Chastity Belts
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I've recently tried a CS-100 from .  I haven't been able to escape from it.  They use a high security key to ensure that there will be no escape without the proper key!


The belt can be quite comfortable to wear, unless it is put on too tight.


If you wear the belt to tight, there is a problem with the Phillips Screw that they use to secure the the locking bolt, in that the indented area for the screw driver allows your skin to fill the void, causing some pain whenever you move.  Effectively your skin fills the void and forms the head of the screw driver and whenever you move, it twists just like a screw would. I know that's a lousy explanation of the problem but it's a bit hard to explain!


Trying to sneak out of the belt by pushing it down, if you can, will run into the problem that there not enough room to get your balls out of the ball capture part of the chastity belt.  Even if you do manage to painfully squeeze your balls out of the chastity belt, there's no way to get the belt back on with the chastity belt liner intact where it should be.  Your Domme or Master will have a field day teaching just how wrong and stupid your escape from the chastity belt was!


The other problem with wearing the belt to tight is that it forces every part of the belt to ride higher than it should.  This causes the penis tube to stick out a little more and it will be visible under tight fitting clothes.


A great part of this chastity belt system is that you can buy a separate set of keys and a locking bolt, for very little money, that will fit into the chastity belt.  If your sissy maid slave or sub has hidden one of the keys from you so that he can escape from the chastity belt for a while, well he'll be in for quite the surprise, when his key doesn't fit the lock!  Ha Ha!


There are a couple of things that I would like to see added to the chastity belt, these are:


1) Given that Mature Metal has already figured out how to attach male training device to a metal chastity device, it would be nice if the Dream Lover 2000 was an option of this chastity belt, and


2) Given that the belt portion of the chastity belt already has holes for in it for adjustment, it would be nice if there was an option for "Thigh Bands". That way forced feminization would be much easier. Your sissy maid would have to wear a dress or a skirt simply because he would not be able to pull the pants up enough to go on!


If this website takes off and becomes somewhat viral, I may be able to live out my dream of becoming a forced sissy maid, to a dominant Mistress, on web cam for the rest of my life.  The possibility of just turns me on. To be completely hapless, at the mercy of a Mistress or maybe a Master, though i'm not gay or bi, is quite the turn on.


On a practical level, it will probably never happen!  But  can always be hopeful!