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Well here I am locked into my chastity belt yet again. I'll have to suffer until my Mistress decides to let me out. 
41 Days Ago
We get about 70 people a day using the website. The website will be upgraded later this spring.
43 Days Ago
there dosnt seem to be many people using this site, ?
53 Days Ago
I'm running the latest version of Windows 10 without any problems. It may be more of a MAC problem.
88 Days Ago
I am posting this to the forum because the contact page demands a catchpa but says security image not available so I cant "Ty
96 Days Ago
Join Form Enabled Now
161 Days Ago
im a sissy faggot and want to be exposed, and named and shamed  to let the world know of me.  my real name is bernie broedrei
202 Days Ago
I've had to disable the join form for the time being because of spammers joining the website. I won't be able to fix this pro
263 Days Ago
im sissy bernice and looking for a uk master or mistress to lock me up in chastity  . im at
345 Days Ago
February 15th is just around the corner. Some groups have been trying to make February 15th International Male Chastity Day.
407 Days Ago