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Fall semester is September 29th through November 17th! We also have an Executive-MBA format for out-of-town guests.  Two 4 hour sessions (Saturday, October 13th and Saturday, November 10th). Contact Chateau de Sade for more details http://www.chateaudesade
SissyUniversity · 2021 days ago

This is a new attempt, to have a blog. I thought it would be nice for Me to keep a journel of daily life with our girl rachel, plus maybe help some of you along the way. Maybe you have thought what it would be like to be in a household as a maid, so heres
MistressMichelle · 2148 days ago

It has been a long time since I have visited this sight. I will give a short update. I am now growing my own breasts. I have gained 1 1/2 inches in six months. I am training on an inflatable but plug stretching my bottom getting ready for the real thing. D
boyinpink · 1659 days ago

Hello i am offer Maid Cleaning Services to any one that needs their home cleaned.I have been cleaning in a professional manner for 5+ years and really enjoy the work this is why i am looking for those that wish to hire a Sissy Maid to clean their home d
SEXYSISSYLEXI · 1839 days ago

Well, after weeks of hard work I am now pleased to announce the grand opening of !!! What started off as a simple blogger blog has now evolved into it's own independent pleasure palace. My fave part of the site is for the pin up gur
MissPinkyGalore · 1931 days ago

(an oldie but goodie reposted from my personal blogsite)   So... I've been wanting a diaper sissy for a long long time.. not just any diaper sissy, but a really cute one.. one that wouldn't make Me want to hurl every time I looked at him. When I was in My
MissPinkyGalore · 1970 days ago

(cross posted from my offsite blog, but Admin has requested that I also post here) I am truly sick and tired of seeing kinksters attacking and eating each other.  I’m referring to people who are condemning others for their personal fetish choice, for “si
MissPinkyGalore · 1976 days ago

Transitioningdeciding to keep a log of my experiences of transitioning, as up to date I have currently been on estrogen on and off for two years and have decided to go full time on them with the addition of Spiro, which gets rid of the last of my testoster
larasissy · 1979 days ago

 I have cross dressed on and off for many years and I have enjoyed it very much. When I confessed to my first wife some years ago, she only lasted three years and we divorced. She did not really mind my cross dressing but she found a more manly man. Our di
boyinpink · 2081 days ago

Hey gurls! If any of you would like your photos posted on my GreedySissies blogsite, you can send them to me here or at ~ We love to celebrate you in your finery~ the puffy and ruffly the better! Bring on the poof!!!! xox (edited on
MissPinkyGalore · 2098 days ago
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