Lady Gaga - In Latex?
HP Pavilion At San Jose
525 W Santa Clara, San Jose, CA 95113
Thu, Jan 17, 2013 07:30 PM

Let's wear latex to go see Lady Gaga in San Jose!

I've been going to her shows since the first tour and they are more like going to a rock and roll broadway musical then a normal "concert." I really appreciate her artistry... but truly admire her ability to take pop music and turn it into slow jazz piano tunes. I secretly long to do that for most modern music. :-D

The very best part of a Lady Gaga concert, however, is her fans. Imagine the glamorous version of the Moss Isley Cantina from Star Wars. All the beautiful monsters come out of hiding to frolic. Be street-legal and be fabulous!

I am a particularly big fan of wearing latex to her shows and I encourage you to find some inspiration and bravery to sport whatever finery you desire... there is strength in numbers!

I think general admission is the best show in town and there are tickets available on stubhub and craigslist... some more reliable then others.

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