What a sissy maid should know
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Hi All

I'm working on a list of things a good sissy maid should know so I can cross them off, things like:

  1. How to clean a house
  2. How to cook and meal plan
  3. How to bake
  4. How to shop to a budget
  5. How to massage
  6. How to style hair
  7. How to give a manicure and pedicure
  8. How to do make up

So assuming I'm in serves which I'm not Frown what else should I know?

If there are any Mistresses or Masters reading what would you like a sissy to learn for you?



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This is a nice thing to put together. Please let me know as you do it so I can learn. Thanks.

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I certainly like My maids to have a good understanding of how to address their Mistress / Master.


A while back I held a party at My home and invited a couple of maids to serve for us. Their language was a big disappointment, verging on rude. A Maid should be courteous, polite and very very submissive when in a room of Dominant men and women.


I also like My maids to learn how to punish themselves when they disappoint Me. For example, whip themselves / spank themselves.


Finally, I think a sissy maid regardless of gender should remain locked away in chastity until their Owner sees fit.


I hope I have helped. You are welcome to PM Me with any questions.


Best Regards,

Mistress Michaela x

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Have you seen the book:


How to become the perfect maid




By Mistress Amethyst she lsits all those skills and many more:


How to be a perfect Maid


I think we have all become very sceptical, especially in the sissy world, where there are so many rip-offs and I know I was suspicious when I can across the book. I have to say I have found it a total surprise. It is in full colour and over 300 pages.

Its obvious from the start Mistress Amethyst is very dedicated to this lifestyle. In her own way she clearly does not, as so many Mistress do, pander to what the man wants but presents what she wants from the man. Her training is directed towards how her maid can make her life more pleasant from folding towels in the bathroom through to elegant service at dinner.

The book is divided into 6 key sections:

“Fantasy Vs Reality” (where she presents the real world of maid service, as opposed to flouncing around.

“Transformation” which covers getting dressed, makeup, presentation and some protocol issues.

“Skills required” This is one of the largest sections of the book and covers a wide range of basic household skills a trained maid in service would be expected to know.

“Table service” it is clear Mistress Amethyst sees this as one of the biggest challenges for a maid and I would love to try and offer table service to her and her guests, if she would have me.

“Punishment” She covers both the need and psychology of punishment and what might be expected.

“Intimate duties” here she talks about how a few lucky maids might get to offer a more intimate level of service to their Mistress, clearly an area we all fantasize about.

“How far” in this section, she discusses the pros and cons of full transformation from a man into a woman, including surgery and hormones.

Throughout the book, she scatters it with her own personal thoughts, so you get a brief insight into Her as a Lady and start to learn some of Her own likes and dislikes.

Altogether, it has to be a book that I will keep going back to. I would desperately like to go on one of Her courses.

Apparently the French Dungeon is going to be producing a range of these manuals from the courses they run and I can say I will be buying each one as it comes out. They might be expensive but they offer some of the best value for money I have spent in a long time.

Maid Mandy

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Thanks maidlar will do and thanks you MissMichaela (curtsey)


I think that forms of address are important too but i haven't looked into that, I'm sure there are etiquette rule for who is Mistress, Miss, Madam and Sir, Mr, Master. I will have a look at that and see if there are so universal differentiations of etiquette.

I can't believe you had rude maids how disrespectful, I thought all maid motto was sweet, submissive and smiling.

Love the idea of self punishing, why should you have to spend time on the maid at you party, what a good idea and yes all maid should be in chastity.






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i wonder if it's more important to know the etiquette or the practical side, especially when starting out?  Which would be more attractive to a superior, a polite maid who does an atrocious job, or a rude one that does the work correctly?

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Mistress Michaela makes a great point. There so many "subs" who conform to a long list of behaviors that turn them on, but never cultivate basic common-sense politeness, personal hygiene, etc. etc. Focus on being a good person and a good partner, and fulfilling what your superior/mistress/etc. wants follows naturally.

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One skill I don't think was mentioned was cultivating a fashion sense to assist your Mistress in selecting outfits and jewelry when She gets dressed to go out.  Besides, it's fun to read all of the latest fashion magazines to get an idea of what fashions are in for that season!

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How to hand-wash lingerie and other "delicate" fabrics.


How to set a table with full china and silverware.


Foot massage skills are also welcome, since I am a boots and high heels fetishist. :-)

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