Sexual freedom is such a wonderful thing! Everyone if free and even encouraged to have their own fetishes, fulfill their wildest dreams and desires and even share them with close friends or even strangers, thanks to how widely accessible the internet is. While the most popular ones include group sex or foot action, not many individuals have been introduced to the term of cuckold or, even if they have, they have not fully understood what cuckold videos aim to present and to what target audience.

For some people, it is hard to acknowledge that a man can experience sexual arousal and pleasure when faced with the situation of seeing his wife or life partner basically cheating on him or that he can even enjoy any form of cuckold humiliation, including cum eating cuckold situations, but for others this is truly a way of life. Not many have what it takes to be motivated to search for cuckold videos or to engage in a cuckold humiliation for fear that they might lose their beloved lover or that they may seem weak and un-manly, since the truth is that being a cuckold husband requires posing as a victim. However, there are some very attractive perks to being a cuckold husband.

Gain complete trust in your spouse

Regardless of whether a cuckold husband comes forward to his wife and confesses to her about his fantasies, fetishes and desires on his own or the couple discovers cuckold videos together, it takes a lot of courage to make the step of actually inviting a third person in your bedroom. However, talking is the best way of eliminating fears of jealousy, so make sure you spend a lot of time discussing about your expectations, fantasies, fears and prohibited steps so as to come to know each other even better. Some couples even decide to go see a professional for these matters and in the end it proves to be the ideal way of getting closure and insight into your partner's intimate thoughts and feelings.

Experimenting and Having Fun

While cuckold humiliation can be a truly intense experience, since it strips you of all masks and defensive mechanisms that you might have developed over the course of the years to make sure all your weaknesses are disguised, it also is a great way to get to know new people, even make friends and experiment in the bedroom. If there are any new positions you have always wanted to try, but they required three people, if you always wanted to make a surprise to your spouse or if you both took a liking in BDSM and wanted to take it to the next level, cuckold videos are a great source of inspiration, so make sure you inform yourself first. Nevertheless, there is no limit to imagination, therefore you can get inspired by other fetishes too in order to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Keep in mind that the fact that the cuckold husband takes the submissive role by victimizing himself, while the female in the relationship is in charge of sexually dominating, does not necessarily mean he has to necessarily be submissive in the real life too. Any man can be a cum eating cuckold in the privacy of his own home, irrespective of his very respected day-to-day job or his envied position in the social ladder.

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  •  CandiceMarie: 

    I think I lean more towards swinging with the woman I love with both of us entertaining guys.  If I were to think about being a cuckold, I'd have to think about why and what would be okay with me.

    She may want better sexual satisfaction.  I have her heart otherwise, but she's looking for more pleasure.  I think I'd still want to be there dressed pretty and serving Her.  I might even be in chastty, because I know I would submit to Her that way as my gift to Her to show my love for Her.

    Her being sexually satisfied by another is frightening to think about, because good sex is somehing that can and does bond couples  If I didn't think I had her heart, I don't think I could accept it.

    If I did, I'd want to be there, providing service for her and he lover.  Serve them drinks, provide oral if needed, cleanup.  Her happiness would be most important to me, because I love her and know she loves me.

    That's about the only aspect that appeals to me, bevause if it's about humilation and degradation, I'm just not up for that.  If you don't love me, leave,  If you do, I'll commit to your happiness with all my heart.

    That's just my thoughts on the subject, but being in that sort of relaionbship isn't for everuybody.  It requires a lot of trust.

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