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2684 days ago
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  •  belinda01: 

    I worked at a black university and was the only white in my department. Over a 2 year period I began to find myself attracted to black guys and could not understand this attraction. The more I tried to avoid it the more I had to understand it. One guy in particular would always be friendly with me. Eventually he invited me to his very spacious beach house for dinner and I accepted. He was very friendly towards me as I entered his front door with a few nerves as I was doing things I had never done before. We sat in his living room drinking wine. One glass, another replaced another empty bottle. By the time dinner time came around I had something of a buzz going on. But that strange sense of security around him allowed my defenses to drop. After dinner he showed me around his property which was near the beach, so we walked along the beach with him carrying another bottle of white wine and he was sure to keep my glass full. I remember as we started to turn around and head back towards his house, that he put his arm around me when I staggered in the sand to hold me. It was like a magnet that stood me up strong and a strange feeling in my panties began to squirm. As we got back to his front door, I asked him something I had never spoken before. "I wanted him to take me up to his bedroom so that I could do him" I think he was as surprized as I was and asked me what did you say? No sooner did he ask but I repeated my desire. I found a strange sense of hearing the words but not admitting to myself that I spoke them. He smiled and lead me upstairs towards his room. He went right and I went left into the bathroom across the hall from his room. I had to pee. When I came out he was laying on his bed with silk sheets and a candle burning on his night stand and an erection between his legs. He had his hands behind his head supporting his head. I slide in between his legs and began to suck my first cock. I felt such a rush in my tummy the feeling of butterflies. This was so hot to me, giving a man satisfaction. I gagged more than a few times and he was very supportive a nurturing. I asked him if he wanted to enter me and he said yes. I rolled over on my back and he put some warm ky jelley in me to warm me up. When he entered me, it was like a symphony orchestra playing in my head. I was dizzy with feelings. He kissed me on the lips and began twisting and playing with my nipples. It was such a rush. I felt him cum inside me like buckets. So much that as I got up to clean up, it was drueling down my legs.

    It was the first time for me and it lead to a long term relationship where I moved in with him. I became more than just his girl friend. He would take me shopping for special lingerie, stockings, corsets. I had so many feminine items that it soon became obvious to me that I no longer needed to wear any male clothing. I began letting my hair grow out and eventually colored it blonde going to the nearby hair salon to have things touched up and my nails done. I was beginning to feel more and more feminine over the next 6 months to a year and I was becoming more and more emotional at times. It was at that time he asked me to take what he said was female vitamins. Later I found out that they were hormones. Things had started getting more soft skin was less hairy and my nipples began to get larger like jelley beans. I had a hard time controlling my orgasms. It seemed I would cum almost in 60 seconds with his power and strength. Over the next year I was certainly busting out showing cleavage. It was then that he started to talk about a deeper commitment. He wanted me to have breast augmentation surgery which I eventually did have. Things seemed to be going in the right direction for both of us. He asked me to marry him and I said yes. I actually had such a wonderful day dressing in the white chiffon wedding dress. We had a marvelous honeymoon in Hawaii. I am now his wife and take care of the home and him in the bedroom. We are both very happy.



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