These are some easy to follow tips for all my sissy girls that want to refine their sissification and cross-dressing techniques. If you are ready to take your look to the next level, read on.

1. The first thing all sissies need to perfect if you are looking to have a flawless look is hiding your 'fruit and nuts'. The simplest way to accomplish this is to tuck your testicles and clitty back between your legs and then closing them tightly while pulling up a tight pair of control-top pantyhose, panties, or a girdle. If it still looks bulky and uneven you can place a thin party-liner in the panties crotch area and that will smooth everything out.

2. Feeling and looking smooth is also very important. So, legs, arms, back, and your privates should be kept free of unsightly coarse hair. How do you accomplish this? You can of course use the old fashion razor and shaving cream method OR you can use depilatory creams or lotions such as MOUJAN Depilatory Foam Spray, Hair Away Creme, Nair Depilatory Lotion and follow that with a Post-Depilatory Care cream . Some of these such as Surgi-Cream can even be used to get rid of facial hair.

3. Lastly, another essential element that will considerably perfect your sissy look is using Dermablend foundation on your face to cover your beard shadow. This can be applied with a makeup sponge or foundation brush.

On future blogs I will be covering more easy tips to improve your sissy look as well as great wardrobe suggestions. I also want to talk to you about feminization hypnosis which is becoming increasingly popular among transgendered, transvestites and transsexuals to assist them in letting out the inner women in them and liberate them from a lifelong trap. In addition, I will soon announce a brand new Sissy Podcast Series! So, stay tuned!

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I am an Alpha Female, Fetish Counselor, Lifestyle Dominant, and Professional Trainer of submissive males. I am a natural born dominant woman who lives a superb life of luxury on the back of those who lust for Me. My life is all about enjoying Myself, expressing My commanding superiority and sharing My beauty with My harem of devoted admirers from all over the world.

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