Most of them are much more than closeted cross-dressing transvestites. This phase merely marks the beginning of their journey to evolve into the complete person they feel destined to be in every way including physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

In most cases, Thai LadyBoys are free to be out in the open in Thai society where they are more accurately considered to be transsexuals. They are people who deeply identify with living their life as a member of the opposite sex. And most Thai LadyBoys also possess an equally strong desire to be seen and accepted by others as the person they truly want to be. In Thailand, this is not much of a problem at all.

95% of the people in Thailand are Buddhist. They are people who believe in karma and the common saying of "what goes around comes around." So, they don't have interest in being cruel, critical, or condescending toward Thai LadyBoys. They simply see and take them for who they are as a different segment of the population in Thailand.
Sabai Sabai encompasses the Thai way of life. It implies that everything in life is relaxed and fine, and as it should be. This also translates into the fact that the matters of sex in Thai culture are not at all the highly taboo topics they are in many other societies.

As for the frequently asked question of why there are so many ladyboys living in Thailand, most of the commonly used answers include reasons based upon Thai men being small in stature, and often quite feminine. It's also safe to say it's widely known there is a large gay or homosexual community as part of Thailand's population.

Yes it is true that Mother Nature brought them into the world as males. Still many of the men and women across Thailand think of ladyboys as being born that way. Many of today's Thai Ladyboys will tell you they knew and saw signs at an early age of their desire to become a woman. For some this awakening or realization blossoms while as a teenager or even earlier in the pre-teen years. And still there are others who struggle to deny it until they become adult males. As you might correctly assume, every Thai Ladyboy's personal story is unique regarding how, when, where, and why they openly accept their sexual tendencies and begin the transition into who they want to be.

Thai LadyBoys are blessed in that gaining acceptance from family members, friends, and the rest of Thai society is not the major barrier you might anticipate. Instead, the biggest obstacle for most Thai LadyBoys is the lack of financial resources which hinder them from quickly making the switch. Generally speaking, many Thai LadyBoys will pursue and participate in various forms of surgery or therapy to become the woman of their dreams.

Hormone replacement therapy is a prevalent pursuit among Thai LadyBoys. In Thailand, it is quite common for this to be achieved without medical prescriptions. Many Thai LadyBoys regularly take birth control pills. This enables them the ability to grow female-like breasts.
Those who have the financial resources, such as the Thai bar girls will also take it a step further by undergo breast implant surgery to get the look and feel which seems right for them.

Another surgical procedure growing in popularity in recent years among Thai LadyBoys is Adam's Apple reductions (or shavings as they are often called). However, clearly the most expensive and important surgery for Thai LadyBoys is gender or sex reassignment surgery. This intense process includes multiple steps in order to complete the transition from being a male with a penis to being a fully functioning female with a vagina. It is this process which is the ultimate measuring point by which Thai Ladyboys will refer to themselves as being pre-operative (or pre-op), or post-operative (or post-op).

Not all Thai Ladyboys can afford to complete the transition. The reality is some have no real interest in doing so. They prefer the position of enjoying the best of both sexes. And based on the popularity of Thai LadyBoys around the world today, most of their lovers (men not considered to be gay) would seem to agree.




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