There are so many kinds of sissies. There are sissy men, sissy husband femininization, a forced sissy, a feminized sissy, a sissy maid, a sissy boy, women dressing sissy men, a petticoat sissy, a sissy cuckold, a man wearing sissy lingerie, and a prissy sissy who may be a sissy husband having been caught in lady's clothing, in fact the list of different kinds of sissies is downright endless.

You are a sissy if your Domme likes to dress you in sissy dresses, or if she likes to put her sissy in feminine makeup. You are a sissy if your Domme loves to turn you into a sissy cuckold, fucking other men in your presence and perhaps turning you into a sissy cuckold maid.

The point of it all is that many women love turning their men into a simpering sissy for the pure joy of it or for the humiliation of being able to create a feminized sissy. Thus it becomes a sexual fetish to be repeated often in their sexual relationship.

Many men deny that a female may have such a fetish, insisting that it cannot possibly excite a female to create their own sissy maid, but in actuality that is a gross assumption. There are actually lots of ladies who dream of a sissy maid to command as they like, making the sissy maid do a lot of their personal wishes from running their bath, hanging up their clothes and taking personal care of them as well as their clothes. There are in fact, many women who have always wanted a sissy maid.

And there are just as many women who crave turning their man into a cuckold maid, and are dying to fuck some other male under the very noses of the cuckold maid, and occasionally turning him into a cuckold slave who may be more than made to watch his own transformation but may be obligated into perhaps performing on the man that has cuckolded him as the cuckold wife enjoys getting laid by a black stallion with a huge manhood! To be sissified by making you lick his asshole as he services your wife is probably tantamount to being both the saddest man on earth yet the most excited thereon!

Or perhaps the kicks come from the fact that if you go out wearing lady's clothes, such as perhaps lady's jeans, that females point you out behind your back and giggle helplessly at you? Of course, for some the act is so embarrassing that it cannot possibly be brought to public view, and thus it is practiced only in the privacy of the lady's boudoir where she has sissified you with girlie clothes, makeup and a wig!

Are you terribly embarrassed to be made to wear frilly little girl's panties, soft frilly girl's clothes, with maybe a big bow in your hair and the makeup that just proves that you are indeed a sissy boy who now looks like a cute little girl? Does it excite you to think of your Domme standing you in front of a full-length mirror and making you look at yourself thusly? Perhaps, more telling yet, would you be excited if she spent a whole afternoon teaching you the fine art of curtseying?

If you find these activities thrilling, then you are definitely a sissy. If so, crave it, enjoy it, and just do it!

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  •  kathringrant: 

    I don't know about the out in public thing I very rarely have trouble passing for female. Even without a wig. I've even been mistaken for a woman when in male clothing. I haven't found very many women who find it attractive. Several men and one crossdresser (which is how I found out that I'm heterosexual) but never any women.

     2641 days ago 
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