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Date & Time:in about 1 month Sunday5th October, 2014 · 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM
West Bromwich @ map
Cost: £15.00 per person which includes tea party and buffet
Dress code: Ladies are to wear whatever they feel is appropriate for the day. Owned submissives are to wear what their lady desires. Lone submissives are to wear the minimum of all black or fetish. If you wish to attire yourself in sissy or female clothing, that is fine with us.

Devotion is a femdom event with the emphasis being on D/s protocol and etiquette. This is a place where dominant females can relax in a friendly atmosphere, socialising with likeminded ladies whilst being looked after and waited on by submissives continue reading

Devotion is a femdom event with the emphasis being on D/s protocol and etiquette. This is a place where dominant females can relax in a friendly atmosphere, socialising with likeminded ladies whilst being looked after and waited on by submissives and sissy maids. Subs will be expected to abide by a few house rules designed to ensure that the standards of etiquette are met thereby ensuring an enjoyable time is had by all.

Devotion will be held at Xtasia which is situated in West Bromwich. []. The venue has two car parks nearby, both down George Street, 50 yards from the side entrance, (see the Xtasia website for map).

This is a private members club and those attending will need to join, to speed this process up could you please go to the [] complete the form but put that you are attending the Devotion event. The management will then get your cards ready for when you arrive. You will still need to bring along a form of ID (Driving licence etc). There is no membership fee.

It is hoped that by limiting Devotion to four times a year we can make it an event that is regarded as something special and the perfect place for dominant females and their submissives to gather, socialise and play.

Venue The club contains a number of different areas. Upon leaving the main entrance you arrive in a large bar area with plenty of comfy leather seats. There is a small private dungeon space with a number of pieces of equipment and a second larger dungeon area, which will contain a good selection of play pieces. A staircase down from the bar area leads to changing areas, toilet facilities, a locker room, showers, and a wet play area. There is also a loft area with another 8 play rooms for those that wish to partake in more intimate play.

Tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase from the bar.

Smokers will be able to make use of the large heated outdoor smoking area. The venue has a strict ‘NO DRUGS’ policy, anyone found with any type of drugs will be asked to leave immediately. Cameras and mobile phones are not permitted anywhere in the club, which includes the outside smoking area. It is requested that guest leave these in the cloakroom.

Crawling area There will be a clearly marked crawling area. Subs must crawl in this area and are not permitted on the furniture.

Foot pampering Foot pampering will be available for most of the afternoon. Please speak to a member of the crew or a house sub should you wish to receive or provide this service. Foot rubbing lotion and wipes will be provided.

Tea party Ladies are invited to a tea party, which will be available on arrival. Accompanied subs may attend, but will be required to sit quietly on the floor next to their Mistress. Sissy maids will be on hand to serve complimentary tea, coffee and cakes to Ladies Only. They can be summoned by ringing the bells available. We would like to have a ‘secret Lady/ies to mark the sissies service.’ Volunteers please.

The Protocol Male guests are expected to demonstrate a respectful behaviour towards ladies in all areas of the club at all times. Accompanied submissive will adhere to the protocol prescribed by their ladies.

Full details are posted on Fetlife, events, Devotion.

Needle play, stapling and play cutting should only under taken by experienced individuals and those that have brought their own sterile equipment and sharps bins. It is their responsibility to remove such items from the venue and we would appreciate it if you could this to the attention of one of the Devotion team prior to your play.

Buffet A complimentary buffet will be served in the social area at 5:30pm. We request that submissives please allow ladies to be served first. The buffet will be replenished for the submissives to eat.

Sissy maids will be on hand to serve the ladies and there will be bells available for ladies to attract attention. Houseboys should be prepared to help out in this area should the need arise.

Details of the day– to be advised but is likely to include a demonstration. Previous demos have been Trampling, Sounds, needles and a Subs got NO talent compeition

The Devotion team prides itself on hosting a relaxed and friendly event. We hope that if you have any problems or reasonable requests you will bring them to the attention of the team immediately so that they can be resolved and you can continue to enjoy the event.

We hope you have an enjoyable day and look forward to meeting you all.

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