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Benefits of Being a Cuckold Husband
2478 days ago
Vote for as many stories as you like. Each vote can be from 1 star to 5 stars. The total number of stars the story get will determine the winner.
2531 days ago
We just completed the 7th month of being open to the public, at the end of October, with 1560 members. That's over 220 new members a month. We're on track to obtaining 2,000 members
2598 days ago
The Contest Winners Are: 1) Corner Time with 39 points, 2) No Place Like Home with 30 points, and 3) From Maid to More with 20 points
2621 days ago
Prior to including Transgendered as a sex or gender a number of Male Sissies, Male Maids and Male Sissy Maids indicated that their sex was that of a Woman. I'll be going through the Woman category
2632 days ago
There's only 10 days left in our story contest. Write a story, submit it through our story module.
2642 days ago
Some members of the site have asked that I include "Transgendered" as a sex in addition to "Man" and "Woman".
2657 days ago
We're approaching 1,000 members so I thought that we should have a story contest, with prizes.
2671 days ago
August 11, 2012: Today we had over 500 unique guests on our website, over and above our members that visited. The number of unique guests was actually greater than 1/2 of our total
2680 days ago
In the last 30 days London has had 631 visits. London is our first city with over 500 visits in a month! Congratulations!
2705 days ago
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