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15.06.2012 (2169 days ago)
TitlePublic humiliation

Hi all,

I am the Mistress of my subhubby Sarah the slut. I thought I would kick off with our most recent adventure.

My current girlfriend and I were invited to a New Years eve party by  along time friend of ours. I decided that we could have some fun with sarah. After a long conversation with our hostess, Celia the plan was in place.

Some days before we told sarah that it was a costume party and that she would be going as a maid. She curtseyed and enquired what i would be going as. I told her to wait and see.

Anyway, on the night of the party my girlfriend, Beth and I got sissy ready. I laced her into her tightest black corset. Lace top stockings and a black lacy bra. her nails were painted pink and I subtly made up her face. she could not drive in her outrageous maids uniform and high heels so I allowed her a pink track suit and beige loafers. My sissy was not going to get off that lightly though. I removed her cb and proceeded to fit one of her many restrainers. First I cinched the strap behind her little plums and then attached the penis corset to this and locked it all in place. Her plums were squeezed so tight they were like large marbles, the corset itself is lined with little rubber spikes and laces up very tight indeed. Last my favourite bit, a rubber cap, also lined with spikes that sits over her engorged glans. she was soon squirming. I slipped her medium butt plug in and finally handed her the panties she would be wearing. Her face fell as she saw them. They are double layered black satin with layer after layer of pink ruffles front and back. They are so sissy that even my terrified husband quailed at the thought that they would be seen under his skirts.

Beth and I dressed while sarah had some corner time. She wore a rubber skating skirt and see through black blouse with nothing underneath, thigh boots and a spiked choker. for me it was a severe leather pencil skirted dress and six inch heels. I did up my wide patent leather belt and hung my whip and a pair of handcuffs from it.

We arrived at the party at about ten, Celia answered the door and showed us to her bedroom so that I could dress the sissy properly. When we had finished a vision of submission stood quaking in her six inch court shoes. the little locks glinting beautifully at her ankles. Her peticoats, all five of them, stood out under her black satin dress, pushing the skirt out almost horizontally. I had already applied her nipple clamps and zipped and locked the dress in place. Her little white satin pinafore sat on the front and the large bows hung prettily at the back. Her slave collar shone at her throat, the pink crystals spelling sissy contrasting nicwly with the black patent leather.Her matching wrist cuffs were joined with a two foot long chain again locked in place. She looked divine, the picture of a sissy maid.

Well everyone, she had a huge shock as i ushered into the party rooms, She was the only one in fancy dress. the guests, mostly gay women, gave us a round of applause. Well, I was really proud of her then, she curtsied to the room and whispered to me 'thank you Mistress'. I informed her that she was the maid for the evening and do her very best to keep everyone served and satisfied. My, but the guests kept my lovely little girl rushing around, her por bottom must have been pinched a hundred times.

Just before midnight I asked our hostess for a hard backed chair. tis was placed in the centre of the room. i called sarah over and told her to position herself for punishment. She curtsied and bent over the back, gripping the seat as Beth lifted her skirts and petticoats to expose fully the ridiculous panties. The music was turned down and the TV began counting  towards midnight. beth and I stood each side of sarah and as the countdown from 20 began we took it in turns to whip her sissy ass in time to the count. we both struck at once on the last chime of big ben.

a loud cheer went up and everyone was kissing everyone else. Beth and I shared a deep snog and then Celia asked if she might try my whip. Well, she was just the first and poor sarah's bum was very red indeed when we eventually pulled her panties up and sent her back to work.

Much later after some seriously sexy dancing and having sissy clear up and tidy everything away we headed home. sissy in her tracksuit. Beth stripped sarah down to her undies and tied her up at the foot of the bed while we made very noisy love.

Happy new year indeed.

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  •  missyflirtz: 

    A lovely story; sarah is a very lucky gurl.

     2137 days ago 
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  •  teankerbell: 

      Thank you so much for that story ! It was very exciting to read the whole time I was wishing that I had a Mistress who would do that to me . I wish it wasn't so hard to find a Mistress .

     2144 days ago 
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  •  sissyslut61: 
     2153 days ago 
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  •  sissyslut61: 
     2154 days ago 
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  •  maidlar: 

    I am so envious of your hubby..

     2154 days ago 
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