Some may wonder why any man would willingly want to become a sissy maid. To lose their masculine identity and be at the beck and call of their Mistress or Master. Many women are shocked when they discover that their husband or boyfriend would want this more than anything in the world. It is certainly not a role that is accepted by mainstream society and then there is that element in society who want to ridicule and even bash these men for wanting to be sissy maids. Many sissy maids have to work very hard, live under strict discipline and live in a state of chastity. It is not an easy life but for those who are called, they would not have it any other way. In this article I will explore some of the possible factors that motivate these sissy maids.

While the fight for women's equality still continues and in many ways men still have a privileged position in society it is also a position that comes with much pressure to conform. There is pressure to be strong, unemotional, competitive and tough. To show emotion or softness can lead to ridicule in many male peer groups. Many male peer groups develop a culture that can be derogatory to women and displaying any behaviour that contradicts this view can lead to ridicule and rejection.

It is well accepted that the feminine and the masculine exists in all people. The extent can vary but the sexes have more in common than they have in difference. Even at a physical level we have more body parts the same than we have that are different. Some men feel the need to explore this feminine side very strongly and it can manifest in the urge to wear all the pretty and soft things that women get to wear. The symbolism of putting on very feminine clothes is strong and can awaken all those blissful feminine feelings that have been suppressed for years. It is like waking the sleeping giantess!

Ironically the submissive side of being a sissy maid can be an incredibly freeing. The expectations that are often placed on a man to be the bread winner and the decision maker can be burdensome and draining. To be free of these decisions and instead just having to do as you are told can feel like a huge burden had been lifted. There is also the joy that comes from giving. Being a sissy maid is an incredible act of service, she must root out all unselfishness and make her superior the centre of her universe. As many of us come to realise in maturity it is through giving that we truly receive. In this context the sissy maid is amply rewarded for her service.

Some think it is purely a sexual fetish but is so much more than that. Many sissy maids live in chastity. It is their superior who decides if and when she is to get any sexual release. The sissy maids sexuality is diverted into service. Her sexuality is no longer about personal gratification, it is transferred into loving obedience and service instead. This can be incredibly rewarding for both the sissy maid and the superior. The longer she is kept in chastity the more submissive and obedient she becomes. Her whole world becomes about pleasing her superior.

So if your husband or boyfriend admits to you his desire to be a sissy maid, do not laugh at him but try and understand where he is coming from. It could turn out to be the greatest thing that has ever happened to your relationship. Imagine a partner who is completely devoted to pleasing you and supporting you in all your endeavours in the way in which you choose. It could be a magnificent life!

By: Karen Tran
1194 days ago
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