The official pigsty for my pets who do not have the honor of serving me in person~ roll around in the mud, sink in the quicksand. Get dirty, get dumb. That's the way I like it. I have a special affinity for sissy bimbos who become enamored and entranced by my feminine wiles.

Here you'll find info for positions available, tasks, and other juicy crumbs.

Remember: Tribute well and tribute often!

My Wish List

I’m interested in stretching your wallet, your mind, and your pain threshold.

I love to humiliate you. Seeing you blush, sputter, and shake puts a smile on My face every time. These tributes are priceless. However, I much prefer the type of tribute that costs you dearly, both financially and in spirit.

I accept the following:

Southwest Airlines Gift Certs

Sephora Gift Certs

Amazon Gift Certs

Send ALL gift certs to

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Come to Me with a creative approach and do your best to impress.

I’m into dealing with mature individuals.

It’s ok if you are new to the scene but I do insist on the following displays of respect:

  • Don’t send endless IM’s and emails. If I don’t answer you, you can be sure it’s not a technical glitch. In fact, what you had to say was either non-stimulating or simply didn’t require a reply. Feel free to take it personally.
  • Come prepared. Do your research first. Google is always happy to help. Bring something to the table besides that useless sac of dust that hangs between your legs.
  • Always address Me as: Miss, Mistress, or Ma’am unless instructed otherwise.  I do not answer to "Princess"!
  • I will do occasional cam sessions at My discretion when properly begged and tributed and scheduled in advance.

YES I am snobby! If you don't find this attractive then you should just leave now :)


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  •  MissPinkyGalore: 

    kandi~ send me some more pics of you to post and expose your cocksucking whorish self ;)

     2634 days ago 
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  •  kandiluvkoxx: 

    Gender: Male

    Age: 44

    Birthday: Sep. 16

    About me:

    I am  now to be known as Kandi Love-Koxx. In training to become a true sissyslut. 


    or: or:  here to be cruelly exposed as a sissy.

    Brief description: EXPOSE THIS FAGGOT

    Location: ferndale michigan

    Interests: fucking and sucking cocks to make my mistress money and keep her happy, needs abit of cock sucking trainging

    Skills: an obedient and loving sissy slut, fucking and sucking the cocks of real men, and earning money for my mistress.

    Contact email:

    Telephone: 734-635-2874

    Mobile phone: 734-252-9403


     2635 days ago 
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sissy slut likes it
Upscale sissy needs training
I have accept the reality of who i am
sissy maid slut sheila
hi i need to be made into a sissy slave
sissy maid slut
I am a sissy
I went to bed snobby and I woke up snobbier!