How many ways are there to train a sissy? How many Masters and Mistresses are there in the world, but lets look at tools and techniques of deep training and sissy conditioning that will help a sissy fully realize her deeply submissive and erotic nature.

1. Feminization: The use of clothes, toys, practices, and commands designed to help a sissy begin to dress and act more submissive and feminine. Many Sissies start by putting on their mother or sister's panties. The first time they shave their legs is often a revelation. They may try to hide it but before long they are wearing stocking and garters and frilly panties. Catching them at it is priceless and provides plenty of opportunity to coerce or blackmail them into taking it further and further. Many sissies will do almost anything to keep from having their secret revealed. They may protest their feminization, but they really love it! With guidance they will enthusiastically feminize themselves more and more profoundly.

2. Chastity: The use of chastity devices to control access to sissy's "clitty" and restrict orgasms to the use of the Master/Mistress for reward and control. Often this is combined with dildo or plug training to begin conditioning a sissies ass for anal sex. It may take weeks of chastity combined with hours of anal conditioning, but eventually your sissy will have her first sissy orgasm and will never forget how amazing and how right it felt.

3. Degradation: Most sissies flourish when they are confronted with how naturally submissive and degraded they are. It helps them to realize that their Master/Mistress is helping them channel and control their insatiable appetites. They often love to be used as maids, sluts, whores, or even slaves. When a sissy gives up control and submits her ego to her Master/Mistress she can reach states of erotic abandon that will mark her for life.

4. Hypnosis: Many sissies are already using Hypnosis on their own, many sites and files offer hours and hours of audio and video hypnosis to condition and sissy for her role as a servant. Many of the files focus on serving Real Men and Cocks, especially Black Cocks. This is only because these files are made for sissies and they tend to gravitate towards the dominance and powerful penetration represented by big Cocks. These hypnotic files are most powerful when used consistently and when in a relaxed and open state. They will help a sissy more easily accept her true Nature and surrender to her Master/Mistress. You should use whatever training material is appropriate for your goals, there is an amazing variety of it available, you could watch hours and hours of them online without seeing the same one twice...

5. Positive / Negative Reinforcement: The use of estim, remote control vibrators and plugs, fucking machines, surveillance equipment can be used to create training environments that integrate direct pleasure and pain as a means of communicating and training a sissy. Some companies like Dreamlover labs even make combination chastity and remote control estim systems that are designed to provide a variety of remote correction and reward options. The effectiveness of these techniques is almost instant and when combined with the other methods, reinforces all your existing training in a powerful fashion.

6. Ritual Initiation: Creating a special environment and providing an opportunity for a sissy to be initiated into the deeper and more taboo nature of her own identity is very powerful. A mythology that allows her to make sense of her fate and a way to realize the fulfillment and joy it can bring her can help her find peace and embrace her inner sissy nature with abandon. Free of those taboos she can cast off her doubt and truly become the sissy she has been trained to be.

7. Associative Conditioning: The cues provided by the food we eat, the things we drink, the smells and images in our environment are powerful, in addition they provide excellent training opportunities. Controlling a sissies eating can be used to help keep them in shape, create opportunities for reward and for punishment, and link smells and tastes into a sissy's reward center for deep conditioning. With repetition and association you can create powerful cravings and physiological reactions to nearly any behavior or object. When used in addition to other methods it can powerfully reinforce existing behavior and desirable reactions. Feeding a hungry sissy through a cock shaped straw or only allowing her to eat when plugged, perhaps constant exposure to erotic or feminine images, smells or tastes you wish to imprint can be integrated into many activities. There are so many possibilities!

8. Physical transformation: Permanent physical changes to a sissy can be a token of devotion and an obvious symbol of a sissy's commitment to her lifestyle. Sissy tattoos and piercings, permanent makeup, weaves, tan-lines, hormones, breast implants and gelding are all ways that sissies can be transformed physically to reflect their true nature. Each act of transformation helps a sissy put her old mundane self behind as she surrenders to her Master/Mistress's desires. Of course, some choose to go so far as to fully transform their sissies into women, some sissies are very happy this way, others will be trapped in the erotic pressure of their juxtaposed gender. With modern medicine and body modification the possibilities are expanding all the time!

9. Isolation: During certain phases of training, isolation, restraint, and sensory deprivation can be powerful tools to separate a sissy from her old life and prepare her to welcome the attentions and will of a Master/Mistress. When cut off from normal society, a sissy will become more flexible and begin to explore the values and reward systems of her new society. Sensory deprivation strengthens the effect of hypnotic messages and can have profound effects, especially when used on an enthusiastic target!

10. Drugs: There aren't currently and "Sissification" drugs. However, many drugs can relieve a sissy's anxiety, make them more relaxed and open to suggestion, help them relax muscles to ease anal training, make them more sensitive to stimulation, provide an altered state of consciousness where their normal inhibitions are lowered, provide bursts of pleasure and positive reinforcement, or make their limp trained sissy clitty get hard for your amusement! With a little fore-thought and planning they can be another powerful tool in a Master/Mistress's tool box. There are some articles on a mind-control drug from Columbia called Scopolamine that once snorted or inhaled renders the victim completely willing to do anything that is suggested to them for a few hours to a few days! I have never heard of it being used to sissify someone, but there is obvious potential!

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