgendered is the best fit that i can see so thank you

     2673 days ago 
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