Should all sissies be chastised
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 Should all sissies have their sissy clits kept in chastity ? I feel much more submisive when Mistress has me locked up and the longer she keeps me locked the more submisive and focused on her I get . She loves keeping me locked for a few weeks then makes me rub my clit that is trying to force its way out of the device against hers . Sissy sue
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I don't think that all sissies should be chastised. Some of the sissies may have wives or girl friends other than their mistress.


On the other hand, I think that all sissies should expect that their Mistress may desire to chastise them, unless there is a good reason not to. Whether the sissy would in fact be chastised, is mostly up the Mistress to decide.

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My sissy has been in restraint or once they became available one of her CBs. (Currently the 3000.) However, it is very important to give them regular breals to prevent their sissy sticks from atrophying. It is also one of the best things in the world to see that little thing get all excited only to be imprisoned in a restrainer. I have various ones but my favourite is really wicked. A leather strap locks around the base and behind the plums, this has three settings from everyday to punishment. Next comes the custom made ( by Sarah) corset, this laces around the shaft very tightly indeed reducing the girth to that of a tube of sweets. This can be lined with either tiny metal or slightly larger rubber, spikes. The end bit then swells and is encased in a tight rubber cap also lined with little rubber spikes. Sissy says it makes his whole sexual excitement system constantly cycle. His whole world is influenced by the sensation/pain this causes. I particularly like him thus tormented when we are out and about to parties etc and he is dressed. Although most often he is in ladies slacks and a blouse. However, the main point I am making is that the sissies stick and plums are a great resource to enhance his submission and your dominance.


Madam Lorac

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Sissy's should be at the mercy of master or mistress and so should not be involved in chastity debate, it's their decision.

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my Mistress loves to have me in chastity. The fact that She is a bit sadistic pleases Her when i get excited while locked up and i end up very uncomfortable. Night time being the worst when there is no control but it makes me totally focused on Her and this must be good for my training and development as a sissy maid. At present i have the key but this is until She has deemed the time right and this honour will be removed. i would never remove it it and if i did i would ask Her first. Ultimately it has to be a decision made by a sissy and her Mistress / Master whether they think it appropriate to be kept in chastity. i never wanted to be kept in chastity but kind of miss it now when i am not in chastity. This is something that needs to be tried to find out if it is something that can be enjoyed.

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Chastity is up to Mistress but i like being in chastity, it helps this sissy focus on what is important. If i had a choice, i would be locked up at all times and would be a better sissy for it

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oh yes sissy need to be kept in chastity to show there submisive to others

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Absolutely, I adore being kept in a chastity, it just feels so right

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i should have to agree with the earlier posts, it would depend on the Mistress's own requirements.  From a personal point of view, i would expect to be chastised in one form or another (either a proper locking device or something more subtle such as a tied pouch under my maids uniform.


Being in chastity though does concentrate the mind on the task at hand, which certainly for a sissy maid such as myself, this is very much a welcome aid in getting the chores done. 

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i think it's appropriate, as it does reinforce that the sissy is not free and that their peenie isn't their's to touch.

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i think that at first a sissy should be locked up at all times but as time goes on and trust builds then more liberties can be taken.  such as maybe after a milking the chastity is removed for an entire day.  even so much as some sort of reward system.  i do understand how after a couple weeks locked up a sissy will be so submissive but i have learned that to long without something most sissies need and desire can have backlash effects.  i had a sissy a few years ago i kept locked up for nearly 6 months and they just lost it and lost the will to try any more. there is a fine line between whats good and whats frustrating.

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I like My slaves to be secured and chastised purely because it makes them more submissive and obedient. Having My slaves fawn around Me begging for their release and making them complete all manner of tasks before allowing their freedom is the biggest turn on!!!


The power it gives to Me as a Mistress and their Owner is remarkable.


I have noticed, however, with new sissies it is also a motivational tool knowing they will be chastised by Me. Encouraging them to complete their training and then rewarding them with a chastity belt while I hold the key....


Best Regards,

Miss Michaela x

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i have worn a cb2000 correctly fitted with the correct space ring etc no excuse us sissy,s shold be locked 24/7 always only thing i would say we need milking regularly apart from that we should not be let out of our chastity devices.


repectfully sissy maid nancy

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Yes they should

I don't have anyone to lock me so I use where I am sissymaidnicole. It's good training until I find someone to lock me

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nicci, that's a very interesting site.  i've signed up, but shall have to see about getting a new chastity device as i find the cb2000 i own isn't comfortable enough for long term wear.



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Hi rose


Yes it is good and you will need to be ready for a long run. Once you start you have to get a non member to follow this link

and add time so even if you just set it up for a day you can be in it for a lot longer.

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interesting idea nicci, i hope you don't mind but i had to add an extra day (it said you would suffer a penalty if i didn't do something and that seemed kinder than the roulette option).



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Hi rose

No problem.

Those penalties really add up



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This question seems more like a request for sexy talk than a serious inquiry, since the op obviously already is in chastity and loves it, and since no one is in a position to control all sissies and decide what is best for us en masse. Sexual control is a fundamental part of most BDSM relationships, but it is best to focus on the relationship part--a negotiated bond between individuals. The point is not coming up with rules to impose on all of humanity, but rather to explore each other's individual kinks and fulfilling them.

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I think the chastity word is not appropriate in this sissy lifestyle --- no sex before marriage----. The word abstinence is more appropriate.

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In my case I'd be double plugged I guess :)

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Thanks for showing me to carlilock. I'm going to get to be locked!


Please visit and vote for me to get out sooner! I can't see my time till I'm out so you may have to fill me in.


Thank you *Curtsey*

~Sissy Jessica
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It doesn't show us either just asks us to add 0.5% or play roulette.

I'm just out of a lock session myself so I hope you like.

What are lock are you using and what was your max time?

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Oh I didn't even look, tbh. It's quite embarrassing to admit; coming from someone who will go into stores at a mall and get some girl's clothes without caring what others think. In *adult* stores though I immediately freak. Idk why, especially since they should be way less judgemental. Though I did get it a few years ago so I guess I was more self conscious. Sorry My max is three weeks though, which is good. I've picked up seven penalties looking at random links and stuff. I also set it to tease so I can't see the time left. Makes it more fun but I didn't know that's what it was when I set it. Pretty ditzy of me. *giggle*
~Sissy Jessica
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Sorry to reply to my own post, I just remembered/found it's a CB2000. I had gotten it too long ago and barely used it

~Sissy Jessica
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ok well if this is your first time in chastity for any length of time remember to check the area for redness or swelling and be very aware of any pain.

I found mornings very hard and would wake up in pain I found vaseline helped if used before bed.

Another good idea is to use an old nylon, cut the foot off and use that to protect your skin from the CB2000. Just pull the nylon through the ball loop to cover your balls and with what's left over I used that to pull it and cover the whole device.

good luck

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"Should all sissies have their sissy clits kept in chastity?"

...What kind of question is this?! =P

Is it even possible to be a sissy without surrendering one's sexual release? lol

True, chastity is not a panacea or a cure-all for every submissive person but to me

the term "sissy" conjures up a humbled, humiliated, and deeply controlled male sub

serving under the authority of a Domme/Mistress/Owner/etc. Chastity is (for almost

every submissive person, male or female) a wonderful mental and physical

reinforcement of the Dominant's control.


Just my two cents,




P.S: I hope I'm not alone in this, but I am definitely also a huge fan of butt plugs

and I believe that all sissies should be subject to anal penetration and IMHO, this

is just as, if not more, important than being kept in chastity. Enforced and frequent

butt plug wearing and/or receiving of a strap-on is lovely training for sissies!

Especially being required to wear plugs for extended periods of time... while it's

inserted, I am reminded that my ass is owned property and that I cannot even

achieve an anal orgasm through prostate stimulation... (which is arguably the

frustrated sissy's last chance to achieve an permitted orgasm while wearing a

CB). Filling up a sissy's ass and having it off-limits is a most delicious and

humiliating experience...


PPS: Butt plugs + chastity = intense multiplier effect on one's submissiveness... ;D


Sorry if this may have hijacked the thread by going a little off-topic, I just think

chastity belts and butt plugs are wonderfully complementary. Any comments,


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Personally i think YES but it is upto the sissy's Owner

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Should all sissies have their sissy clits kept in chastity ? I feel much more submisive when Mistress has me locked up and the longer she keeps me locked the more submisive and focused on her I get . She loves keeping me locked for a few weeks then makes me rub my clit that is trying to force its way out of the device against hers . Sissy sue

thats very much the same for me just that i have no mistress. but i do find the more i put myself in chastity the more i want to dress up

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i would love to be......and have a keyholder ...:)))
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At this moment I am reminded of the ever present saying.... "be careful of what you wish for, for you might just get it"!


Forced male chastity is often part of the sissy maid fantasy. The worst part of this is that I know the draw, the feelings, the resistance and the trap of these desires. It amazes me that more women haven't figured it out yet.

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 all sissy  even this girl  at  home and alone and a wake girl need to be lock up

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As a male sissy maid I submit to whatever my Mistress commands.


My opinion depends on how you define it. Firstly the word 'chastised' means punished, it does not mean enforced chastity, and I was very tempted to capitalise the word 'not' but as a maid I should never shout especially in the presence of Mistresses and Masters. By asking should we be chastised, you are asking if we should be punished, to which I would answer 'Only if we have done wrong'.


Even the word chastity has been a little hijacked. As I understand it, it actually means not committing adultery, so sex within marriage is chaste and even masturbation is chaste, after all many monks and nuns used to be allowed to do it. By the true definition, I have been in chastity all my life (yet I have ejaculated many thousands of times) hence I do not need to be forced into chastity but if my Mistress was worried I was going to stray then of course she should put a chastity device on me and if I refused she should probably dismiss me from her service. If she did not and I did stray then I would no longer be a maiden, which is a word which originally described both male and female virgins. As I was no longer a maid(en) then she should definitely dismiss me as I would have disqualified myself.


In our niche of the world, Mistresses (and probably to a lesser extent, Masters) make us more submissive by controlling our sex drive, and hence also wish to prohibit masturbation. Now this is where I personally have a problem. I have a vivid imagination and after a while without release my brain runs riot with its fantasies and as yet I have not found a chastity device which will stop me ejaculating while I fantasise while asleep. Maybe I need something smaller but I have tried shortening a CB3000 by placing a large glass marble and then more and more two pound coins in the end up to the point where not enough of me is in it to stay on. Nothing seems to work. During the day, my love and feelings of submission and obedience are sufficient to make me a good girl for my Mistress, in female or male clothes. I have managed 75 days without using a chastity device during the day and just a strip of cloth at night holding my testicles within my torso. After that time I was given permission to put on my long green taffeta dress and three petticoats and jewellery and enjoy myself to the full. Since then, however, I have twice been very naughty in my sleep and earned points from my Mistress which should become punishment at my next appointment with her.


I wonder if something like the Latowski device would help me and I have written to Herr L and asked his opinion on my problem and as yet had no reply. I also asked if he could come up with something to prevent me involuntarily farting sometimes in my Mistress' presence and if he could combine his armour with a Dream Lover 2000. Maybe I need a thinner device rather than a shorter one, or a device which detects the sexual rhythm of a coming ejaculation and either wakes me with an electric shock to my private parts or uses a Peltier effect device to rapidly cool my ardour.


I have wandered away from the original question I am afraid. I think if a chastity device becomes too painful then the wearer should have a way to remove it but have to explain his actions and accept his Mistress'/Master's decision on what punishment if any has been incurred. If he should masturbate while it is removed then that would be a breach of trust worthy of instant dismissal or at the very least, severe punishment. If the device is not necessary during the day though then we should not have our movements restricted or risk someone noticing such a device at our work or private life.


Thank you for reading my first post, I joined today so I could post this. I hope that 'Sissy Maid Scene' becomes more popular and better known and a richer medium for discussing matters of importance to use all.


sissie barbie


P.S. Do Mistresses and Masters have to press the 'submit' button ? :-)

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I believe so, it's part of the humiliation of it.

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all sissy need to be chastised

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Well, I'm back in chastity for I don't know how long! I'm never more submissive than when in chastity.... I'm also never more sensitive. When my clitty hits any part of the cage, it's like a little jolt, reminding me what I'm missing out on and that I'm only missing out on it because I'm not strong enough to say 'No!'


It's a positive feedback mechanism, if something gets me started, then my clitty will grow a little, making it hit the cage, making it grow more, making it more likely to hit the cage more, and so on! So frustrating...


I'm sorry I implied in admin's thread where he revealed he set his timer to long that we should tease him...

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Not all sissies are created equal, or even similar to each other. What might be a "long time in chastity" for someone might be 24 hours... compared to the ones who are goal-oriented about a year or even PERMANENT chastity.


I have found chastity devices to be a very valuable training tool, but I don't think it is appropriate for everyone... just a LOT OF FUN for the right people!!! :-D - Putting FUN back into FemDom!!!
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i am locked up online . this link allow me to be released early

Quote · 1714 days ago · 0 people like this · allows you to give a friend or a non-member a chance to vote on the length of time your locked in your chastity device.  More often than not these "friends" vote to extend your time locked in chastity. We all know how important it is for the sub to not have any control of when they might get out of the chastity device. It's really quite enticing.


I hope you didn't set the maximum length in chastity for too long a period.

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Short answer is no. It always depends on the circumstances the sissy lives under. I personally love chastising my girls, but I do understand that in some cases that is not possible and could cause serious problems in their professional and personal life. There are other ways to train your girl to be fully focused on her service to you.

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of course all sissys should be in Chastity

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Well, all sissies is a broad statement.  In my opinion, I think it's recommended if you are in a D/s relationship.  Your Mistress/Master may want you locked up.  Personally, I also think that if you are in a lifestyle D/s relationship, it's a way for you to show your love for Her by letting her lock you up and co trol your release.  It's about the most intimate gift you can give her.


If you are looking for that woman in your life to lock you up that way and take more of an interest in this lifestyle, that may be the way to go about asking her.  You give Her the key and she decides when you get out.


I've heard all of the other reasons why, such as keeping you from  playing with yourself and having a more attentive sissy.  These are all valid.  I believe it's advisable in a D/s relationship for the sissy sub to be locked in.  It lets her know her place very well


Some sissies use chastity even without a Mistress/Master to control them.  To me it's just a bit silly, but I say more power to them if they enjoy it.  But submitting to somebody in that way is another matter.  I say it's something you should be willing to do if you are a sissy.  Don't be afraid to lock it up :)

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Should all sissies be chastised? This is not the decision of a sissy, only Mistress or Master have to say yes or no.