We're approaching 1,000 members so I thought that we should have a story contest, with prizes. The contest will run until September 30, 2012.  There will be 3 prizes payable by PayPal.

1st Prize: $100

2nd Prize: $ 75

3rd Prize: $ 50


Please upload a picture of some kind with each story.


If you can, please include the terms: chastity belts, sissy maid training, sissification, forced feminization and/or forced fem.


There's no extra points for including these terms, but it might help with the SEO (search Engine Optimization) of the wesite and bring more potential members to the website.


The prizes will be awarded on a total points system, a 5 star vote = 5 points; a 1 star vote = 1 point, etc

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  •  PansyAncelina: 

    I'm afraid I find the instructions for your story competition a bit too vague.  What is the minimum and maximum permissible lengths of these submissions and how and where are they to be submitted?  One would imagine in the "Stories" section of this site, but I find the story categories that are listed there very limiting.  Where does one add a story that touches on multiple categories?  Or none of the existing ones?  I had this problem when I wrote my short piece called "Corner Time" which fitted into none of the existing categories so I submitted it as a blog instead.  IMO the headings that currently identify "categories" should really be "tags" that are added to a story afterwards for searching purposes. Right now, I feel they somewhat limit creativity.

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  •  MissPinkyGalore: 

    yay! going to promote this on the greedysissies blog!

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