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Many men truly do desire to be a chastity maid. This will come as a surprise to many if not most women, because the traditional view of men is they are rough, tough, and in control.

And while this is true, these traits themselves hold the key to their frequent desire to submit: for them it's an escape from the busy, hectic and demanding lives they are expected to lead.

What Is a Chastity Maid?

A chastity maid is a man who has given over authority and command to his wife or girlfriend of two areas of his life: his sexual activity, and his service to her.

In other words, she takes control of his orgasm and, indeed, the whole expression of his sexuality; and then she 'forces' him to act for her like a servant and slave (of course she can't really make him do this against his will, simply because most men are bigger and stronger than most women - in short, he does it because he likes it).

Now, how does this work out for most men? After all, it's hard enough to get him to take the trash out once a week, isn't it? Just how easy can it be to have him cooking and cleaning, attending to you at bath time, and giving you a massage whenever you desire without having that expectation of sex afterwards?

Well, better than you'd imagine.

You see, that's where the "chastity" comes into it. Because when he's in chastity and he's not had an orgasm for a while, something wonderful happens: he becomes lots more attentive and willing to serve you.

But there's a common error often made here, and it's that this means he's becoming necessarily "submissive". And it's simply not true.

What's actually happening is he'd focusing his attention on you because of his heightened sexual state, just like he did when you were first together (and if you cast your mind back, you'll no doubt remember he'd do just about anything for you then, too).

The key to it all, though is clear and honest communication. You cannot, if you're a woman, treat him like dirt and pretend his desires and needs aren't there. It's one thing to deny his orgasm, but it's entirely another just to ignore him totally and expect your chores done. And remember, chastity is not the same as celibacy - in other words, this won't work for either of you unless your relationship is on a firm footing.

Fact is, having your man as a male chastity maid is a win-win for both of you. It stops your relationship from slipping into that boring grey no-man's land where you seem to just "get on" and while you're not exactly unhappy, you're not out painting the town red every night, either.

So, if you'd like to put a bit of life and passion back into your relationship, and have him eager to help and pamper you, just like he did in the good old days, then...

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    Only too true!  Seems a gentle intro to entice Women to think about it...  And as the Goddess knows, we certainly do need many more Women to think about it.  And then act on it (click!).

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