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The chatroom works best with Firefox
40 Days Ago
Since we changed servers our chat room is now working finally.
51 Days Ago
Since we changed the hosting companies our website has become much faster.
51 Days Ago
I have a bit of a fetish, I like to extend the exposure time of sissies on Temporarily.Exposed. I figure that anyone who has
153 Days Ago
Your picture would be quite nice loaded on to this website.
222 Days Ago
Picture of me x http
250 Days Ago
hi! pink pvc Susan dresss pvc knickers blond wig breast formes pick pvc platfrom thigh boo
254 Days Ago
Hi, if you really want to become a sissy, then consult with 
324 Days Ago
Well here I am locked into my chastity belt yet again. I'll have to suffer until my Mistress decides to let me out. 
405 Days Ago
We get about 70 people a day using the website. The website will be upgraded later this spring.
407 Days Ago