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Forced male chastity is the ultimate fantasy for many men who crave to have their sex lives and orgasms controlled and denied by their wives and girlfriends.

To us women it does seem a little odd, and even incomprehensible a man would want and even crave for such a thing, especially when you consider how much they seem to enjoy lovemaking and will do virtually anything to get a woman into bed.

They are never too ill, no time is ever too inconvenient and they usually don't need much warming up.

But many men crave forced male chastity, literally to have their orgasms denied by their women for as long as they choose to deny them -- and in some cases, that means permanently (and it's a policy often strictly enforced by using a male chastity belt or chastity device)

So why do they hanker for forced male chastity?

I'm not sure we'll ever know the true reason, and, indeed, it may well be there are as many different reasons as there are men who desire it, but in my long experience as my husband's strict keyholder and my experience with the men and women who have read my books, it seems there are three main reasons men crave it so badly.


  1. They are naturally sexually submissive. This is by no means true of all men who crave chastity, but it is true of many. They see their raison d'etre as being to serve and obey their wives and girlfriends, and are aware their orgasm detracts from that service. We women often laugh and even complain about how men lose interest once they've had their orgasm, and it's true -- there are some very important biological reasons for this. But it doesn't mean they like it any more than we do. Many men will happily forego their orgasms if it means they can serve us better.

  2. They simply enjoy the feeling of denial. A male orgasm lasts but a few moments, and most men over 25 are lucky if they can manage more than three in a night. Us girls get a far better deal, in my opinion. And many men find the pleasure of stopping just before orgasm and then to be walking around "constantly half way to orgasm" to be as good as, if not better than orgasm itself. No, we women don't have to understand it, but, then, we don't need to.

  3. They masturbate too much! True. Many women are shocked when they discover their men masturbate at all, but they all do. And they don't stop until we bury them. But men often realise this is unfair and makes them lazy when it comes to pleasing us between the sheets. They want to stop... but they can't. Thus forced male chastity helps them -- and in helping them, it helps us.


There's a lot more to discover and understand about forced male chastity, but that's summed it up in a nutshell.

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