24/7 sissy maid for Dominant couple
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Hello slave girl:


We are a married couple both 53. We are looking for a full time live in TS or CD sissy maid to join us.


I am a very experienced Dominant bi male and my wife is sub to me. You would of course need to be submissive to both of us. You will be required to have a full time job and work to support the household just as we both do. If you dress as a man or woman when you are doing your outside job does not matter. When you are home, you will dress and behave as a woman. My wonderful wife wants a "Sister Wife" type of friend who is also submissive to her and I need a submissive sex slave. Since she went through menopause my wife has little or no sex drive but I think that will change when you show up. Be prepared for a strap on experience just in case. I have not lost my sex drive at all since she went through menopause and she sees the pain this is causing me. By mutual agreement, we decided to find a gurl to help with the domestic duties as well as tend to Masters sexual needs.


You should be 35-55 years old, slender to average, pansexual or bisexual, open to a polyamorous relationship, submissive and moderately kinky or interested in becoming so. No smokers, drugs, STD's,blood play, extreme pain sluts, pedophiles, drama queens, or other crazies please. Being very femme is a plus, my wife is very excited about being able to help work with you on being more feminine. For us it isn't so much about looks as it is about your submissive attitude. I have been around the block with subs, so if you are sub in name only and like to try to top from the bottom, keep moving. We will leave decisions about your body to you, hormones, surgeries, tats, whatever, are your decisions and we will not ask anything of you one way or the other.


We are very affectionate and loving. If you are cold and distant, keep looking. We want to invite you into our home and into our family. We want you to be our friend, our lover, our confidant, and our living fantasy. While we want you to be very happy with us, we insist that you do what you can to serve us and make us happy. We will protect you from all things and are very well trained and equipped to do that. We will correct you when you displease us and are also able to handle that. You are expected to do as you are told by your superiors. We will also protect you from having to make many decisions. We are both overweight and working hard on not being that way any more. Be ready to exercise with us for half an hour every day.


We are located near Seattle Washington. It is beautiful here and the bad economy has pretty much missed us. We have a beautiful home and both have secure professional jobs.


We spend a lot of time together, we actually enjoy each other very much. If you are territorial, keep looking. We spend lots of time on our many hobbies including road trips, photography, precision shooting, metalworking, woodworking, prepping, hand loading, crochet and quilting (the wife and you, not me), and exercising.


Please email tysamson@yahoo.com if you are interested. No one liners please. Write us a book about you.


The photo is not us, but it is damn close.


Master Tyler

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Good luck Sir, i hope you find the right slave girl for you.


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Thank you rose. I hope so too.

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Email sent Sir, looking forward to hearing from you Wink

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Sir thank you for your letter outlining the duties I will have your household.  I'm very much enjoying our letter exchange!

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curtsey Master  i have just read you letter and im looking for full-time service  im 49 and from the UK  im very submissive i have been a sissy maid for around 5 years and i have been dressing for as long as i can remember i would like to chat some more with you please  thank you xxxxxx