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TitleMy Sissy Confession

My Sissy Confession
by sissymaidsheila

i confess i am a male but not a Man

i melt before a Woman

i am submissive to all Females

Please punish me Goddess for this is who i am !

i confess i like to dress up in Women;s clothes

And fantasize about being a slut and whore

Please punish me for my naughty and impure desires Goddess !

i confess i like to kiss and lick Female Feet and Their pretty toes

And clean the heels and soles of their shoes

Please punish me for my uncontrollable lust Goddess !

i confess i desire to be pissed on

And drink Her piss

my tongue to be used to clean Her arsehole

Please punish me for my naughty and wicked wants Goddess for i am excited by them !

i confess i have a teenie tiny weenie

To be laughed and mocked at

Never to be wanted inside Her mouth, arse or pussy

She will lock it up and decide if and when i ever cum again

As She constantly teases and denies me

Please punish me Goddess for this excites me !

i confess that i dream of Big Black Bull Cock constantly

Wanting to kiss it lick it suck it and fuck it

Craving those massive loads of thick Black cum

To swallow and to be pumped into my white sissy asspussy

Please punish me Goddess as i am a sissy cum slut whore !

i confess i desire My Queen Bitch to openly cuckold me

Taking many lovers especially Black Bulls

Making me serve Her and Them

Fluffing, sucking and fucking them

For my humiliation and Their amusement

Please punish me Goddess for i yearn for this desperately !

i confess my greatest desire is to serve any and all Women

As Their sissy maid cuckold bitch

Obeying Them and being disciplined by Them

As They wish

Please Please punish me Goddess to Your delight !

The End    Embarassed

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