Category: Some Useful Info
We just completed the 7th month of being open to the public, at the end of October, with 1560 members. That's over 220 new members a month. We're on track to obtaining 2,000 members
2272 days ago
Prior to including Transgendered as a sex or gender a number of Male Sissies, Male Maids and Male Sissy Maids indicated that their sex was that of a Woman. I'll be going through the Woman category
2306 days ago
Some members of the site have asked that I include "Transgendered" as a sex in addition to "Man" and "Woman".
2331 days ago
August 11, 2012: Today we had over 500 unique guests on our website, over and above our members that visited. The number of unique guests was actually greater than 1/2 of our total
2354 days ago
We're Number 1 on Google, again. With the search terms: sissy maid and sissymaid. we're also Number 4 on Google for the search terms: sissy maids and sissymaids. I've uploaded
2427 days ago
According to Google Analytics we had 255 unique visitors yesterday. That's the first time since we started GoogLe Analytics almost a month ago.
2429 days ago
Last night and today I have been switching to a faster server. While my previous server indicated that the "Plan" included unlimited bandwidth, they were constantly complaining
2439 days ago