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24.07.2012 (2130 days ago)
TitleMom dressed me like a gurl.

A nightie for the weekend.

My mom always said I should have been born a girl. She said as I was growing up, you have the shape of a little girl. Small and skinny with girly features and a small peter to match, Ha Ha Ha! Then she started dressing me in my sisters close at age five. I fussed at first but was told to go naked or dress in them, your close are all dirty and I have not had time to wash them. Each weekend I wore my sisters clothes until the next Monday.

One weekend we went to a family friends place her name was Kelley, she asked if we could stay for the weekend. They had three girls, one my sisters age, one my age and one two years older than me. Mom had not planed on an over night let alone a weekend. The first night we stayed there mom was finishing drying me off with the bathroom door open as Kelley walked by. I remember mom flipping my dick back and forth with her finger saying to Kelly, "look at this little thing". Kelley came over to the doorway and said, "Oh my that is really a little one" then they both laughed. Mom asked Kelly if she had some panties for me to wear for the night? Kelley said I am sure one of the girls have some that will fit him. Do you have a nightie for him? Mom said no I do not. Kelley walked off saying I will be back in a minute with one.
When she returned she had pink panties with a dress which she gave mother saying this should fit him. I let mom put the panties on me with no reaction, I had been wearing my sisters for some time now. When she wanted to put the dress on me I pouted saying "no I do not want to wear that it is a girls". Mom said then go in your panties as she stood up and started to walk away. Then she turned to me and asked do you want to put it on or play in your panties with the girls, reluctantly I let her put it on me. When I walked into the living room the one my age said, I have a nightie just like that. The rest smiled at me and asked if I wanted to play dolls with them, I sat down and played. I slept with the one my age and when we got up the next day we stayed in our nighties until noon time. Mom had returned with some clean clothing for my sister and I and we changed in to them. That night I put on the pink nightie and panties again with no second thoughts. That was the beginning of boyinpink.
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    wish that was me

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    What fun !!!

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